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Crystal Healing for Strawberry Full Super Moon of June 14, 2022

strawberry image over rainbow moonstone sphereAre you due for some super sweet news? A delicious lunar event is on the horizon and it's the Full Strawberry Supermoon of June.

Maximize the fresh vibes of the Strawberry Super Moon by using Ruby crystals over the next 30-day cycle of June 14-July 13, 2022. Get your Ruby crystals now so you are ready to partake in this refreshing journey.

The attractive Super Full Moon will look bigger and brighter than ordinary. You can practically feel the moonbeams dancing across the sky and throughout the lands.

Let the Strawberry Full Moon bring you satiating joy and summer love. Strawberry season is short; take advantage of nature's delightful fruit while you can. You want a month of lush, not slush.

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When is the Super Strawberry Full Moon?

The Strawberry Full Moon shines bright on the night of June 13-14th, 2022. The entire lunar cycle lasts for the next 30 days. You benefit from its juicy vibes throughout the lunar month.

You can observe the glorious Full Moon for several hours throughout the day and night. Make sure to carefully check the Lunar Time and Date site to know the exact time the Full Moon peaks in your region of the world. 


What is the meaning of the Strawberry Moon?

Like the other Full Moons, Strawberry Moon is named after the seasonal occurrence of the month. These names are from Native American, European, and Colonial American traditions.

The June Full Moon is called the Strawberry Full Moon. It holds this name because this is the month that wild strawberries begin to ripen.

Another name for the June Full Moon is Rose Moon because of the blooming roses. Hot Moon is another nickname for the June Full Moon because it is the moon that kicks off summer. The nickname Mead Moon indicated it was time to mow the meads or meadows.


Spiritual Meaning of the Strawberry Full Moon

The June Strawberry Full Moon cycle of June 14- July 13 is about enjoying the fruits of your labor. If you planted seeds of success in the spring, you now get to relish the rewards. The Strawberry Full Moon tells you to sit back, relax, and sip indulgently on that fine strawberry wine.

If you have a workaholic or high-achieving personality, you must change your mindset with the Strawberry Full Moon. You cannot always be on high alert, you must balance work with fun. You may have heard the phrase "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." During this Full Moon, you can release that workhorse mentality and make way for adventure and relaxation. Life is your playground!

If you already have a relaxed personality, the message of the Strawberry Full Moon cycle is easy for you. Embrace your spontaneous, fun-loving personality, and go on a trip or vacation. Even if you can't travel far, do the things that put you in a good mood. Shop, party, watch TV!  

Wait a minute! Are you having a hard time through the Strawberry Supermoon? If you find yourself in turmoil during this period, it means you did not plant those seeds of success in the springtime. While others are reaping fat rewards, your garden is barren.

For those who didn't put the work in earlier, the Strawberry Full Moon will be a hard 30 days. You can expect to be out in the fields toiling under a harsh sun because your time for fun has yet to come.


Strawberry Moon crystal of the month

For this Strawberry Super Moon, surround your soul with luxurious precious Rubies. Ruby is perfect for celebrating the lavish vibes of a fine Full Moon. You worked hard, now you reward yourself with one of the most valuable gemstones of all time.

Are you looking for summer love? Ruby excites your passionate Root chakra and romances your loving Heart chakra. Wear Ruby to feel extra attractive- your admirers will be swooning.

Are you looking for abundance? Ruby is the stone of royalty and will encourage you to pamper yourself this Strawberry Full Moon. You have worked so hard this year and now it's time to treat your soul to something sweet. Indulge and enjoy your life- that's what it's all about.

On the other hand, if you were one of the people who slacked during the spring and have no rewards to reap, you could benefit most from Ruby Fuchsite. This lush green stone will remind you to get back in the fields and plant those seeds of success. Maybe you didn't get to enjoy the Strawberry Supermoon as much as your friends, but your time is coming. 


How to use Ruby for the Strawberry Moon 

Which Ruby gems have you prepped for the Full Moon cycle of June 14 to July 13, 2022? If you don't have them yet, check out the Ruby Crystal and Jewelry Collection to find perfect precious pieces.

Here are some tips on how to use Ruby gemstones over the next 30 days:

  • Wear Ruby and Ruby Zoisite pendants and necklaces near your Heart chakra to attract passionate love. The pink and green colors will blast open your energy to romance.
  • Wear Ruby bracelets and earrings to generate royal abundance and mighty fun
  • Meditate with Ruby stones to help you relax and rejuvenate because you have been working too hard

  • Decorate your spaces with Ruby crystal balls, hearts, and eggs to create a fun-loving summer vibe

    To enhance your experience, use Ruby in combination with the three major Moon Crystals.


