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Kyanite Cufflinks Blue Shimmer Gold

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Entrance those around you with that mysterious glint in your eye and shimmer of your Blue Kyanite cufflinks. Show off your powerful side at a formal affair and your playful side at a casual get-together. Blue Kyanite cufflinks in gold add extra sophistication to your attire. 

Stone Size: 12mm
Open Dimensions: 1.1 inches (27mm)
Closed Dimensions: 0.9 inches  (22mm)

When you are feeling pent up and stressed out, Blue Kyanite melts your tensions. By opening up your Third eye chakra, this healing stone reminds you that life is short: enjoy it! Read more about Kyanite.

Your new cufflinks feature natural and stabilized blue Kyanite. Polished into round cabochons, the gemstones are set in bullet-back gold-plated brass. Easily flip the bullet clasps vertically to insert and horizontally to secure your double cuff shirts.