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Meteorite Set Galactic Rocks Black Tektite, Chelyabinsk, Agoudal

Original price CHF 122.00 - Original price CHF 160.00
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CHF 122.00
CHF 122.00 - CHF 160.00
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  • RARE METEORITE SPECIMEN SET: Your life gets much more interesting when you take hold of this incredible trio of Meteorites. Chelyabinsk of Russia, Agoudal of Morocco, and Black Tektite of China suddenly entitle you to the claim of not only a global mineral collector, but a galactic one. By working with the dark trio, you could find magic and mysteries unravel. Channel secrets to time, space, and existence. This set also makes the perfect gift for science and astronomy lovers.

  • Small: 3-6 grams
  • Medium: 6-9 grams

  • METEORITE DEFINITION: Meteorite space stones have phenomenal power. They deliver the energy of the universe into the palm of your hands. You may feel as though time stops when you lay your fingers on this exciting galactic treasure. Meteorites may help you understand your purpose in the grand scheme of things. They show you that you're important even as one droplet in this giant pool of existence. Meteorites may give off a buzzing sensation and make fascinating conversational pieces.

  • ZERO GRAVITY DISPLAY BOX: You may feel happy knowing that this gem set comes in a secure display case. The unique suspension box makes your treasure appear as though floating in zero gravity.

  • CHAKRA HEALING & AFFIRMATION: These Meteorites activate your grounding Root Chakra due to their dark tones, but also open your spiritual Crown Chakra thanks to their celestial origin. The affirmation for this set is "I've got the stars in the palm of my hands".

  • REAL GEMSTONE: You receive one unique gemstone set from a limited, hand-picked Satin Crystals collection. We have carefully selected the Meteorites so that you get only the most interesting shaped specimens with good energy. Every set varies and is sized according to weight. Each piece is Reiki-infused. Satin Crystals offers a 100% happiness guarantee.


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