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How to use Crystal Pyramids

crystal model holding a quartz pyramid on top of her hand at satin crystalsHow Does a Pyramid Generate Energy?

A pyramid is a sacred geometrical shape that collects energy from the universe and centers it down to us through the apex. This is why the pyramids in Egypt create a great energy vortex. Large pyramid structures are said to exist hidden in the Amazon rain forest as well.

The Native Americans lived in tee-pee tents, which like pyramids, collected energy and rejuvenated the people inside. Many people today enjoy incredible results working with pyramids for healing and lifestyle improvement. Crystal pyramids are full of pyramid power and can be used to benefit you in several ways.

What is Pyramid Healing Power? 

Pyramids are known for their powerful healing property of preservation. The Pyramids in Egypt were created to preserve the mummies of ancient leaders. Items placed inside a metrically accurate pyramid will last longer than usual.

Placing foods and water in a pyramid is becoming a popular habit. You can place crystal pyramids in your water or refrigerator for similar results.

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What are the Metaphysical Healing Properties of Pyramids?

Now more than ever, we are in need of the holy pyramid. As Earth shifts in evolution of thought and energy (from the 3rd to 4th dimension), great changes are taking place in our physical and soul bodies.

The pyramid helps us cope with the changes in the body that are taking place at this very moment. They help us increase our vibration and frequency so that we can keep up with the natural universal progression.

sheila of satin crystals holding a black obsidian stone pyramid

How will Holding a Crystal Pyramid make me Feel?

Holding a pyramid is a joyful experience, and the more you practice, the more joy you generate.

Holding a pyramid is definitely an intense and invigorating feeling. It is creating a vortex of energy in your hand, which spreads down your physical body and around your aura. Basically, it funnels down the wisdom and healing of the Universe right into the tips of your fingers.

Some people report a tingling sensation in the hands or all over the body. Other people can achieve a blurred state of mind that helps them into a light trance. In this trance, they are able to escape their ego and thoughts. Highly empathetic people may have clairvoyant and psychic visions triggered. Yet another person may feel nothing at all until several more experiences.

sheila of satin crystals holding up a chakra and a clear quartz stone pyramidTop 7 Crystal Pyramid Uses

Here are the top seven ways you can make use of your crystal pyramid. Below the list, we expand on each method.

1. Crystal pyramid energy healing for the aura and 7 chakras

2. Crystal pyramid meditations for clairvoyance and high spiritual vibration

3. Program crystal pyramids with reiki intentions for love, healing, money etc.

4. Focus upon a crystal pyramid while you do yoga

5. Place the crystal pyramid in your bedroom to preserve youth and beauty

6. Make pyramid elixirs to drink for good health and physical preservation

7. Place the pyramid in your fridge to energize and preserve food

sheila of satin crystals holding up a red jasper stone pyramid

The Top 7 Crystal Pyramid Uses Explained

1. How Do I Use Crystal Pyramids for Energy Healing?

Surround yourself with pyramids. To benefit quickly and intensively from Pyramid Power, you can form a grid of pyramids around your body as you do a crystal layout or even while you sleep. The pyramids will draw down energy effortlessly, and your vibrations will increase. It will light your entire aura aglow.

If you have a practitioner doing body work for you, ask him or her to use your crystal healing pyramids as Chakra Stones. They can be placed directly on the body. This will draw the energy down into your chakras specifically.

When you use Pyramids in crystal healing, you benefit from both the Power of Pyramids and also the individual healing properties of crystals you are using.

2. How do I Use a Crystal Pyramid during Meditation?

To use a Crystal Pyramid for Meditation, place it directly in your hand or in front of you while you engage in your session. If you have a meditation space, it can be placed anywhere within that room or sacred area.

The pyramid naturally vibrates at the spiritual level because it is an important form of sacred geometry. The energy of the pyramid helps to raise your vibrations so you can acheive the next level of spiritual development.

3. How do I Program my Crystal Pyramids for Reiki?

Pyramids are perfect for Reiki, because Reiki operates on important universal symbols.  It is possible to purchase crystal pyramids with Reiki symbols already inscribed into the stone. However, we at Satin Crystals prefer non-etched Crystal pyramids so that you can change your intentions according to your life experiences and needs.

Infuse Reiki energy into your pyramid to intensify powers. When you input your intentions into a crystal, it helps focus the healing benefits to your particular needs. This can be for more love, money, health, spirituality, or anything you desire. We offer detailed instructions on how to program your crystals.

4. How do I use Crystal Pyramids while doing Yoga?

To benefit from crystal pyramid power while doing yoga, keep a crystal pyramid within your range of site. Yoga requires a lot of concentration while holding positions. Having the crystal pyramid in your line of sight gives you a focal point to gaze upon.

