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Sodalite Stones for Smart Minds

woman with sodalite sphere at third eye chakraWhat does it mean to be smart? Do you need to ace all your exams? Do you need to possess the wisdom of the great gurus? Or are street smarts more important?

With Sodalite Smart Stones, your mind tunes into it all. Learn how to use your logical mind for real-world manifestations and success.

This beautiful blue stone also connects you to your intuitive mind. It will help you excel in spiritual pursuits.

Perhaps the most critical of all: it keeps you mentally balanced. Sodalite releases your stress and infuses relaxation into your daily routine.

You are capable of being sharp, intelligent, and wise all at once. You don't have to pick between the material and spiritual, between logic and dream. With Sodalite crystals healing your mind, you are everything all at once.

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Sodalite for Logical Manifestation

To succeed in this world, you need logical thinking. Your intellectual mind allows you to excel at academics, learn new skills, and attract abundance via your many talents. Abundance isn't just about prayers and wishes, it's about smart actions. With a sharp brain, you can be a cut above the rest.

Sodalite activates the smart synapsis of your big beautiful brain. When irrationality or emotions take over, hold onto Sodalite to calm and steady your mind. Many decisions need to be based on facts and logic rather than the heat of the moment. When you make sound choices, people respect you and you become the leader of the pack.

If you're studying for an exam, working on a project, or simply trying to figure out the best way of getting a giant sofa through a small door, Sodalite is your friend. 

You have been put on earth to learn. You have been given a brain to exercise intelligent thinking. When you master the art of logical manifestation, you can create whatever you want in the material realm. You are the ruler of the world.

Sodalite for Intuitive Insight

Sodalite has another special talent. It taps into your intuitive insight directly through the Third Eye chakra. Sodalite understands that a balanced mind must see beyond the material. You must listen to intuition and your spiritual nature.

Boasting a navy blue tone that aligns perfectly with your Third Eye chakra, Sodalite crystals help you gain innovation and visions. Gaze into a Sodalite sphere if you are looking for ideas or answers. Wear Sodalite jewelry to keep your psychic abilities sharp. They will work for you every day, even when you're not thinking about it.

Sodalite calls for your attention to recognize and read universal signs. Your spirit guides and angels send you signals daily. For the most part, you go about blindly ignoring these symbols from the Universe. Just imagine how much your life can change if you pay attention to the wise messages from above. You will have access to infinite knowledge that most people are not even aware of.

In crystal healing, Sodalite is an intuitive stone. It is spiritually superior with a beautiful blue exterior to match. Open up your mind with Sodalite.

Sodalite for Mental Relaxation

Sodalite encourages your logical and spiritual brains to work harmoniously. However, you shouldn't get mentally overworked. Thinking too much can cause stress, anxiety, and burnout. To make the most of your big brain, you must also relax it.

Sodalite encourages self-care. Heal your mental state with cleansing blue Sodalite crystals. It nourishes you with Water Element, washing away the constant stress that builds up in your mind. Sit in a circle of Sodalite tumbled stones to do meditation and be transported to a relaxing seaside paradise. Wear Sodalite earrings to wash away the destructive patterns embedded in your thoughts. 

Sodalite says to be smart and practice self-care. When you do crystal healing with Sodalite, your energy shall never be depleted. It will flow forever like the River of Eden. You will have mastered the cycle of intellectual thought and mind-freeing meditation.

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Sodalite keeps your mind sharp. It's important to exercise your brain daily. But don't forget to take mental breaks too! Balance logical manifestation and spiritual intuition with Sodalite.

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Lisa Satin - October 20, 2022

Thanks for writing to us, Marco. You will enjoy learning about Sodalite, as it activates the logical mind and intellect. Another great crystal that comes to mind is Fluorite the “Genius Stone”. That’s great for retaining memory, focus, concentration on goals, and meditations too.

Here is information about Sodalite and a link to the collection:

Here is information about Fluorite and a link to the collection:

Please let us know what other questions we can answer.

Marco - October 20, 2022

Do you have any crystal or any other effective spiritual product for excellent retentive memory and easy grasp of all things?I am anxiously waiting for your reply.Thanks

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