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14 Jewelry Gifts for Love and Valentine's Day

sheila of satin crystals wearing pink and green love jewelryYou thought you had more time, but guess what? Valentine's Day is coming up faster than ever. Don't worry, we have original gemstone jewelry ideas for you and your loves.

You can find a wide array of designs in the Satin Crystals Love Jewelry Collection. Here we feature the top 14 gifting ideas for Valentine's Day and any occasion when you want to show your love. These gorgeous green and pink gemstones sync with the Heart chakra, perfectly embodying your love.

When you give healing jewelry, you are gifting health, happiness, and meaningfulness. These shiny jewels are beautiful to the eye and soul.

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Top 14 jewelry gifts of love

Crystal jewelry makes it easy for your loved ones to benefit from healing energy. They'll also adore you as they bask in compliments while wearing these stylish pieces. 

Here are our top 14 crystal jewelry pieces designed for loved ones: 

Moldavite for Cosmic Love

#1 Moldavite Out-Of-This-World Love Necklace

When your love is beyond words and as infinite as the Universe, gift them a genuine Moldavite necklace. This galactic treasure was created after a mysterious meteorite impacted the earth around 15 million years ago. This darling symbol of love will show them how you feel: that they are simply out-of-this-world! 

#2 Moldavite Love from Above Bracelet

Only once in your lifetime does Halley's Comet make her debut across Earth. This elegant Moldavite bracelet captures the rare essence of her cosmic beauty. Real, faceted Moldavite accompanies you and your loved ones through transcendence from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Rhodochrosite the Soulmate Stone

#3 Rhodochrosite Sweethearts Bracelet

From the heart of Mother Earth to theirs, this precious Rhodochrosite bracelet is meant for soulmates and sweethearts. Bold pink beads inspire sonnets of love and good vibrations. Strengthen your relationship with your loved one by gifting this gemstone treasure. Better yet, wear matching ones for an eternal connection. 

#4 Rhodochrosite Golden Lover Ring

When you meet your true soulmate, your heart may feel as shiny and solid as gold. This Rhodochrosite ring is the emblem of your loving spirit. A gentle pink gemstone is highlighted in a shimmering gold band. Sparkle with the energy of love when you gift or wear the Rhodochrosite ring, and fate will take care of the rest.

Chrysoprase for Fresh Love

#5 Chrysoprase Refreshing Love Necklace

Like a blade of green grass growing from rich brown soil, this Chrysoprase necklace honors the foundation you have built to develop your love. Gift this necklace and your loved one to refresh your healthy relationships. It flutters awake their Heart chakra like a butterfly born anew to the world.

#6 Chrysoprase Bright Light Anklet

You want the best of the best for your loved ones. This A-quality Chrysoprase anklet delivers. The green gemstone anklet is great for feet that need pampering. They work hard and deserve to play hard. You and your giftee stand out like the superstars. 

Rose Quartz Stone of Romance

#7 Romantic Rose Quartz Cufflinks

Keep your eyes focused on love by gifting Rose Quartz cufflinks. These gold-framed gemstones give a wink and nod to romantic love. Spread the much-needed vibration into your loved one's life by sending them these beautiful pink crystal accessories. 

#8 Rose Quartz Love Sparkles Bracelet

Love sparkles! Your love one will feel special wearing this beautiful Rose Quartz bracelet. Show off your love for love through the pink gemstones that sing a song of the heart. The faceted Rose Quartz bracelet has them smiling throughout eternity.

Moss Agate for Natural Love

#9 Moss Agate Flower Earrings

Show your loved one how they brighten your life with Moss Agate flower earrings. These large, but lightweight, hoop earrings will have them blossoming with delight. Symbolizing the circle of life, they will know that you are with them through this lifetime and beyond.

#10 Moss Agate Nature Lover Bracelet

This Moss Agate bracelet is the perfect gift for nature lovers. The lush green crystals take them on a mental retreat into the rich forests of life. Your special loved ones can rejuvenate their chi and feel brand new with Moss Agate. 

Forever Bonding Bracelet Sets

#11 True Love Bracelet Set

Light up their beautiful Heart chakra with this sparkling trio of love. The Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Chrysocolla-Cuprite bracelets capture the warmth of togetherness. Wear your heart on your sleeve and attract the loving life you desire when you gift this twinkling stack of healing crystals.

#12 Heart Chakra & Beyond Bracelet Set

When you give love, you receive love. Make sure their Heart Chakra is open and your relationship will be best it can be. Don't stop there! This bracelet set invigorates their Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras for a completely divine experience.

Malachite Lasting Love Stones 

#13 Malachite Royal Relationships Necklace

Your loved on will shine like a Pharaoh in this royal green African Malachite and copper gemstone necklace. Two deluxe strands of precious stones drape and adorn their neckline, drawing attention to natural beauty and timeless style. Bright and sophisticated, this new jewel is perfect for any fancy affair or holiday soiree. 

#14 Malachite Double the Love Ring

Double up on your proclamation of love by gifting this ravishing Malachite ring. The green gemstone duo is a stunning statement and will show them you care. Rock their world (twice) with this Malachite knuckle duster jewel. 

More Love Crystals for you

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