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New Moon Arrival Crystals for August & September 2022

lepidolite raw, jasper necklaces, selenite pyramids, new moonDear Friends,

The New Moon of August 27, 2022 is a special event. It is the final New Moon of summer. You can benefit while the going is hot! 

You are here because spiritual evolution is valuable. You develop skills daily, fine-tuning Earthly talents and intuitive abilities. Crystals help you on the journey of self-improvement.

For the New Moon cycle of August 27 to September 25, 2022 you could use an infusion of fresh energy. These new arrival crystals and jewelry will inspire you.

 -Lisa Satin

20 New Arrivals for the New Moon

Check out these brand new gems and jewelry that will accentuate your shiny personality this August and September.

Raw and Real!

#1 Hematite Cluster Reality Check! Protective Crystal

This Hematite Cluster is the reality check stone you need! When you're drifting, daydreaming, or drowning in your thoughts and emotions- the Hematite crystal brings you back to the present moment. Feel strong, and feel real with Hematite to protect you.

#2 Moldavite Tektite Wise Porcupine Sculpted Gem

When you search the skies for Moldavite, you want the best of the best. Ancient, wise, real, and rare Porcupine Moldavite delivers you a spiritual experience deeper than space itself. Naturally sculpted Porcupine Moldavite is top of its class, the shining star of Tektites. 

Rings that Bling!

#3 Kunzite Ring Love is Spiritual Pink 

Love in its purest form is a spiritual blessing. This serene pink Kunzite ring represents the most meaningful kind of love. When you wear this golden-framed gemstone, you transcend into a state of emotional joy.

#4 Rainbow Moonstone Ring Drop of Diana 

Moon Goddess Diana wields her beauty and power through this Rainbow Moonstone ring. When you put on the golden jewel, you feel a drop of moonlight touch your soul. Be forever connected to the mysterious moon.

#5 Emerald Ring Gold Green My Scene 

Back in stock! Gold and green are your scene, and this Emerald ring fits your style. You are a lover of luxury, an admirer of abundance. The Emerald gem is featured in a glistening adjustable gold ban, screaming of opulence. 

Sets that Impress

#6 Obsidian Set Earth's Wrath

Feel the wrath of Earth rumble through your protective Black Obsidian crystal set. The raw volcanic gems scare away bad forces.   

#7 Hematite Set Silver Superpowers 

Stunningly silver and full of superpowers, this Hematite Raw Crystal set is a catch. Gain the protective energy of Hematite now.  

#8 Hematite Set I Rule with Iron 

Rule your life with an Iron Ore fist. This set of 7 Hematite Raw Crystals stirs up the planet's core and delivers power into your hand. 

#9 Lepidolite Set Glitter Rough

This Lepidolite Raw set shows you how to find glitter in the rough. No matter how tough your life is, the gems reveal a spiritual lining. 

Necklaces I Love!

#10 Obsidian Necklace Kwan Yin Goddess 

This Black Obsidian Kwan Yin necklace is both stunning and protective. Feel goddess Kwan Yin's blessings around your essence each time you wear the divine jewel. The artisan craft pendant is a symbol of harmony.   

#11 Red Jasper Necklace Caveman Fire 

Back in Stock! This Red Jasper necklace is as raw as a caveman's fire. Radiating with Fire element energy, the natural gemstone gets your wheels turning. Wear it to gain a burst of inspiration and a stone of manifestation.  

#12 Obsidian Necklace Dorje Wand 

There's darkness in the world yet you are protected from it when you wear this Black Obsidian Dorje necklace. The sacred Tibetan wand is a guardian of the dark door. It keeps negative influences locked away forever.

Pyramid Power!

#13 Selenite Pyramid Catcher of White Moonbeams

What would it feel like to catch moonbeams in your hand? This white Selenite pyramid channels the healing light of the moon down to your world. Illuminate your space and your spirit with the divine energy of the Selenite Pyramid. 

#14 Iolite Pyramid Wealth and Victory Blue Universe

Channel wealth and victory with the power of this Iolite pyramid. Your indigo blue crystal vacuums universal abundance from the spiritual realm and delivers it right down to the material realm. Choose the good life with Iolite.

Tumbles that Rumble!

#15 Lapis Stones Third Eye Awakening 

Let your Third Eye awaken like a flower in bloom. These Lapis Lazuli tumbled stones open you to a world of visions and spiritual insight. 

#16 Ruby Stones Royal Riches Red Gem

Enjoy royal riches with the elite energy of this Ruby tumbled stone set. The purplish red precious gems infuse love and luxury into your daily agenda. 

#17 Sapphire Stone Set Aristocratic Blue 

The status of your soul is as aristocratic as precious blue Sapphire. These rare gemstones keep you vibrating high. You are worthy and eloquent.

#18 Onyx Stones A Good Fight Black White 

You don't want to fight except if it's a good fight. These black and white Onyx tumbled stones encourage you to stand up for what's right and turn down evil. 

#19 Malachite Stones Drama Healing 

These gorgeous Malachite Tumbled Stones dig deep into your psyche to discard underlying drama. Make a shiny green mandala of healing with Malachite.

#20 Sardonyx Stones Brown Ox Strength

These Sardonyx tumbled stones bring you the strength of the ox in a glossy beautiful form. The banded brown gems glisten with light and protective energy. 

Manifesting More...

Have you used crystal healing during a New Moon? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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Lisa Satin - August 29, 2022

Hello Charles,

When, where, and how often you recharge crystal is a personal choice. If you feel the energy has shifted and you have new goals then it doesn’t hurt to recharge the stones immediately or wait until the full moon.

Here is an article that answers your questions:

We wish you a successful manifestation journey.

Sincerely, Lisa Satin

Charles - August 29, 2022

I have a rainforest jasper/rhyolite crystal that I purchased and charged in Hawaii while on vacation. We are now back in New Mexico and I was wondering if I needed to cleanse and recharge this crystal for its new location.?
Should I wait for the next full moon or what can I do in the meantime to cleanse it? I wear it as jewelry as a necklace pendant.

Thanks for any insight, Charles

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