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What is Beyond Labradorite? New gem discovery!

hand holding beyond labradorite ballThis 2020 discovery will rock your world. Beyond Labradorite balls contain 3 magic minerals that awaken your soul to something special.

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New 2020 gemstone discovery

A brand new discovery has been made and it is called Beyond Labradorite. This potent mineral gives you the superpowers of Labradorite, Black Tourmaline, and Magnetite.

The stunning trio is everything you want in a protection sphere. Tourmaline repels outside negativity, Labradorite replaces your destructive for healthy thoughts, and Magnetite attracts positive energy. Be the first in the world to gain from this breathtaking Beyond Labradorite crystal ball.

What is Beyond Labradorite?

Beyond Labradorite is a 2020 discovery unearthed in spiritual India. Satin Crystals is one of the first to offer Beyond Labradorite, thanks to our Indian family friends and crystal connections. 

Beyond Labradorite is a rare, raw, and rugged Black Tourmaline that houses Labradorite crystals showing blue flashes. The presence of Magnetite gives it a slightly magnetic quality. Your special piece may have additional mineral inclusions as well!

Crystals Balls and Beyond

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Sheila Satin - November 22, 2020

Thank you for the high compliments, Deana, it makes our day :)

If you have any crystal questions, just email!

Sheila Satin

Deana - November 22, 2020

I love crystals and how they can do so much good for one’s mind and body. I didn’t know that they could do more! XD
Your website is a pleasure. Thank you.

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