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11 New Arrival Crystals for 11/11

stacks of amethyst and sunstone cubesIt's 11/11! Sacred days call for sacred stones. 11 new arrival Jade animals, healing hearts, and crystal cubes have arrived at Satin Crystals. They are waiting brand-new homes like yours. 

What can these crystals do for you? Find out how to benefit from animal figurines, hearts, and cubes. Then, listen carefully to hear which ones are calling your name.

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11 Brand New Animals, Hearts, Cubes

These genuine gemstones enrich your crystal collection and energize your everyday life. Discover the benefits of gemstone animals, hearts, and cubes...

Jade Animals for Guidance

Animal spirit guides whisper wise messages your way. They send signs and symbols to your everyday life and through dreams. When you listen carefully, you are pointed to the path of worldly success and spiritual enlightenment.

Burmese Jade is a rare and precious treasure. These three new animal figurines are crafted from genuine Jadeite. Jade is one of the most famous stones and it's no wonder why: it attracts wealth, prosperity, and luck.

Let your intuition guide you to the right animal guardian....

#1 Jade Rabbit Get Lucky Zodiac Animal Year 2023

Can you believe it's almost 2023 Year of the Rabbit? Hop ahead and get good luck with this precious Burmese Jade figurine. The bountiful bunny brings you prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. 

#2 Jade Sea Turtle Swim to Success Burmese Stone

Swim to success with this precious Jade Sea Turtle beside you. Your gorgeous animal spirit guide is carved from real and elusive Burmese Jade. Spirituality and success go hand in hand.

#3 Jade Fu Dog Mythical Lion Guardian of Gems 

This real Burmese Jade Fu Dog is the guardian of your gems. The protective lion-like figurine is a mythical creature with ancient powers. It magically summons abundance.

Hearts for Healing and Love

We could all use a little more love. This includes self-love, plutonic bonds, and romantic connections. Crystal hearts boost your Heart chakra. Release the trauma of the past that prohibits you from loving your fullest. Instead, embrace the power of love that shines from your Crystal Heart.

Every heart is unique. Listen to your own heart to discover exactly what stone you need in this chapter of your life...

#4 Chakra Heart 7 Layers of Love Rainbow Healing Crystal

This Chakra Heart opens you to true and total love. The colorful gemstone teaches you to love freely with all of your heart. Seven beautiful crystals stimulate your chakras for a comprehensive healing experience. 

#5 White Agate Heart Love is Glossy Attractive Crystal

Love is glossy and beautiful. This White Agate Heart is a perfect symbol of your shiny love. Feel optimistic in your relationships and connections when you keep this Agate Heart close to your aura. A true gem!

#6 Black Tourmaline Heart Protect My Love Relationship

This Black Tourmaline Heart is on a mission to protect your love. Whether you are out dating in the big bad world or need help improving a relationship, Black Tourmaline stands on your side. You never know what can happen. 

#7 Serpentine Heart Thousand Threads of Love Green Crystal

Thousands of threads lead you to love. This stunning green Serpentine heart helps you find the way. When you crave a love that lasts forever, this crystal manifests. The Serpentine heart is a healing treasure. 

Cubes to Block Bad Vibes

#8 Hematite Cube Negative Energy Blocker

This block of handsome Hematite blocks negative energy. When you have the Hematite Cube in your spaces, it clears sticky drama and bad vibes that have built up over time. What a shimmering piece of metallic crystal.

#9 Black Tourmaline Cube Don't Mess with Me

This Black Tourmaline cube is a block of strong protection energy. It signals a warning to bad people and evil forces, "Don't Mess with Me". When you want a life safe from constant trauma and drama, put a Black Tourmaline cube in your home and workspace. 

#10 Lepidolite Cube Spiritual Superpower Stone

When you need spiritual superpowers, call out to this Lepidolite Cube. The beautiful block of crystal is a strong tool for meditation and Crown chakra healing. 

#11 Sunstone Cube Block of Bright Life Energy

This Sunstone cube is a solid block of pure life energy. Unlock the healing force of the sun through this shimmering gemstone. You can light up your home and soul with solar Sunstone.

Manifesting More...

Have you used crystal healing during a New Moon? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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