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Hematite Tumbled Stone Set 50 Mini

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If you want protection on the go, this Hematite tumbled stone set is your perfect pick. 50 glistening Hematite gemstones can be used in any way you desire. Carry some in your pocket to feel protected against the big bad vibes of this world. Use others to form grids ensuring excellent Feng Shui. Get the Hematite tumbled stones just for yourself or share them gladly with others.

0.25-0.75 inches (6-19mm)

Hematite is a stone of charisma, bringing out your magnetic personality. It is known for circulating energy through your aura and enhancing your protective shield. Read more about Hematite.

Your new stones are tumbled from natural and untreated Hematite. These are dark metallic stones with organic veins and inclusions. Each stone is unique.