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Hematite Crystal Meaning

hematite stones and jewelryLet's learn about Hematite crystal meanings, from its geological facts to its crystal healing properties. From its deceptively gray exterior to its mirror-like shine and powder-red interior, there is a lot to uncover!

You can feel the power of Hematite not only in its substantial weight but its charismatic aura. This stone is all about circulating positive energy, refreshing your metaphysical motivation, and helping you to see the stars through the clouds.

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Watch the Hematite Video

Click to watch the Hematite Stone YouTube video. In this video, we will also go over Hematite meanings and show you examples of Hematite crystals.

This is a part of our A-Z Satin Crystals Meanings video playlist, where we answer your top 5 questions on  all of the most popular crystals. Feel free to comment directly on the video with your questions and experiences. 

What are the benefits of Hematite?

You may benefit from Hematite crystals if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You need healthy energy circulation

  • You want to filter out the negative

  • You need earth-grounding energy

  • You want to bring out your magnetic personality

  • You seek balance and stability

  • You are going through a mourning period

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hematite point and pendulum

What is Hematite?

Hematite is an mineral found worldwide comprising of 70% iron and 30% oxygen in its pure form. It is an iron oxide, also known as rust, harder than pure iron, but more brittle.

Hematite is found as a shiny black to silvery gray crystal but always has a red powder. 

The majority of red color of rocks in the world is caused by Hematite. You will find Hematite in Red Jasper, Sunstone, and Tiger Iron.

What energy does Hematite have?

Hematite is best known for its healing energies of grounding and circulation. It weighs down your etheric body to connect with your current reality. It is a stable base you may be seeking in times of chaos. It also helps circulate your chi energies for balance. 

Besides grounding and circulation, Hematite is prized for sparking charm and charisma. When you are feeling dull and mundane, use Hematite's powers to spotlight your lovable personality. It centers, relaxes, and allows you to shine. 

hematite angel, tumbled, cube, pyramids

How to use Hematite in healing?

There are many ways you can use Hematite in crystal healing. Here are a few ways to get you started. Know more? Share it with the Satin Crystals community!

  • Block unwanted energies working with Hematite cubes (they make handsome paperweights as well!)

  • Place Raw Hematite stones on and around your body in a crystal layout for grounding chaotic vibrations in your aura. 

  • Use tumbled Hematite at the base and top of the spine to help align the spinal column and balance the meridians (“energy veins” that flow through your chakras, or “energy organs”).

  • Drink a Hematite gem elixir and hold one Hematite stone in each hand when you are feeling imbalanced and out-of-sorts. 

  • Use a Hematite massage stone for blockages in the physical body.

  • Wear Hematite jewelry to bring out your natural charisma, charm, and magnetic personality. 

  • Travel with your Hematite angel and protect your life journey with spiritual energy. 

  • Dowse with a Hematite pendulum to open your mind to the ultimate truth. 

  • Work with the Protection Set to rid of negative vibes in your life. 

  • Charge your crystals, elixirs, and jewelry on Hematite slabs. 

  • Gift Hematite hearts to friends who could use a spark of joy in their lives. 

  • Place your Hematite pyramid in a highly visible spot to remind you to focus on the present moment. 

  • Hold Hematite crystal balls when you need grounding during wild psychic and channeling sessions.

Is my Hematite real or fake?

Watch our video and read the article Fooled by Fake Hematite? to determine if your Hematite is real or fake. 

It can be tricky for the untrained eye to tell if Hematite is real, so do your homework. There are so many fakes out there, so beware! 

What is Hematite used for in everyday life?

Hematite is used for the mass production of iron and steel. Hematite is an important mineral because of its worlwide abundance and high iron content at 70% iron. The iron produced when mining Hematite can be used in cars, furniture, utensils, etc. 

Because of its denseness, Hematite is used in radiation shields around medical and scientific equipment and ballasts for ships. 

Powdered Hematite is used as jewelry rouge to polish up metals like brass to a fine shine. It is used as a red pigment. 

hematite stones

What was Hematite used for historically?