    What are Moon Crystals?

    Moonstone, Selenite, and Labradorite are the three mightiest Moon crystals. They harmonize with the moon frequency. You must use them during each lunar event.

    Visit the Moon Crystal Collection to discover stones that call to you. Learn about how each of the three Moon Crystals benefits you:

    rainbow moonstone sphere
    Moonstone: This is the number one moon crystal. It is the staple crystal for all your lunar practices. Moonstone aligns strongest with the Full Moon. Its bright and luminous qualities show you the way ahead. Moonstone holds the power of a million moons and delivers it to the palm of your hands.


    labradorite sphere
    Labradorite: Full of moon magic, this dark beauty flashes with rainbows like the midnight sky flecked with celestial stars. Labradorite aligns with the New Moon, helping you find new beginnings in the darkness. Use Labradorite and feel like you are being guided by your spirit guides, angels, and all the beneficial beings of the unseen world.


    white selenite sphere
    Selenite: Named after Goddess Selene, this moon crystal glows with a glorious silky white sheen. Selenite aligns with the crescent moon, protecting your aura through the journeys of life. Use Selenite and feel hopeful that the world is working in your favor because you believe miracles do come true.

    7 Crystal Rituals for the Full Moon

    Now that you know a bit about the trinity of moon crystals and the special crystal for this month, learn how to use them under the Full Moon. 

    Ritual Idea #1: Cleanse, Charge, and Program Crystals under the Full Moon

    It is ideal to gather your Moon Crystals even before the Full Moon happens so that you can properly prepare to cleanse them beforehand. After they are cleansed, you will charge them under the Full Moon and then program them with your intention. By doing so, the stones are supercharged to help you on your mission throughout the lunar month. Do this with your moon crystal balls, shapes, and jewelry.

    Ritual Idea #2: Crystal Healing Mandalas under the Full Moon

    Instead of just charging your crystals under the moonlight, why not arrange them in a beautiful mandala formation? Create works of art with the stones, and then carefully lay them under the moonlight for charging. If possible, put your mandala in the garden overnight to absorb the healing light.

    Ritual Idea #3: Crystal Layouts under the Full Moon

    Why not recharge your entire body instead of just your crystals in the moonlight? Lie down in a comfortable place during the Full Moon, preferably near a window or even outside. Place your Moon Crystals on your body and along your chakras. You can also place them around your body instead, just in case you fall asleep. Not only are your stones getting supercharged for the month, but so are you!

    Ritual Idea #4: Dance Under the Full Moon in a Crystal Grid 

    Form a giant grid around your space, indoors or outdoors. This grid includes a medley of Moon Crystals in the shape of a circle, square, rectangle, or even a triangle. As the Full Moon rises, dance within the grid of crystals. You are sure to feel supercharged! Have extra time? Meditate in your grid, do yoga in your grid, read in your grid... anything that benefits your soul is right for you to do in your grid.

    Ritual Idea #5: Crystal Ball Gazing under the Full Moon

    Did you know that the moon is revered for its psychic powers? It's no surprise that healers, gypsies, witches, and all that are drawn to metaphysics practice under the moon. Grab hold of your Moonstone, Selenite, or Labradorite ball and do crystal ball gazing. You will receive a rush of visions and messages, even more than on an ordinary day. 

    Ritual Idea #6: Wear your Moon Jewelry during the Full Moon

    This is an easy and simple yet powerful ritual. Make sure you have your moon jewelry on during the Full Moon. The jewelry will charge up nicely, bringing you a chance for new beginnings and a fresh start. If you're on the go during the Full Moon, you'll still have lunar power with you. If you're at home, you should wear your Moon jewelry during all and any of the other rituals you are doing. The more energy you get, the better.

    Ritual Idea #7: Create a Moon Elixir under the Full Moon

    Why not create a moon elixir that you can use all month long? Moonstone or Labradorite can be used for your elixir potions and drinks, but Selenite should only be used in the indirect method because of its fragility. Create a jug of crystal water or crystal oils so you have the moon's energy all jarred up for your convenience and benefit.

    There are lots and lots of activities you can do during the Full Moon with Moon Crystals. Check out our Peace not Panic series and the 25 "Stuck Indoor" ritual and craft ideas. Now that you're allowed outside again, do them in the garden if you desire!

