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Your Crystal Horoscope for October 2022

October on green malachite backgroundThis October, Mercury snaps out of retrograde but Mars takes his place.

Are you in the clear or should you shiver with fear?

Is October's Full Moon a friendly phenomenon? What about the rare Solar Eclipse?

Just be glad you have jolly Jupiter on your side. When it comes to love, money, friendships, and spirituality, this month is going to be quite a ride.

All signs benefit from healing crystals this month. Sparkling gemstones and jewelry align with the positive energy of the planets. There may be drama in the skies but you're here to manifest magic.

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Crystal Horoscope by Zodiac Sign  

Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries Monthly Horoscope

March 21 - April 19

The Full Moon of October 9th has Aries focused on their needs first. This might create some friction in your relationship and you might come off as selfish. Try to find a way to get what you want without compromising your partner's feelings. It is also a time to reflect on your short and long time goals.

The Solar Eclipse on the 25th is a time of bright new opportunities for love and wealth. Be aware of universal signs that can lead you to extra income.

Amethyst is the stone that best serves Aries this month. This crystal will help you self-reflect, catch symbols from above, and succeed in all realms. Try doing meditations and rituals with an Amethyst pendulum and crystal ball. How about an Amethyst owl? She whispers guidance in your ears. What about wearing Amethyst? A purple gemstone necklace points you on your path.

When Mars goes retrograde on October 30th in your Communication Sector, you feel tired out. You might have mishaps with words and many misunderstandings. Be sure to clarify your motives before conveying them to others.

Peaceful purple Amethyst keeps you calm even through the rough.

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Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

April 20 - May 20

Mercury snaps out of retrograde on October 2nd and Taurus feels a sudden flow of love energy. You've been floundering around in love and in lack of decisions- now is your chance for clarity. When the Solar Eclipse of the 25th rolls around, whatever you desire shall manifest tenfold!

More manifestation magic awaits when Jupiter enters your chart on October 28th. Be clear about what you desire and Jumbo Jupiter will use all of his might to make it come true. If you believe, you receive. And the opposite applies as well.

Miracles are in your stars and Angelite is the stone that helps them come true. Taurus can amplify blessings by wearing Angelite bracelets and jewelry for a direct connection to the angelic realm. Meditate upon an Angelite egg to crack open new manifestations.

As Mars enters retrograde two days later, your attention turns to financial matters. Your cash flow may feel cumbersome with either a cut in income or an uptick in expenses. Just keep in mind that it's temporary.

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 Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

May 21 - June 20

You might find yourself drifting apart from a friend when the Full Moon of October 9th rises. It sheds light on an injustice that you no longer wish to face. If the problem is fixable, fix it. Otherwise, you might need to let the friendship dissolve.

Keep your mind on work this month. Once the October 25th Solar Eclipse happens, an influx of opportunities is headed your way. Just be careful to keep tabs on your health as well. Now is a good time to professionally address any issues with your body or mental state.

Gemini could benefit from a whole medley of chakra stones this month. With social affairs, work, and health all on your mind, you need complete healing and balance. Try wearing a chakra healing pendant for good energy all around. For an intense experience, try a chakra healing set to get all 7 of your vortexes flowing.

Prepare for a major slowdown in many aspects of your life once the Mars retrograde begins on the 30th. You might feel a lack of motivation when it comes to love and relationships, as well as life in general. This slump could last until Mars returns to the course on January 12th.

It's time for a major reboot. Your chakra stones and jewelry will come in handy now more than ever.

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Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

June 21 - July 22

You might have an urge to check out from your professional life this month. That's because the Full Moon of October 9th brings nothing but drama or mishaps in the workplace. This turmoil is an opportunity to reevaluate what is and isn't important in your career. Are you on track or does something need to change? When Mars goes retrograde in your Work Chart on October 30th, you'll be in reflection mode and it will last a while. 

Since you are in workplace contemplation for the long haul, Cancer benefits from Onyx crystals this month and beyond. Onyx will keep your work ethic strong and steady while also steering you toward your newest goals. Try wearing an Onyx bracelet for a flow of productivity. An Onyx ball keeps you strong while guarding your energy.

Your love life fairs better when the Solar Eclipse of October 25th energizes your House of Romance. Singles have a chance to connect with soul mates. Coupled-up Cancers also get a boost in romantic feelings and emotional bonding. Grounding Onyx crystals and jewelry ensure a steady growth in love.