In ancient times, Hematite was known as Bloodstone because of its bleeding red color. If you are looking at old texts, keep this in mind.

Here are other interesting uses of Hematite in history: 

  • Soldiers would connect Hematite with Mars, the god of war, and paint themselves with red Hematite for protection.

  • In Mesopotamia, Hematite was used as weights. You can view a frog-shaped Hematite weight in the MET Museum

  • Hematite pieces that could be shined to a glossy sheen were used as mirrors. 

  • Fine Hematite powder was historically used as a cosmetic, dye for clothing, and a paint pigment. From 40,000 year old cave paintings to Renaissance canvases, Hematite was a leading pigment used in these creations. 

  • In Victorian England, Hematite was used as mourning jewelry for its gray exterior.

magnetic hematite

Is Hematite magnetic or not?

Hematite can have no or a very weak magnetic attraction. On its own it has no magnetism, but if it has enough Magnetite, a magnetic mineral, in its composition, it may have weak magnetism.

Hematite will not pick up other metals, although it may be picked up by a stronger magnet. It will not set off a metal detector!

If you have a magnetic Hematite, it is most likely an artificial manmade stone called Hemalyke, Hematine, or Magnetic Hematite which has been created with the addition of magnetic materials like Magnetite.

How do you care for your Hematite?

Hematite is solid but brittle depending on what veins and crevices are forming in your particular stone. It should be kept out of water because of its high iron content. When exposed to water, the iron can rust and break down the stone. When making gem elixirs, always use the indirect method with Hematite. Take off your Hematite jewelry when showering, washing the dishes, swimming, or sweating. 

Keep polished Hematite out of harsh chemicals and acidic vinegar to keep its shine. Keep it away from crystals and objects that are harder than a 5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness to avoid scratching. 

Unlike Obsidian which transmutes negativity, Hematite stores it quickly and will break when there’s too much energy absorption, so cleanse it regularly. If you are looking for more tips on how to cleanse, charge, and program your Hematite metaphysically, check out the Crystal Care page.

hematite jewelry

Sheila's personal experience with Hematite

Like many of you, I was duped by Hemalyke when I first started my crystal journeys so many years ago. The market is so inundated with fake Hematite that most people don't even think to question it anymore! Once I learned the truth, I always kept an eye out for the real thing and reserved a side eye for the vendors who label the manmade Hematite as natural. 

Because of this, it has been extremely hard to find real Hematite in beads other than small chips to create jewelry for you Satin Crystals patrons. But, at least we have those! These strands of Hematite chip beads have a lot of character. 

The rough red undertone of real Hematite has always fascinated me. Being a dark stone, it's intriguing that it has a characteristic red streak. 

I am always on the lookout for real Hematite and whenever I find it, it will be waiting for you here at Satin Crystals! But, most likely not for long, as it is rare and limited...unlike Hemalyke!

Lisa's personal experience with Hematite

For many years, I was ignorant about real versus fake Hematite. Although I liked Hematine for its shiny gunmetal grey color and weightiness, I wasn't particularly attracted to this commonplace stone available a dime a dozen.

Things changed after I learned that real Hematite is different. I became attracted to this elusive and handsome mineral, which is more rugged and full of characteristics. I like the pockets of red rust and the natural lines found in real Hematite. 

My current favorite Hematite is the round charger we have at Satin Crystals. I like infusing other crystals with Earth energy and keeping the space grounded. I also have a real Hematite tumbled stone right next to me as I type. It's such a useful piece to carry around and keeps the vibe positive. We could all use the boost that Hematite provides!

Where does Hematite get its name?

Hematite gets its name from the Greek word "haimatos" which means blood red. This is because when ground up, Hematite's powder is always red. 

What is another name for Hematite?

Another name for Hematite is Alaska Black Diamond.

What are the different types of Hematite?

Watch the video to see different types of Hematite you can collect. From raw silver to earthy red rough stones, from shiny tumbled stones to carved figurines, real Hematite can be found in different shapes and formations.

