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Tigers Eye for Business Success

sheila of satin crystals holding a golden tigers eye tumbled stone

Toughen Up with Tigers Eye

Are you struggling to accomplish your dreams?

Whether you own a business, work for a company, or are aspiring to enter a future career, the bold energy of Tigers Eye is here to help you.

Learn how to harness the power of your tiger spirit through this tough gemstone and leap to success.

How to use Tigers Eye for success 

Tigers Eye is a worldly stone meant to aid you with material pursuits in work, business, and even studies. It draws in the elements of spirituality and earth energy to help you progress on your life purpose. To achieve a happy soul, you need to feel accomplished and successful in the physical world.

It's fun to relax and do nothing sometimes, but our human nature is instilled with the instinct to move and be fruitful. Progress and accomplishment are necessary for physical survival. They are also key elements to feeling satisfied and happy with your life. Success is a necessity.

Don't confuse success with wealth or fame. It can definitely encompass these qualities if you choose. However, success is defined by the individual. Only you know what you need to do so that you feel successful.

One person may be fully satisfied by running a clean home life for their family. Another may have the innate desire to operate their own business. Yet another person might think that success means accomplishing all the projects given to them by a boss. None of these people are wrong.

There are three main components to achieving success with Tigers Eye:

1. Define your goals

2. Change your attitude

3. Take action

After these three steps lead you to success, the final step is:

4. Enjoy the abundance of your success

Once you know how to use this formula in your favor, you can apply it to any part of your career or schooling and achieve a neverending loop of accomplishment. 

How to use Tigers Eye to focus your goals

The first step to finding success with Tigers Eye is by using the power of this gemstone to help you focus and define your goals.

You might say you want success, but what does that really mean? You might wish you had a lucrative career in law, but what does that look like? If you're chasing some vague aspiration, it is harder to know what to do. The Law of Attraction is itching to bring you success, but it can't do so until you tell it exactly what you desire.

Tigers Eye is your perfect treasure for focus. Before a tiger pounces on it's praying, it waits in hiding for the right moment to leap. While it awaits, its pupils hone in on its goal, like a camera zooming onto the subject matter. Only after careful focus and mental strategy does the wild cat dash for the prize.

Similarly, you can't just randomly scramble after your dreams and hope to win. If the tiger haphazardly chased its prey, the rabbit would easily run away. You need to hone in and focus to be a winner. Tigers Eye brings out your Tiger Spirit Animal.

sheila of satin crystals holding a tigers eye bear necklaceHere are three methods of focusing with Tigers Eye:

1. Meditating with Tigers Eye

It's time to do a Tigers Eye meditation. Surround yourself with Tigers eye, or hold a few pieces in your hand while you meditate. Clear your mind of thoughts and images. 

Your Tigers Eye meditation should be done with the intention to clear your work goal. When you have reached a quiet place in your mind, begin to focus on exactly what you want. Let the ideas flow to you, watch the fog lift. Engage specific details, for example, what company you want to work for, the exact job title and descriptions you seek; the more details the better.

Your intuitive mind knows what your heart wants, and in meditation, it becomes clear. If you're having a hard time, try another method below.

In a few days, we will provide you with a free guided Tigers Eye meditation video and script to make things easier for you. Make sure you are on the Satin Crystals VIP club to get it delivered right to your inbox next week.

Pick up your Tigers Eye and try again at that time if you haven't already clarified your goals. 

2. Crystal Ball Gazing with Tigers Eye

While meditation is usually done with eyes closed, crystal ball gazing starts with eyes open. If you want or need visual inspiration, try crystal ball gazing into your Tiger's Eye stone. 

Let the golden-brown beauty of Tigers Eye be your creative muse for inspiring work and business goals. Instead of forcing clarity, let the stone speak to you through pictures and feelings. See exactly what your end goal looks like, and begin to feel the energy of success and accomplishment all around you.

Instructions on How to Crystal Ball Gaze will further help you on your path.

3. Make a Manifestation list with Tigers Eye

Do you have a knack for writing? Some of us operate very well with lists and methodical structure. If you can relate, the manifestation list is right for you.

Begin by finding a calm spot. Bring with you a pen and paper, or set up on your laptop/work desk. Let your Tigers Eye stone be your mentor, mounted next to your materials as you begin to write. 

Label the top of the page as "Manifestation list for success in my career". You can even be more specific or creative, like "What I manifest for my career as an online marketer."

Start listing all your goals, including specific details. Where do you want to be located? How much do you want to make? What is your job title?