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Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Monthly Horoscope

July 23 - Aug. 22

It's time to get your finances on track now that Mercury ends retrograde on October 2nd. Cash flows once again and you can engage in successful projects that lead to extra income. When Jupiter enters this area of your stars on October 28th, you're even luckier in money manifestation. An unexpected gift is headed your way.

Ride the tide of prosperity with Citrine. When Leo wears and uses Citrine in October, your money manifestation will flow over the top! Try putting a Citrine Real Point in your financial corner or wearing a Citrine pendant for the flow of cash. Only bright things can happen.

When the Solar Eclipse happens on October 25th, you'll feel a major shift in your home life. You are due for a big move, an expansion in your family, a big renovation project, or something else significant. For a bountiful blessing, place Citrine clusters in the home.

Finally, the month ends with Mars going retrograde on the 30th and staying that way for several weeks. You'll find yourself less motivated to engage in friendships and social life, so take the chance to rest or focus on something else.

Something special could happen in love though because Venus gives a special wink to Leo.

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Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Aug. 23 - Sept. 22

The air is clear in love once Mercury retreats from retrograde on October 2nd. Finally, you can make plans and decisions regarding your relationships. There's a better flow of love throughout the month which is amplified when Jupiter enters your stars on October 28th. He stays in your House of Romance through December 20th. Virgo can expect good fortune in love during this time.

Work-life is trickier for you, especially when Mars goes retrograde here on the 30th. You'll feel a lack of growth in work and career, maybe even a loss of motivation. This slowdown might lead you to feel dissatisfied and inspire you to make a major career change. Or, it might just be a good time to take it easy and go on vacation. 

Go with the flow through these changes with Larimar stones by your side. Larimar will let love energy thrive and relax you despite work debacles. Keep a Larimar polished stone in your purse or pocket to feel mental relaxation. Wear a soothing blue gemstone pendant to free your heart.

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Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Monthly Horoscope

Sept. 23 - Oct. 22

Libra takes a deep looking into relationships throughout October. With the Full Moon rising on October 9th in your Romance Chart, you can expect a shift in your partnership. Rather than wanting to spend all your time together, you'll find that pursuing personal hobbies and interests can strengthen this bond.

Relationships aren't about being attached to the hip all the time: when you nurture your interests then you both become more interesting together! 

Malachite is the stone highly recommended to Libra this month. This intense green gemstone will help you focus on yourself while strengthening your Heart chakra for true love. Wear a Malachite bracelet or earrings to restore your relationship or place a Malachite pyramid in the home for loving vibes.

Good news awaits with the Solar Eclipse on the 25th. Venus gets a front-row seat at the lunar event and shines fortune onto your sign. New opportunities for increased income are headed your way. When Jupiter marches into your House of Careers on the 28th, your financial flow becomes luckier than ever. Take advantage of good fortune and newfound riches by placing a Malachite sphere or tumbled stones in your money area and workspace. These lucky green gemstones attract bountiful abundance.

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Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

Great changes await Scorpio this month. The Solar Eclipse of October 25th takes place in your Zodiac sign, signifying major shifts in money and love. With Venus observing the eclipse, the transformations will be for the better. You'll feel inspired to take care of yourself, look your best, and enjoy all the world has to offer.

Single Scorpios are super lucky in love starting October 25th and this momentum holds through December 20th. Big Jupiter gives you his stamp of approval to embark on a new relationship.

Garnet is the stone for Scorpio this October. Enjoy luxury and beauty with this lavish stone of opulence. Feel amazingly attractive when you wear a Garnet pendant at the Heart chakra. Place a red Garnet heart on your bedside to ignite romantic sparks.

There's a hiccup in your monetary ledgers around the 20th when Mars goes retrograde. You might notice some financial friction between yourself and a partner or family member. The good news is that you can come to a solution.

After January 12th, Mars will release the flowing tides of abundance again. Keep your head on straight and play it careful with money until then. Garnet tumbled stones in your financial area can safeguard your abundance.

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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

The battle is finally over as Mercury leaves retrograde on October 2nd. Suddenly, Sagittarius feels a flow in the workplace as this planet supports your Career Charts. You find it easy to make decisions and problem-solve professionally once again. What a relief!

Things get messy with your love life once the Full Moon of October 9th rises. You'll notice a void in your relationship, an unfulfilled feeling. This could lead to a breakup or a major shift in your partnership. If there is a resolution, you'll feel better than ever.