Here are special forms of Hematite:

  • Iron Rose is a Hematite cluster forming in such a way that it resembles the petals of a rose. 

  • Red Ochre is a Hematite found in a reddish-brown earthy mass.

  • Specular Hematite, also known as Micaceous Hematite or Specularite, is a form of Hematite that is shiny black with glittery Mica inclusions.

  • Kidney Ore is a name for the botryoidal or bubbly formation of Hematite. 

  • Tiger Iron finds Hematite layered with Tigers Eye and Jasper. 

No matter what the form or color of the Hematite, it always has a rust-red streak when natural. 

hematite stones

What are Hematite's mineral facts?

  • Formula: Fe2O3

  • Mohs Scale of Hardness: 5-6

  • Surface Color: Black, Silver, Red

  • Streak Color (can vary from surface color, this is the color of the crystals’ powdered minerals): Rust Red

  • Group: Iron Oxide

  • Cleavage (where the crystal breaks off naturally to form a new face, parallel to its structure. This is a clean break and can cleave over and over again along the same face, retaining the crystal's structure): None

  • Fracture (where the crystal breaks randomly not on a cleavage): Conchoidal (concave clam-like break like glass)

  • Luster: Earthy or Metallic

  • Transparency: Opaque (no light goes through)

  • Crystal System: Trigonal (3 equal axis)

  • Crystal Habit: Tabular (broad and flat)

Can Hematite be found in jewelry form?

Hematite can be found in jewelry form, but it is rare. Most of the Hematite jewelry you see in the market today is made of manmade Hemalyke. This artificial stone is very similar to the structure of Hematite and hard for us to tell if it’s real or not.

Keep in mind that natural Hematite is not common. Most of the jewelry that you will find in real Hematite will have natural scratches, dents, red spots, and craters whereas Hemalyke will look almost perfect. 

Is it good to wear Hematite?

The pros of wearing Hematite jewelry are that it's a neutral color, easy to wear with any outfit, yet has a subtle shine to give you that intriguing spark.

In crystal healing terms, Hematite is good to wear for those who want to turn on the charm. It circulates stagnant energy and renews loving playfulness. 

Who cannot wear Hematite?

The cons of wearing Hematite jewelry is that it is a metallic stone so it is naturally heavy to wear. If you have raw pieces, they may naturally flake during wear. 

In crystal healing terms, Hematite may be overwhelming to wear if you menstruating or have high blood pressure. In other words, if your circulation is on overdrive, it may not be the right time to wear your Hematite jewelry. 

woman wearing hematite jewelry

Should you wear Hematite on your left or right hand?

At Satin Crystals, we believe that as long as the crystal is in your aura, it will be providing you with positive benefits. That being said, some people like to wear jewelry according to their dominant vs non-dominant hands. Read more about the different energies this provides in the Ultimate Bracelet Guide

Do Hematite rings break from negative energy?

Keep in mind that most Hematite rings on the market are Hematine, a manmade substitute. These can break easily regardless of energy. 

If you have a real Hematite ring and want to know the meaning of breaks, visit Broken Crystal Meanings

What is Specular Hematite?

Specular Hematite, or Specularite, is a glittery version of Hematite. The surface of the crystal sparkles with shiny mineral flakes of Hematite, which are often confused with Mica flakes. 

Because it crumbles, it is hard to test the mineral for authenticity. Specularite is mesmerizing to look at but extremely flakey, so handle it with care!

Beware that some vendors will sell you slabs of Specular Hematite encased in resin. They do not naturally grow in shiny slabs. These lacquered pieces are fine as long as you know what you are buying!

What is Rainbow Hematite?

Rainbow Hematite is a Hematite showing a multicolor sheen. It is not a well-known stone and there are a lot of fakes out there. Sellers may coat their man-made Hematine in metals like Titanium to pass them off as Rainbow Hematite.