Here is an example of how your list might start out:

"Manifestation list on how to grow Satin Crystals in 2020"

  • I focus on my most enjoyable work activity- writing blogs to connect with my readers and community.

  • I improve my photo taking skills and make colorful, attractive visuals that truly embody the beauty of my products.

  • I read 3 new books related to crystal healing to keep updated on modern-day methods.

  • I allow my efforts to manifest by seeing a 30% increase in website visitors over the next 12 months, as well as a 30% increase in orders.

  • I hire a domestic helper so I can spend more time devoted to my business and less time doing the dishes.

.... and it can go on and on. Note how specifics were used in the goal, and present tense language. Go ahead, give it a try. If at any time you feel stuck, grab hold of your Tigers Eye stones and let it flow.

tigers eye buddha head

How to use Tigers Eye to change your attitude

Once you've spelled out your goals in detail, you are ready for the next step: to change your attitude. Most of us are plagued with a can't-do attitude, even if we don't realize it. It's very natural to be afraid of the unknown.

Even the tiger doesn't know if he will catch his prey every try, but if he doesn't try, he will fail and perish. Therefore, he tries. He might not succeed at every catch, but he succeeds and thrives none the less.

The Manifestation List is a practice that puts you in the right mindset. It forces you to put a positive twist on everything. It encourages you to think and feel successful in the here and now. 

Here are three additional methods for getting you into the positive mindset with Tiger's Eye:

1. Affirmations

Rise and shine every morning with your Tigers Eye in mind. Affirmations, or reciting mantras, is an easy and effective way to get in the positive mindset right off the bat. Have your Tigers Eye right on your bedstand and grab it first thing upon waking. Reciting your affirmations only takes a couple of minutes.

If you like, you could read off your manifestation list. Those are essentially affirmations and you have already tailored them to exactly what you wish to achieve.

Otherwise, you can write new affirmations related to your work success, and many of them can be based on personality improvements to supplement your more logistical goals.

Here are a few examples of positive affirmations you can recite with your Tiger's Eye:

  • I have the courage and confidence of a tiger, taking steps every day to come closer to my goals

  • I have a positive mindset and fully trust in the Universe that my ideal job awaits

  • I feel good knowing that I am ready to ask for a raise because my work performance and sales statistics show that I am an exemplary employee who deserves a promotion

Join the Satin Crystals VIP club immediately because next week we will be emailing out free Tigers Eye affirmations that you can use for business success.

2. Visualizations

It's not a coincidence that Tigers Eye is known as the 'Stone of Confidence and Courage'. Full of tiger energy, you can harness the crystal's strength to boost your self-esteem.

One of the biggest setbacks people face on the path to success is their very own fears and insecurities. Is it uncomfortable to take a risk? To make a change? To go after something new? Yes... of course, it is.

Tigers Eye teaches you to go for gold despite your fears and discomfort. Not a couch potato in the world has ever earned a Nobel Prize. It's the risk-takers who see success.

Asking for a raise, starting a business, taking the BAR exam... these are scary things. That's when visualizations with Tigers Eye comes to the rescue.

Visualizations are a type of meditation, but you put yourself in a specific scenario and act out exactly what you want to do. Asking for a raise is much scarier in real life than asking in your mind. Thankfully, practice makes perfect.

Here is an example of how to visualize with your Tigers Eye:

Place yourself in the scene you will soon be facing in reality. Visualize you entering your boss's office with your Tigers Eye bracelet and cufflinks on.

Present her with your portfolio of successful projects, and explain to her why you deserve a raise. Hear yourself speaking the exact words you will soon be speaking in real life.

Imagine the reaction to whatever action you took. In this case, your boss's reply. She agrees with you wholeheartedly and offers you a specific dollar amount increase to your salary that you find delightful.

Finally, bask in the positive feelings you get with this successful event. Feel fully accomplished, happy, and floating on cloud nine.

The more you visualize the steps that you will take to find success, the easier it becomes to implement them in real life. Your mind creates a pathway that is reinforced by positive rewards and feelings.

Visualization can be done alone, but for the most powerful effect, have a healer guide you through it.

3. Tigers Eye Layouts

Tigers Eye corresponds with your lower chakras, activating the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus. To best reach your goals, you want these lower chakras open. Do layouts by placing Tigers Eye on or around your entire lower chakra system.

This is what Tigers Eye will do for each of your lower chakras:

  • Root Chakra: This is all about physical energy and strength. It will open up your ability to physically act upon your goals. Tigers Eye blasts away laziness and stagnation and gets your body going. It also connects you with the earthly instincts that keep you driven.

