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Your Crystal Horoscope for April 2022

white selenite with the word AprilThere's so much happening for you this April. With a New Moon, Full Moon, and another New Moon Solar Eclipse all packed into this month, you are in for quite a treat.

Maximize this incredible moon energy by using Selenite healing crystals in your favor. Selenite is the spiritual stone belonging to Moon Goddess Selene. Learn how to harness these moon vibes into brilliant manifestations to improve your life.

Read your horoscope now to find out what's in the stars for you. Want your crystal horoscope in your inbox every month? Join the Satin Crystals VIP Club and never miss out again. 

Crystal Horoscope by Zodiac Sign  

Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries Monthly Horoscope

March 21 - April 19

April is your month, Aries! You are on fire. The April 1st New Moon in Aries sets you up for total success. It works with Mercury to help you plan and manifest your deepest desires.

You're no longer just reacting to life, you're dictating what happens. Your Higher Self will guide you. After April 5th, your intuitive reading abilities rise like fire from your House of Spirituality.

Aries benefits from Orange Selenite gemstones this month. It is a perfect match for your hot personality and will stimulate you to achieve greatness. Charge your Orange Selenite crystals and jewelry and make use of them throughout April. You'll be a magnet to the Law of Attraction.

There's a hiccup around the Full Moon of April 16th. With vulnerable vibrations hitting your Love Sector. You might not feel confident about your partner or your  abilities to be in a relationship. Seek the help of those you trust to get a different perspective on the situation.

Do some reflection holding and wearing Orange Selenite. Selenite is a powerful Moon crystal of Goddess Selene. She will whisper wise information your way regarding love.

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Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

April 20 - May 20

Taurus, you are meant to be the ruler of your social realm this April. With Venus entering your Friendship Sector on the 5th, you'll see a boom in activity and relationships. The party accelerates when Jupiter and Neptune join you on the 12th, and Mars pops in on the 14th.

The cosmos are having a ball in your stars, and you are in the spotlight. You can expect good times, deep bonds, and great opportunities in romantic, platonic, and business partnerships.

Celebrate your vibrant soul and high status by wearing White Selenite bracelets. Selenite highlights your special shimmery personality traits. White Selenite bracelets match you well this April because you can charge them under the moonlight during all three major events: New Moon, Full Moon, and Solar Eclipse.

When the Full Moon of April 16th hits your House of Careers, you may see some tension at work. You might need to report a coworker or get help from HR regarding a tricky matter. 

When the New Moon Solar Eclipse of the 30th hits your sign, Taurus is back in business. Uranus assists you in igniting steamy love. Selenite is a major Moon Crystal that will help you manifest this excitement.  

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 Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

May 21 - June 20

Gemini can expect amazing things to happen professionally this April. With Venus present to lift you up, you're going to stand out like a workplace superstar. Jupiter and Neptune join your Career Chart, and Mars enters the team by April 14th. Many planets are working in your favor so that you can reach the pinnacle of success and abundance.

This month, you have a lot to gain by working with a Selenite crystal ball. The sphere shape helps you facilitate harmony amongst colleagues. Selenite is a high spiritual stone that channels the Moon energy and will give you intuitive innovations to get you ahead. Yes, you can really have it all with the Selenite ball.

The Full Moon of the 16th irritates Pluto and this makes for a shaky love scene. You might feel distrustful of a lover or be displeased with something in the relationship. You should healthily address this and make your choices. Channel good love energy by keeping the Selenite ball nearby for meaningful meditation and contemplation.

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Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

June 21 - July 22

Your month kicks off with the New Moon of April 1st energizing your Work Sector. As this moon holds Aries fire energy, Cancer will feel the desire to get up and get going. Now is the time to tackle your to-do list with the help of Mercury in your House of Professions. Whatever you put your mind to will result in big rewards at work.

Place a Selenite Egg at your desk, office, or work area to build a nest of prosperity. It will help you hatch good ideas and be the big winner you are meant to be. Selenite operates on Moon vibrations so be sure to use it all month long.

The mid-month Full Moon on the 16th shifts your focus to your home life. There might be disputes between yourself, your partner, and/or family members. Try to remain calm and level-headed even when it's hard. Move your Selenite egg to the center of the home so it can help you rebuild the ruffled nest.