Read more in Iridescence in Metamorphic Rainbow Hematite

woman holding hematite

Magical Incantation of Hematite

This is a message from Hematite from Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski's book "Crystal Therapy":

"Embodied in my weighty form is a direct link to feelings of stability and security, and it's my honor to escort you as you explore new levels of self-understanding. By mirroring the beauty and burdens of each individual, I become a catalyst of  choice so that you and I can expose any layers of negative residue you may have. We prepare them for clearing and introduce happiness by increasing optimism, risk taking, and willpower. As you shift your perspective, relinquishing control and increasing your trust will build up your personal magnetism. In addition, the release process can improve your sleep patterns, relieve health concerns, and have a calming effect on your personal and business environments."

How do you meditate with Hematite?

To meditate with your Hematite crystals, program them for your intention. Hold, wear, and surround yourself with the stones during your meditation. 

Need help meditating? We have recorded a Guided Hematite Meditation for you to follow along. 

What chakra is Hematite for?

Hematite is associated with the Root chakra. Not only does it have the dark outward appearance, but it has the red tones that vibrate perfectly with this physical-energy vortex. 

To learn more about crystals and your chakras, visit the Chakra Guide

How does Hematite protect you?

While Hematite is not the most popular protection stone, it can be programmed for this intention. It can be used to deflect unwanted energies from your space. You can also work with this crystal to align your thoughts to positive vibrations, thus protecting you from a downward spiral into negativity.

Learn more in Hematite Protects from the Ground Up 


What is the difference between Hematite and Magnetite?

Hematite and Magnetite are often confused because they are both dark metallic stones and can both form together. However, Magnetite has a higher iron content and is more magnetic than Hematite which may or may not be weakly magnetic. Magnetite has a black streak and Hematite has a red streak. 

If the two stones are forming together, they may be referred to as Maghematite. 

hematite stones and jewelry

How is Hematite formed?

Hematite is formed in the presence of water or as a result of volcanic activity.

In the first method, Hematite is formed when iron is exposed to oxygen and water. This leads to deposits of Hematite where water is or was present. 

In the second method, Hematite is formed after lava cools and the iron within oxidizes. 

What's Hematite doing on Mars?

In 1998, the Mars Global Surveyor spotted Hematite forming near the planet's equator. Since then there has been additional research to determine how these Hematite concretions came to be on the planet covered in red dust. 

"According to the researchers, the presence of hydrohematite on Mars would provide additional evidence that Mars was once a watery planet, and water is the one compound necessary for all life forms on Earth." Read more in the article titled Earthly rocks point way to water hidden on Mars.

And Hematite's reach is not contained to just Earth and Mars, it is mysteriously being found on the Moon and asteroids. More data is needed and more studies are coming in the next NASA missions in 2024. 

Do Moqui Marbles contain Hematite?

Moqui Marbles, found in the Navajo Desert of the United States, are natural stone formations consisting of a chocolate-colored rock with an iron oxide concretion encompassing a Sandstone center and a hardened shell of reddish-brown Hematite. Learn more about Moqui Marbles.

Can Hematite be found in Quartz?

Hematite inclusions can be found naturally in Quartz crystals. When Hematite is included within Clear or Smoky Quartz, it is known as Hematoid, Fire, or Harlequin Quartz and gives the stone a pink, red, or yellow color. Note that there may be other mineral inclusions in combination with Hematite. 

What are Hematite tubes?

The discover of Hematite tube fossils in Canada have sparked a debate among scientifics to the possibility that they were the first organisms on Earth.  

Scientists recently found evidence of ancient lifeforms in rocks in Canada. Within these fossils were tiny tubes of a mineral called hematite, a form of iron. The researchers believe these tubes are relics of an ancient form of microbial life that lived near hydrothermal vents. - Live Science

hematite dogs and raw stone

Is Hematite Toxic?

Hematite has a low toxicity level. Polished Hematite stones and jewelry pose no threat to consumers. When working with Hematite in a lapidary setting, always wear protective gear to avoid inhalation of the dust. 

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