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New Moon Jewelry for October & November 2022

two women wearing moldavite necklacesDear Friends,

New jewelry is always in season. But if you are looking for a special reason to shop: I'll give you two! The New Moon debuts on October 25th AND it's a solar eclipse. Just imagine what you can manifest with all that sun-moon-earth energy!

This month, I'm presenting you with 10 of our finest new arrivals. Capture the essence of the cosmic skies through these celestial gemstones. These designer jewels are my special pick for the New Moon lunar cycle of October 25th to November 23rd, 2022.

Tell me, what magic will you manifest?

Your friend,
Lisa Satin

10 New Arrival Jewelry for New Moon Solar Eclipse

Look at these 10 celestial jewels. We've searched from the highest skies to the core of the earth to bring you these natural treasures...

From the Stars...

#1 Moldavite Constellation Lyra 5-Star Pendant

When you put on this Moldavite pendant, your stars align. Love, luck, and manifestation are written in your name. The gorgeous sterling silver jewel features 5 real sparkling green Moldavite gems. It pairs perfectly with the Moldavite Lyra ring.

#2 Moldavite Cosmic Window of Wisdom Necklace

This Moldavite Necklace is your cosmic window of wisdom. Awaken your mind to deep spiritual revelation. The meteoric necklace features a raw Moldavite window gateway to different dimensions. 

From the Sun...

#3 Citrine Wonderful World Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Welcome to my wonderful world! When you wear these sparkling Citrine stud earrings, you open up your aura to positive vibrations. The faceted yellow gems accentuate your happy sides.

#4 Opal Sun Goddess Mawu Ethiopian Fire Necklace

This elite Ethiopian Fire Opal necklace channels the African sun goddess Mawu. Feel your inner fire light up when you wear the striking rainbow jewel. Your outer beauty is overshadowed by none.

From the Heavens...

#5 Clear Quartz Time Traveler's Hexagon Crystal Pendant 

Defy time by wearing this magical Clear Quartz hexagon pendant. The real crystal is your gateway to time travel and astral journeying. When you put on the sacred stone, you see the universe in a different light.

#6 Apatite My Healthy Heavenly Inspiration Blue Pendant 

These chunky Reiki Clear Quartz points are exactly what you need for This attractive Apatite pendant is your healthy inspiration crystal. Wear the blue gemstone at your center and feel motivated to be the best version of yourself. Get your routine in order, mental state rejuvenated, and life path aligned.

From the Earth...

#7 Peridot Twinkle of Elegance Spring Green Earrings

Add a twinkle of elegance to your style by wearing these real Peridot earrings. You sparkle with the air of a gorgeous spring day. The faceted green gemstones bring a shine to your personality that influences everyone who crosses your path.

#8 Topaz Sterling Silver Personality Stud Earrings

Show off your sterling personality through these gemstone Topaz earrings. The faceted oval crystals make a shimmering statement that matches every outfit and affair. Your Topaz silver stud earrings are the perfect fit. 

#9Tigers Eye Glisten of Golden Tigress Faceted Bracelet 

The golden tigress glistens through this finely faceted Tigers Eye bracelet. Gain her powers and prowess through the gorgeous gemstone beads. With the Tiger's Eye bracelet around your wrist, you look like the leader of these lands.

#10 Lava Volcano God's Black Protection Bracelet 

Summon the protective Volcano God through your real Lava bracelet. Every time you wear these black magma beads, you feel powerful, protected, and full of physical allure. The healing Lava bracelet is for you. 

Manifesting More...

Have you used crystal healing during a New Moon? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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