When the New Moon Solar Eclipse happens on April 30th, you'll find a pleasant new relationship form. Is it romantic or is it a friendship? Only time will tell. 

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    Leo Zodiac Sign

    Leo Monthly Horoscope

    July 23 - Aug. 22

    Prosperity is in your picture, Leo. Venus enters your Financial Chart on April 5th and is soon followed by Jupiter and Neptune. They bring big wallets and golden coins to lavish your fortune. Don't be surprised if sudden gifts and payoffs head your way. Not only is it an exciting time for financial flow but there are also romantic ventures interlaced with all this luck. Oh my!

    This April, Leo must capture the lucky moment by wearing Orange Selenite bracelets. Orange Selenite accelerates your can-do attitude, drive for success, and your Sacral chakra passions. You want to please Moon Goddess Selene through her stone Selenite. In return, she will grant you big gains in money and love. 

    Wear Orange Selenite bracelets generously, stack them up your wrist for unlimited abundance. You won't be sorry!

    More good news for Leo. The April 30th New Moon Solar Eclipse opens a pathway toward a new career opportunity. Uranus shall help you break apart old barriers so you can step through these promising new doors.

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    Virgo Zodiac Sign

    Virgo Monthly Horoscope

    Aug. 23 - Sept. 22

    It's a dreamy, lovey-dovey April for Virgo. With Venus in your House of Passions, there is a romantic opportunity dripping from every corner of your life. If you're in a relationship, it will feel like the honeymoon period no matter how new or old the bond is.

    Jupiter and Neptune enter the scene on April 12th and play matchmaker for single Virgos. You'll look and feel attractive. Mars entering your love life on the 14th practically guarantees you a good time.

    Go with the flow of love by wearing serene White Selenite necklaces all month long. White Selenite necklaces will touch upon your Heart chakra and deliver you a celestial experience in love. From the New Moon of April 1 to the Solar Eclipse of April 30, this powerful Moon crystal has you floating on Cloud 9.

    The Full Moon of the 16th brings a rocky period for you financially. You might find unexpected expenses eating up your funds. Just remember that it's temporary. Take comfort in your calming White Selenite necklace. It will help you get through the rough patch and come out prosperous once again.

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    Libra Zodiac Sign

    Libra Monthly Horoscope

    Sept. 23 - Oct. 22

    This month you are going to grow a lot spiritually and personally. With the New Moon of April 1st rising over your House of Partnerships, your romantic relationships will blossom. Single Libras can find special new love, while committed ones will see a strengthening period. Commitments and proposals are in the air.

    Libras benefit from spiritual Selenite guardian animals this month. Wise animal pairs will help you attract that special mate or major milestones you were meant to experience. Place them by the bedside to accentuate your love and romance.

    When the Full Moon of April 16th strikes Pluto the wrong way, you'll be vulnerable to emotional chaos at home. You might find yourself in disagreements with family members. Allow yourself to disconnect from those who no longer have your interest at heart. Listen to your Selenite animal figurines for messages and guidance. They operate on Moon energy and are in direct contact with your Higher Self.

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    Scorpio Zodiac Sign

    Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

    Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

    The New Moon of April 1st equals new opportunities for Scorpio. With fresh energy invigorating your Work Sector, it's a prime time to look for a new job or climb the corporate ladder. Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune all join your work team between April 5th and 12th. Let progress be at the forefront of your mind professionally.

    April will be a blessed month. Scorpios benefits from Selenite wands the most. Selenite is a major Moon crystal and the wand will help you channel the cosmic magic powers down to your everyday life. Manifest workplace abundance by infusing your intentions into Selenite.

    Your House of Romance is also experiencing a major energy boost. There are so many opportunities to date and improve on your current relationship. Single Scorpios can find someone mentally compatible. Scorpios who are in relationships will see an energy amp during the Solar Eclipse of April 30th. Things can get wild in love!

    Charge up your Selenite wand during all the major Moon events. Use it as a Feng Shui energy cleanser tool by waving it around your home and your aura. Then, let the good times flow!