    Your Personal Full Moon Horoscope

    Are you fascinated by the movement of the sky? Your monthly horoscope is shaped by activities like the Full Moon, planetary activity, and Solar Eclipses. Check out your zodiac's customized horoscope report for the month. 

    Do you want to know what's in store for October? Subscribe immediately to the free Satin Crystals VIP club and have your most updated horoscope report delivered to your inbox before the end of the month.

    What is a Total Lunar Eclipse?

    About once every 2.5 years, a Total Eclipse occurs when the earth travels between the moon and the sun. In a Total Eclipse, the entire moon is blocked and the sky becomes dark for a moment.

    See the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moons article for more scientific and spiritual information about Lunar Eclipses.

    What is a Supermoon?

    The Supermoon is when the moon looks extra large from our view here on earth. It happens when the moon is either in its full or new moon stage. The moon is on its path of orbit that is the nearest to Earth. This gives it the effect of being a big Supermoon. It is usually from 7% to 15% larger than a typical Full Moon.

    The moon appears brighter too. Sometimes it's obvious and sometimes you wouldn't even know that it's a Supermoon just by looking.

    The scientific name for Supermoon is "perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system". Try saying that three times quickly...or just even once!

    Your Lunar Connection

    Are you ready for the action that is coming with the Full Moon? Have you used healing crystals that correspond with the lunar cycle before? Are you fascinated by the movements of the sky?

    We are happy to answer any questions or hear your crystal comments, jot them down below and we will get back to you

    Additional Lunar related links for you today:

    Grow with Satin Crystals: 

    Shop the Moon Crystal Collection

    Add to your collection in the Moon Crystal Shop or select from treasures right here on the blog:

    Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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    Sheila Satin - June 10, 2022

    Hello Tiffany, hard work refers to any work you put your focus and effort into. It does not have to do with garden work (although it can!)

    Lisa Satin - June 10, 2022

    Thank you for your message, Zena.

    You can wear Moonstone every single day of the year if you desire. It operates on Moon energy, and the Moon rises nightly so you’ll always be in sync.

    Here is an article about Moonstone and how it can benefit you:

    This is the Moonstone collection:

    Please let us know if you need help finding the perfect piece.


    Lisa Satin

    Zena - June 10, 2022

    Can you wear the moonstones for the entire month or just during a full moon?

    Tiffany - June 10, 2022

    So this hard work in spring is it referring to garden work literally or any type of work. I had a hard work life the last few months? Could it be that too?

    Lisa Satin - June 14, 2021

    Hi Lizzie,

    Thanks for writing.

    Giving or receiving crystals is certainly an excellent way to share good energy. However, you can also buy your own stones and benefit from their positive vibrations as well.

    Here is an article and video on how to choose the best stones for yourself:

    Please let us know if you have any questions :)

    lizzie - June 14, 2021

    do you have to gift a crystal for it to positively work in your life?

    Sheila Satin - June 14, 2021

    Hi Jana, thank you for your reply. I am happy to hear back from you!

    You may want to check with the shop you went to if they do chakra readings or chakra openings. It’s always much easier for someone else to do it for you!

    Meanwhile, here is a link to our chakra guide so you can clue in on what each chakra feels like when blocked or open:

    Jana - June 14, 2021
    I got my 1st crystal a few years ago. It’s a 3" silver quartz which I promptly broke in the washer. So now it’s 2.75". I didnt know anything back then and was just fascinated at the way it vibrated in my hand. I was in New Orleans last week and a shop owner referred me to a crystal/chakra shop. It was glorious in there. I bought "kit" for opening the 3rd eye(lapis, tiger’s eye, sodalite, and flourite). I was googoling how to use it and came upon your site. I knew about cleansing but not charging. Your site has been extremely informative. I got out my quartz crystal and was holding it while falling asleep. Not only was it pulsing in my hand, but also in my stomach. Is that a signal that a specific chakra needs attention? I think it’s the sacral. It was definitely below my belly button.
    Lisa Satin - June 14, 2021

    Hello Orville,

    Thank you for your inquiry. We do 100% of our communication and business online.
    You can email us right here and we’ll be happy to assist you. Most emails are answered within 24 hours, if not much sooner.

    Meanwhile, check out one of our most popular pages on crystal meanings and how it benefits you:


    Lisa Satin

    Orville - June 14, 2021

    do you have a phone number so I can call for more information

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