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Chakra Pendant Tree of Life Rainbow

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Climb straight up the Tree of Life and watch as each of your chakras glows with balance. Wear this colorful chakra pendant and center your soul.

2x1.4 inch total length (stones: 5-6mm, bail opening: 5mm)

The colors of the seven main chakras correspond to the colors of the rainbow. Chakra stones help to open and balance the chakras so that you can live a more balanced lifestyle.


Your new pendant features seven gemstones representing the chakras. These include: 

Crown Chakra: purple Amethyst

Third Eye Chakra: blue Lapis Lazuli

Throat Chakra: dyed blue Agate

Heart Chakra: dyed blue-green Turquoise

Solar Plexus Chakra: brown Tigers Eye

Sacral Chakra: dyed orange Magnesite

Root Chakra: dyed red Agate

Each gemstone will differ in patterns, colors, and inclusions.

Add a necklace chain.