    Recommended for Scorpio this Month:

    Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

    Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

    Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

    What a lovely month ahead, Sagittarius! The New Moon of Aries shines big on your Romance Chart. Mercury comes to keep you company. In turn, you may encounter a fascinating soul here on Earth that will also win your interest. Things can elevate quickly. Sagittarius should work intensely with a Selenite heart this month to gain the most amazing experiences in love.

    Your family life is looking equally as promising. With Venus entering your House of Domestication on the 5th, you find peace at home. Jupiter and Neptune stop by to deliver extra blessings. It could be a time of family growth. There might be successful completion of a home project. Someone close to you is perhaps pregnant. Place more of those serene Selenite hearts in the home to keep the good news and good energy flowing forever.

    Your workplace vibes are also looking nice. A new opportunity comes knocking with the April 30th New Moon Solar Eclipse. Make sure to charge up your Selenite hearts under the moonlight so that you don't miss out on this eclectic offer.

    Recommended for Sagittarius this Month: 

    Capricorn Zodiac Sign

    Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

    Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

    You're overdue for some relationship revamps this month. On April 1st, Mercury is in your Family Sector along with the New Moon of Aries. All of this energy in your Domestic Charts means that exciting things will happen at home, in real estate, and among relatives. However, the way you communicate will dictate if it's positive or negative energy.

    That's why Capricorn should wear an Orange Selenite necklace this April. It will channel the progressive vibe of Aries yet keep you calm and collected through the energy of Goddess Selene. With a balanced mind and soul, the right words can work to your advantage.

    The Full Moon on the 16th could be a rocky time for you. Pluto is agitated in your sign and others might see you as being too domineering. If colleagues turn away from you at work, or your partner becomes disagreeable, keep in mind that you must be extra calm during this phase. Speak with care and caution. Be sure to wear your high-vibrating Selenite necklace to keep your words and thoughts focused on the bigger picture.

    Better news arrives with the April 30th New Moon Solar Eclipse. Your House of Romance becomes well lit and Uranus is in the mood for love. Capricorns can have a good time filled with passion and meaning. Let your Orange Selenite necklace open the flow to your Sacral chakra for maximum fun.

    Recommended for Capricorn this Month:

    Aquarius Zodiac Sign

    Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

    Jan. 20 - Feb. 18 

    With the New Moon joining Mercury in your Communication Chart on April 1st, you'll be feeling a bit more confident with words. It's a prime time to strike up a conversation with someone you are interested in. That could be a new love prospect or simply having a deeper discussion with your current partner. 

    Abundance is also in your fortune this April, Aquarius. With your newfound confidence, you easily attract financial flow and good luck. If you channel your focus on a certain project, it's likely to pay off. 

    The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the last day of the month might throw you back for a moment. A burst of energy might feel like a push or shove. However, keep trekking forward and don't let go of the good energy that the cosmos have delivered. A Selenite charger and Chakra Set is what you want for keeping the energy positive.

    Aquarius has the potential for a near-perfect month. That's why you should use the Selenite Chakra Kit to keep aligned with the generous Universe. It's rare to have everything go your way so you want to maximize your luck. Surround your chakras and aura in complete holistic harmony and let your life come together.

    Recommended for Aquarius this Month:

    Pisces Zodiac Sign

    Pisces Monthly Horoscope

    Feb. 19 - March 20

    You have a good month ahead. With Venus in your stars on April 5th, you feel on top of the world. People will flock to your magical personality. If you're single, you'll stand out brightly to suitors. All Pisces have wonderful opportunities for love and romance because feisty Mars pays your chart a visit by April 14th.

    Your manifestation powers reach great heights when Jupiter and Neptune enter Pisces on the 12th. You will undergo a spiritual shift and your mind will expand. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your world. This helps you manifest whatever you desire.

    Pisces benefits by using a Selenite charger all month. Selenite is one of the most spiritual Crown chakra stones that will help you achieve karmic revelations. It is also a Moon Crystal that connects you with April's astrological good fortunes. Charge all your stones and jewelry on the Selenite slab and you'll truly feel enchanted.

    Recommended for Pisces this Month:

    How's Your Year Going?

    Have you used any of the crystals in your horoscope predictions this year? What kinds of successes have you experienced? Do you love matching up healing stones with your astrological signs?

    We love to hear about all of your experiences. Feel free to comment below on this blog.

    Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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