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New Moon Arrival Crystals for December 2022 & January 2023

malachite mushrooms and new moonDear Friends, new crystals are always in style but if you are looking for a special reason to shop, I'll give you two! 

The New Moon debuts on December 23rd AND it's the final one before the start of a brand new year! 

The windows of opportunity are vast! Imagine what you can gain.

This month, I offer you 3 collections of new arrivals that touch the heart, soul, and spirit. They are my special pick for you for the New Moon cycle of December 23rd, 2022 to January 21, 2023.

How will you be setting the tone for new year success?

Your friend,
Lisa Satin

3 New Arrival Crystal Collections

Look at these 16 healing crystals that touch the heart, soul, and spirit. Close the door to 2022 and embark on new journeys for 2023.

From the Heart...

#1 Red Jasper Heart Boiling Hot Passion

When you love, love with passion. This Red Jasper heart gets your blood boiling in all the right ways. 

#2 Lapis Heart My Love is True Blue 

This Lapis heart is for those who desire a love that's true. Boasting a deep denim blue, the gems are magic.

#3 Septarian Heart Mosaic Beauty 

Your Septarian heart is a mosaic of brown Aragonite and yellow Calcite. This stone summons the heart of the true dragon.

#4 Lepidolite Heart Miracle Meditations

When you need divine healing, meditate upon this purple Lepidolite heart. Open your energy to miracles.

#5 Unakite Heart All Roads Lead to Love

When you follow the path of this Unakite heart, you discover that all roads lead to love. Don't resist the groove of life.

#6 Blue Aventurine Heart Majestic Love 

Your new Blue Aventurine heart delivers majestic love and shimmery abundance. You sparkle with Mica.

#7 Amethyst Heart Deep Feelings

This Amethyst heart invokes deep feelings and spiritual love. The purple gemstone is full of character. 

#8 Spiderweb Obsidian Heart Cabochon

Your Spiderweb Obsidian heart cabochon is full of possibilities. This is a gorgeous and natural protector.

From the Soul...

#9 Howlite Pyramid New Ice is Nice

Fresh white ice is always nice. This Howlite pyramid resembles a mountain covered in the first snow. 

#10 Green Aventurine Pyramid Trickle-Up Theory

With this Green Aventurine pyramid motivating you to manifest abundance, you aim upward. It's the trickle-up theory!

#11 Gabbro Pyramid Brushstroke of Art 

This Mystic Merlinite Indigo Gabbro pyramid is a brushstroke of art. At the stroke of midnight, you heal.

#12 Amazonite Pyramid Pastel Personality

This Amazonite pyramid shows you how to heal through gentle touch. The pastel green gem says live light.

From the Spirit...

#13 Malachite Magic Mushroom Rich

Find magic growing in the rich green forest when you tap into this Malachite mushroom. Grow your garden.

#14 Turquoise Spirit Tumbled Stone Set

Your Turquoise tumbled stone set embodies the spirit of the West. It's full of ancestral powers and healing.

#15 Hematite Super Specular Stone

This super sparkly silver Specular Hematite is simply spectacular! Glittery Hematite and Mica come to play.

#16 Hematite Angel Guardian Protection 

Carry this Hematite angel with you and benefit from powerful protection on the go. Gorgeous gemstone guardian!

Manifesting More...

Have you used crystal healing during a New Moon? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - December 9, 2021

Hi Art,

Check out our Protection crystals page, it has the top 15 recommended stones.

In your case, Obsidian and Black Tourmaline may be helpful.

Art - December 9, 2021

I do ghost investigations and what would be a good crystal for dark or negative energy protection

Sheila Satin - December 9, 2021

Hi Natalia, we often hear about crystals that disappear. Hopefully your actual cat is still there! Here is a helpful article:

Nat - December 9, 2021

i bought a cat shaped onyx crystal a while back and it was on my night stand and then it totally disappeared. i was wondering if it ment anything. i also have a black cat if that means anything haha.

Sheila Satin - December 24, 2020

Hi Lorato, thank you for your email. Here are some helpful links to get your started:

Crystal Meanings:

Rose Quartz meanings: (we will be expanding on this topic in February, so stay tuned on the email list)

Tigers Eye Meanings:

Aquamarine Meanings:

Citrine Meanings: (we will also be expanding on this stone some time next year).

Sheila Satin

Lorato - December 24, 2020

I have never been so serious about using Crystal stones until I see what they doing to my brother. Pliz help me on using them. I have rose quartz, tiger eye, aquamarine, Citrine

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