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Free USA shipping on Orders $55+

NWA Chondrite Meteorites for Out-of-this-World Dads

north west african chondrite meteorites in suspension display boxes for sale at satin crystals

It's time to gift the Father figure in your life, but Dad already has everything under the sun. Have you ran out of original ideas? Satin Crystals has just the answer... NWA Chondrite Meteorites for a Dad who is out-of-this-world incredible!


NWA Chondrite H-Class vs L-Class

The NWA Chondrite comes in H or L varieties, both of which landed in mystical Morocco. Either way you choose, you are bringing home impressive history!

  • The H Meteorites have high iron content, and came to Earth eons ago via the Asteroid 6 Hebe of our Asteroid Belt.

  • The L Meteorites have low iron content, and originated from the Ordovician Meteor Event that happened 467,500,000 years ago.  

Dad can show off the galactic trinket to all his friends and boast about what a great child you are. He may display it in his home or office as a conversation starter.

The zero-gravity leatherette shadow box ensures that the alien gemstone remains secure and preserved as the master prize of his collection.


Metaphysical Meteorites

If Dad is into metaphysics, he may be happy to learn that Meteorite space stones help him connect to the energy of the universe. NWA Chondrite makes a powerful tool in astral travel meditations. It will take him on an exciting journey of exploration across time and space when held in meditation or contemplation.

Gift Worthy Suspension Boxes

Skip the tacky tie and secure for Dad one of our elite, limited-edition North West African Chondrites that now come in gift-ready suspension boxes. With a click of a finger, your Father's Day Woes become Father's Day Wows.

So now that you've stumbled upon this ancient treasure, wash away your Father gifting fears and order NWA today. 

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