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Third Eye Chakra Quiz

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Are you listening to your Third Eye chakra?

You've made it to your sixth chakra! 

Do you know that little voice in your head that you like to ignore? This is your Third Eye chakra screaming to be opened. Learn how to listen.

It's time to develop your psychic ability and spiritual awareness.

You've worked on the five other energy centers and now you're ready to connect with your divine self through the Third Eye chakra.

Are you ready for wisdom?

Take the quiz and test your Third Eye chakra knowledge...

  • How do you filter out negative visions?

  • What does an overactive Third Eye chakra feel like?

  • What crystal relieves an overanalytical mind?

  • Which crystal is also known as the stone of heaven?

  • What does Lapis Lazuli do for the Third eye chakra?

  • What kind of jewelry should be worn for the Third eye chakra?

  • How does a dream journal help the Third Eye chakra?

  • With which musical note does the Third Eye chakra vibrate?

  • What is another name for the Third Eye chakra?

  • Find the answers and much more in your Third Eye Chakra Healing Guide.

    azurite oval stones and flowers

    Your Path to Chakra Knowledge

    Are you full of words but no action? Are you lacking in your manifestation skills? You have a Third Eye chakra imbalance. 

    Learn to open the blockage with healing crystals and you'll be trusting your intuition in no time. 

    Never miss out again. Make sure you are part of the Satin Crystals VIP Club to receive all the latest and greatest in the chakra healing world. 

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    Have questions? We would love to hear your inquiries, comments, stories, and experiences with the Throat Chakra. Post them here on the blog below and we'll get back to you! 

    Awaken your Third Eye chakra with crystals

    Shop here or go straight to the Third Eye Collection.
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    Sheila Satin - August 1, 2020

    Hi Angela, it sounds like you are looking for jewelry which will connect you with your spiritual side.

    Here are some suggestions for you:

    Meditation Jewelry:

    Amethyst Jewelry:

    Let me know if you have even more specific questions and we are happy to help you find your crystals.

    Sheila Satin

    Angela - August 1, 2020

    Hello how are you doing I’m stuck on the website and YouTube and find you on YouTube so I was very interested in finding some airings or necklace and bracelet said that a spiritualize a wealth of love spirit yes spiritualize a lot what am I putting me and I’ll I’ll try to find some like that so anyway that you can send me some similar bracelet earrings or bracelets and necklaces Yes spiritualizing help with the spirit love all that combined thank you

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