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Iolite Pyramid Wealth Victory Blue Abundance Stone

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Size: 1.0-1.25 inch

Channel wealth and victory with the power of this Iolite pyramid. Your indigo-blue crystal vacuums universal abundance from the spiritual realm and delivers it right down to the material realm. If you're going to live a life on earth, why not choose the good life?

Iolite is a visionary stone that clears your thoughts and opens your mind. It is a financial advisor crystal, pointing you toward a life of prosperous opportunity.

Your new pyramid is polished from natural and untreated Iolite from India. This is a deep blue/indigo stone with crackly veins and white patches.  Each stone differs; retaining natural pits, grooves, veins, and inclusions. As a hand-polished piece, the edges will not be machine-perfect. Pyramids are measured by width; height will vary.