  • Sacral Chakra: This is your sexual and creative center. Tigers Eye gets your creative inspiration going so you have a flow of ideas and innovations. By opening up the Sacral chakra with Tigers Eye, you will have a better idea of what you want, and think up creative ways to get it.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra: This is your emotional center. When it is blocked, you feel self-doubt, fear, worry, and anxiety. These feelings are your worst enemies when it comes to chasing success. Tigers Eye helps you transform these negative vibrations and replace them with confidence, courage, hope, and optimism. 

hand holding a tigers eye twist massage wandHow to use Tigers Eye to accomplish your goals  

After you have laid out your detailed manifestation goals and aligned your mental attitude with success, you are ready to take action. Tigers Eye has helped you focus on what you want and build the confidence you need to go after it. Now this gemstone of success stays by your side as you make your jump.

Here are three ways to incorporate Tigers Eye into your action:

1. Wear Tiger's Eye jewelry in the workplace

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, employer, or employee... you have goals and you have things to get done! If you are feeling doubtful or lethargic, look to your jewelry for a quick pick-me-up. Wearing Tiger's Eye jewelry is one of the best and easiest ways to keep your motivational Tiger Spirit Animal nearby at all times

Choose a powerful pair of Tigers Eye cufflinks for a professional look. Tigers Eye earrings and bracelets can be a discreet addition to your ensemble or pick bold pieces if you prefer to be noticed. A Tigers Eye necklace front and center of your aura shows off your confidence.

2. Feng Shui the workplace with Tigers Eye

Incorporate Tigers Eye crystals right into your home or workplace. They serve as a constant reminder for you to keep on your path toward success. Even when you aren't looking at them, Tigers Eye stones give off motivational and positive vibes that encourage you to stay focused, confident, and accomplished.

Try placing a Tigers Eye sphere on your work desk or office. It is impressive and emanates with the energy of power and healing. Place Tigers Eye stones in corners and nooks to form grids.

Not only does Tigers Eye help with your career goals, but also protects your space. Tigers Eye spirit animals are a perfect choice, as they whisper words of wisdom to you while you pursue your dreams.

3. Channel messages with Tigers Eye

Even though you've laid out a plan of action and are now implementing things to reach your goals, sometimes plans can change. Turn to Tigers Eye for inspiration and messages. Channel your Tiger Spirit Animal any time you need help. Directions come straight from the spirit realm and help you find your footing.

Tigers Eye Skulls make the perfect vessel for channeling the higher realms. They connect you to the unseen world and tap into infinite wisdom.

Spirit Animals are another great choice, as they are specifically on a mission to guide you through messages and symbols. Hold these Tigers Eye figurines in your hands to receive a much-needed tip as you travel on your path to success.

hand holding tigers eye skullEnjoy abundance and success with Tigers Eye 

You have changed your mind, your attitude, and your life through the power of Tigers Eye. Once you master this formula for success, you will discover that it keeps coming.

Ever heard the phrase "like attracts like"? A successful person keeps attracting more and more success. This leads to abundance.

Allow the gifts of the Universe to come to you. You have taken the proper steps and followed up with bold action. Sometimes things don't go your way, but where one door closes, a brighter one opens.

Tigers Eye reminds you that you are put on Earth to succeed. Don't be shy of the rewards- whether they are monetary, material, or spiritual. You deserve it.

Things weren't handed to you on a silver plate, but you transformed your thinking and your actions for success. Now things come easy to you.

Tigers Eye helps keep you grounded even while you are successful. It knows that an inflated ego is self-sabotaging, so it keeps you real the whole way. Tigers Eye keeps you true to your spirit.

Now that you know the secrets of Tigers Eye, go manifest your dreams and start roaring with success.

Helpful crystal healing resources: 

    Has Tigers Eye worked for your business goals?

    Have you used Tigers Eye for a successful business? a promotion? a rave work review?

    We would love to hear your thoughts, stories, and questions. Feel free to post them here on the blog below and we'll get back to you! 

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    Lisa Satin - December 24, 2020

    Hi Jordyn,

    Thanks for writing to us. All three of those stones are pretty durable, so you can use any of the methods found on our Crystal Care page:


    Lisa Satin

    Jordyn - December 24, 2020

    I was just wondering what you believe is the best way to cleanse black obsidian, red tiger’s eye, and carnelian. Thank you!

    Jordyn - December 24, 2020

    I was just wondering what you believe is the best way to cleanse black obsidian, red tiger’s eye, and carnelian. Thank you!

    Sheila Satin - November 22, 2020

    Hi Jean, we have a page all about abundance crystals here:

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    And business success with tigers eye:

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