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Dalmatian Jasper Pig Cheery Abundance Intelligent Animal Set

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  • DALMATION JASPER PIGS: Your two statues are adorable pig figurines. These animals are made from gorgeous white and black dotted dalmatian jasper, finely carved into happy new friends! They stand on all fours, plump and smiling.

  • PIG MEANING: Pigs represent abundance, virility, and fertility. Excellent animal spirit guide for shamanic journeys.

  • JASPER MEANING: Dalmatian jasper is a good stone for animal health. It also connects you to the animal kingdom. Jasper is the Supreme Nurturer. Grounding, Overcoming Fears and Obstacles, Healthy Sexuality.

  • LIMITED EDITION: Receive one unique pair from an elite hand selected Satin Crystals collection

  • SIZE: 2"x1.3"x1" each.