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Mother, Hold my Hand

holding hands wearing agate medley braceletsThis Mother's Day will be a little different than the previous ones for most of us modern souls. Social distancing has become the new norm due to the threat of COVID-19. You may have to forsake the traditional Mother's Day brunch, family gatherings, and uplifting little outings to which you have grown accustomed

What's more pressing is the scary emotional element of being in lockdown and in the middle of a public health crisis. Mothers are stuck at home. Mothers are on the front lines. Mother's already difficult routines are compounded by more challenges. Mothers need a hand to hold too.

I'm a Mother, Child, Wife & Small-Business Woman

I get it. I am a mother of a one and a half-year-old rambunctious toddler. Working from home with an energetic boy stuck in the living room is not an easy task. Plus, the restless Dad is also at home on furlough. As if early Motherhood wasn't a challenge on its own, the added quarantine and economic crisis mean things are through the roof these days.

Not only has my own situation become more hectic than ever, but I must watch my social son forsake crucial months of his development separated from his peers. He's in constant search of education and stimulation, and we can barely keep up. Other Mothers have the added task of home-schooling, and I thank my lucky stars that's not me!

I get it. I have a mother who's almost a septuagenarian. I have seen first hand how this virus has made everyday living difficult. She can no longer go out on little adventures or meet up with friends. Not only that, but she's in-between houses and has the extra hurdle of finding a new place in these volatile times. Her age group is most at risk of health devastation via the coronavirus.

This Mother's Day will be harder than the others.

Mother's Need a Hand to Hold Too

A mother's intuition is to hold your hand- no matter when, where or of what age you are. You are always the child of your Mother.

Today, Mothers need a hand to hold too.

Whether you will be with your Mother physically this Mother's Day, you can definitely be with her in spirit, and by extending your hand emotionally. Mothers around the globe are feeling devastated, disheveled, distressed, and far from divine. 

Adorn Mother's Hand with Bracelets

The hair salons are closed. A pedicure is far off from reality. Mothers are working day and night from home in pajamas. Others are hidden behind masks and gloves. Yet still, Mothers deserve to feel beautiful. That's why our pick from this Mother's Day is crystal healing bracelets.

Mothers deserve to feel shiny and appreciated, adorned by real gemstones. Crystal bracelets are our most popular jewelry choice for a good reason: Mothers love them.

Real gemstone bracelets are easy to wear, stunning to look at, and most importantly, light up her soul. If you have a Mother, are a Mother, or know a Mother, healing gemstone bracelets re-energize her when she needs it most. Adorn the hand of your Mother as you hold it tight. Extend your hand to all the Mothers, and let's get through this together- as we always have.

Learn more about Bracelets

We will be releasing more insight into your favorite gemstone bracelets in the coming week, so stay tuned. Make sure you are part of the Satin Crystals VIP Club for members-only specials and upcoming videos. 

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