Since pyramids help to raise your vibration not only energetically but also in your physical body, they make the ideal choice as a yoga tool. The practice of yoga keeps your body and mind sharp, while the pyramid raises your physical and metal state as well.   

5.  How do I use Crystal Pyramids to preserve beauty and youth?

To use the crystal pyramid for preserving beauty and youth, place it near your bedside. The pyramid will bring restful sleep, which in turn preserves your appearance. Another pyramid should be placed near your mirror or vanity, the place where you self care.

Another popular way is to place your bed inside a giant copper pyramid. However, we found crystal pyramids to be just as good, and much more convenient.

The preservation powers of the pyramid have been revered by kings and queens; its benefits have been tried and proven over the centuries.

6. How do I make a crystal pyramid elixir for good health?

Place your crystal pyramid in or next to your water jug to make an elixir. Keep the stone there for 1-2 hours. This will energize your water supply, and convert into a direct physical benefit once you drink it. The pyramid power will help you preserve good health and your physical body.

Please note that the pyramid must be cleaned before placing in the elixir. Also, not all stones can be used to make elixirs, as some may cause negative effects. Selenite and Angelite, for example, cannot be in water because they are soft stones that will eventually dissolve.

Before using a crystal for a gem elixir, be sure to research the stone or inquire. Alternatively, any stone can be placed next to your water source for a similar effect.

7. How do I use a Crystal Pyramid to Preserve Food?

Maximize the preservation powers of the crystal pyramid by placing it in your fridge to preserve food. Doing so not only increases the shelf life of your food, but also keeps the nutritional values intact. 

You can also put food inside of a copper pyramid, a technique similar to that of the bed as mentioned above. 

handing holding up at a clear quartz crystal healing pyramid

Where do I place a Pyramid in my home?

Crystal pyramids bring positive Feng Shui to your home. They can be placed anywhere you wish, and will provide Universal healing energy no matter the place. However, to use the pyramid power for specific purposes, pyramid placement becomes of vital importance. 

Which Crystal Pyramid Healing Stone do I need?

There are two ways to choose a crystal healing pyramid. First, go with your intuition and collect the pieces that call to you. This is easy, simple and correct because it is dictated by your subconscious, which will lead you to exactly what you need. You can visit our Pyramid Collection and see which crystal images draw you in.

For the more analytical folks, the other way to select is by healing property. Depending on what you are wishing to draw into your life, different crystals will help you reach these goals. Remember, all crystals have the healing Pyramid Power, and the type of stone is just another added bonus.

Here are some premium pyramids and their meanings:

Pyramids to Attract and Grow Love

natural pink rose quartz pyramid stone at satin crystals shop
Rose Quartz

Pyramids for Wealth, Money, and Business Success

green aventurine pyramid stone at satin crystals

 carnelian pyramid at satin crystals

Pyramids for Grounding, Health, and Self-Care

natural green and white moss agate stone pyramid at satin crystals
Moss Agate

 brown snake jasper stone pyramid at satin crystals

Pyramids for Spirituality, Meditation, and Psychic Reading

purple amethyst crystal healing pyramid

clear quartz pyramid - satin crystals healing stones

rainbow moonstone and tourmaline pyramid - satin crystals healing stones

Pyramids for Protection

 natural labradorite stone pyramid at satin crystals

natural black sheen obsidian pyramid at satin crystals

white italian onyx pyramid at satin crystals
 golden brown tigers eye stone pyramid at satin crystals
Tigers Eye

What is an Orgone Pyramid?

Orgone pyramids are another popular healing tool. Quartz and other crystals are encased in resin, along with metal, to form the pyramid. It is believed that this mixture of stones and materials helps harness the power of the pyramid, and also deflects electromagnetic pollution. 

The concern we have about Orgone pyramids is that they are not as natural as crystals, due to the heavy use of fiberglass resin. However, you can also opt to make your own Orgone Pyramid so you know exactly what is in it. 

Was a Crystal Pyramid found in the Bermuda Triangle?

There has been hype that a crystal quartz pyramid was found under the waters of the Bermuda triangle. It was believed that maybe the pyramid was the cause of the disappearance of vessels and paranormal activity. Others say this crystal is from the lost continent of Atlantis.

However, these stories are not backed by scientists. It could be a giant hoax. What do you think? Is the crystal pyramid made up to fuel supernatural stories? Or is there really a crystal quartz pyramid, and the cover-up is to deny it?

Where can I find Crystal Pyramid Healing Stones for sale?

To purchase real and natural crystal pyramids online, visit the Satin Crystals Pyramid collection or shop instantly right here: 

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