However, romantic issues may continue to pop up for a while because Mars goes retrograde here on October 30th. You'll be confused as you embark on a rollercoaster of love and pain. Hold on tight and tap into your intuition to find the right way out of this.

Rose Quartz is a must-have for Sagittarius this month, and you should hold onto it for months to come. With the ups and downs of your relationship lasting for quite a while, you can turn to Rose Quartz to soothe and guide your heart. A Rose Quartz ring stays with you throughout the day, while Rose Quartz raw stones serve as a suitable healer.

Surround yourself in Rose Quartz and see your love thrive.

Recommended for Sagittarius this Month: 

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

You've been feeling off about your home and family life and now's the time to address it. With the Full Moon of October 9th, you can no longer avoid what's been bothering you. There could be a relative who has been acting wrong or maybe you feel smothered by someone at home. Speak your mind using wise words and straighten out the issue. You don't need drama and resentment.

Jet crystals help you confront the issues you're having with others. Overcome your fears and obstacles with this protective black gemstone. Use a Jet wand to routinely clear out negative energy throughout October, from both your spaces and your body.

The October 25th Solar Eclipse ignites your social life. It's in your best interest to network while also having fun. Friends can especially help you this month. Don't be afraid to call out for a favor.

Single Capricorns are ready to mingle. You might find a love connection right in your friend group.

When Mars enters retrograde from October 30th until January 12th, you'll feel a change of pace. Life slows down and this planet cozies up in your Health Chart. You can no longer ignore any health issues. Turn your attention to your body, mind, and soul care. Wear Jet jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to release the negative buildup in your system.

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 Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Jan. 20 - Feb. 18 

This month, Aquarius will find themselves engulfed in work. You're gearing up for a major explosion of entrepreneurial opportunities that will come with the October 25th Solar Eclipse. Once the Eclipse arrives, you'll be ready to embark on an exciting professional opportunity. Get your ducks in order throughout the month so that you are ready to step through the doors of good fortune at work.

Keep in mind that the changes you are about to make are drastic but not quick or spontaneous. With Mars in retrograde from October 30th to January 12th, you want to be very careful and precise in this new professional venture. You might find yourself changing courses or second-guessing through retrograde, that's why you don't want to act brash. Take it easily and systematically.

Once Mars reverses course again, you're going to see big gains.

Jasper is a great stone for Aquarius this month and for many months to come. Versatile Jasper helps you succeed in the workplace and make wise logical decisions. A Polychrome Jasper ball in your office helps facilitate smooth energy and cooperation. A Red Jasper bracelet keeps your motivation flowing.

Your love life will also be affected by retrograde. Over the next few months, you might reconnect with a blast from the past. You could see ups and downs in love and feel a lack of clarity in what you want from a relationship. Slow down and step out of the scene for a while if you need to.

Nurturing Jasper will take care of you through the lull. Try a soothing meditation with a Green Jasper pyramid or do a healing layout with Jasper tumbles.

Recommended for Aquarius this Month:

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces Monthly Horoscope 

Feb. 19 - March 20

With Mercury finally snapping out of retrograde on October 2nd, you'll be asked to think clearly regarding relationships. There are one or more issues that you need to deal with this month. Go about it logically rather than emotionally. These are problems with practical solutions. Use Bloodstone to help you problem-solve and stay rational- this stone of justice is on your side.

When the Full Moon of October 9th shines over your House of Money, you might feel a financial struggle. You'll again need to use the power of your mind to find a way out of this pickle. What talents, skills, and connections can you pull to bring in some extra income this month? A Bloodstone necklace or earrings near your head will get your mind flowing with prosperous ideas.

Better fortune comes your way when Jupiter forms a stronghold in your sign from October 28th until December 20th. You'll find yourself growing and prospering in all areas. The weakest link may be in your domestic life because Mars goes retrograde there on October 30th. You could be dealing with renovations gone wrong or family members stirring up drama. Place a Bloodstone ball in the center of the home to keep harmony. Plant Bloodstone polished stones in each room for strong love. 

Recommended for Pisces this Month:

How's Your Zodiac Year Going?

What kind of crystal healing rituals have you done this year? What kinds of successes have you experienced? How did you match healing stones with your astrological signs?

We love to hear about all of your experiences. Feel free to comment below on this blog.

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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