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Crown Chakra Crystal Healing

sheila of satin crystals dressed in purple holding a fluorite tower at her crown chakra

Congratulations! You've made to the top of the ladder, the cream of the crop, the highest realm of your chakra system. Here you will connect with your spiritual self, and everything will fall into place as you achieve balance in all the seven chakras. 

In this Crown chakra guide, you discover the healing crystals, rituals, and powerful practices that provide lasting benefits for your metaphysical life. 

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How can the Crown chakra benefit you?

When your Crown chakra is open, you will feel: 

  • Physically and spiritually balanced

  • Connected to Universal energy

  • Like a successful human being

  • Peaceful and grateful

  • Happy with your circumstances

  • Spiritually awakened

  • Surrounded by abundance

sheila of satin crystals holding up an amethyst geode and purple amethyst cluster heart for the crown chakra

What is the Crown Chakra?

The Crown chakra is your body's spiritual mecca. Whereas your ideas and innovations come through the Third Eye chakra, your intuitions and spiritual inspirations are received through the Crown chakra. 

This is your seventh out of seven major chakras. In Sanskrit, the Crown chakra is called Sahasrara and is symbolized by a circle surrounded by a thousand petals.

It is connected to the element of Ether. This isn't an element in itself, but just like the Crown chakra, this is an indescribable force related to the collective consciousness, the Cosmic Oneness, and your spiritual awakening. 

crown chakra crystals and flowers

What is the meaning of the Crown chakra?

The Crown chakra is a two-way antenna. You receive spiritual inspiration and you emit your desires into the Universe. It is all about intentions, manifestation, and the Law of Attraction. 

Emitting your message into the Great Universal Matrix requires a free-flowing chakra. When your intention is clear and your desire is strong, your Crown chakra is open to receive the answers to your messages. 

The Crown chakra is your direct line to your Higher Self. In the spirit world, your potential is unlimited. This is the energy you want to bring down to your physical life. 

sheila of satin crystals dressed in purple holding purple and white flowers at her crown chakra

Why do you need to balance the Crown chakra?

You need to balance your Crown chakra so that you are living a well-rounded life. Instead of living day-by-day in a meaningless routine, you want to connect with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and Guardian Angels. 

The magic in the world thrives in a world just beyond your physical eyes. In the realm of emotions, feelings, hopes, and dreams, live all of the elusive sensations that words can not define. 

That being said, these words you are reading now can never accurately describe the miracle of an open Crown chakra. But, once you do open yours, you will have an inner knowing that you are on the right path. 

What is the right path? The one that makes you happy at the soul level. It is different for each person. When your Crown chakra is open and healthy, you float through life with ease. 

This chakra is your crowning glory. When balanced, you are the definition of human perfection, aligned with your physical and spiritual self.

What causes Crown chakra imbalance?

Like the rest of us, you were born with a path and a purpose. In childhood, you lived with eyes wide open, imagination free, and possibilities limitless. As you became distracted with the physical world, your connection with your spiritual self faded. 

Human life is a fast and hard lesson for the soul. You come to earth seeking challenges. Once you overcome the obstacles, your soul evolves. 

When you are not mentally prepared for the challenges of human life, your Crown chakra becomes derailed. You lose your connection with the spirit guides and guardian angels who whisper directions and send positive signs to remind you of your path. 

sheila of satin crystals holding up two white scolecite domes
What happens if your Crown chakra is blocked?

If your Crown chakra is blocked, you have fallen into the lure of ego, temptation, and negativity. Instead of receiving the constant flow of Universal guidance, you have stopped listening to your Higher Self. You are ruled by ego. 

The mentally and emotionally charged ego can drive you to greed, arrogance, fear, doubt, and anger. You feel like everything is a competition and you want to be better than others. You fall into a pit of pessimism and feel that no matter what you do, the world is against you. 

A closed Crown chakra may leave you feeling lost like life has no purpose. You have no connection with humanity nor spirituality. This feeling can lead to depression or sinister actions.

hand holding purple fluorite tower and flowers

How do you know when your Crown chakra is open?

You know when your Crown chakra is open when your life is stress-free, drama-free, and carefree. You are on the right path in your life, instead of challenges, you see yourself collecting important lessons left and right. 

You enjoy material goods, but you are not attached to them. You are happy no matter what you have in your life. You can find the good in every situation. 

With a balanced Crown chakra, you are secure in your abilities. You do not rely on others to make you happy. You are focused on your own life. You attract positive people into your life because of the positive energy you radiate through your aura. 

When your Crown chakra flows free, you create the life you want to live. You have direct access to the abundance of the Universe. You are not limited by your ego's doubts. 

What is the color of the Crown chakra?

The Crown chakra vibrates with the top color of the rainbow, purple. It combines the earthy red of the Root chakra and the transcendent blue of your upper chakras. 

You can choose to work with any shade of purple gemstone at the Crown chakra. You could also choose solid white or clear stones for this chakra. 

sheila of satin crystals dressed in purple holding two quartz wands at her crown chakra

Where is the Crown chakra located?

Unlike most other chakras that spin horizontally, this one flows vertically like the Root chakra. Whereas the Root chakra receives energy through the earth, the Crown chakra receives energy from the spirit world.

The energy of the Crown chakra enters and exits from the top of the head. The top of the head serves as an antenna between the spiritual and physical worlds.

What crystals are good for the Crown chakra?

Although opening the Crown chakra can be done with your mental powers alone, crystals help the process. It provides you with a physical tool to assist you in your energy balancing quest.

Let's keep the Crown chakra open by surrounding it with the spiritual energy of corresponding crystals that vibrate with your Higher Self. Crown chakra crystals help keep you focused on the bigger picture and meaning of life. 

Here is a list of top healing stones good for the Crown chakra: 

purple amethyst sphere - crystal healing meaningsAmethyst is well known and loved around the world. It is prized for being a very spiritual crystal, activating and opening the Crown chakra to align you with universal energy. Amethyst helps you find meaning in your life. 


natural purple and black charoite stone sphere - satin crystals meanings
Charoite is called a 'stone of transformation' because it transforms negative emotions, such as anger and fear, into positive feelings. As a part of the transformation process, it releases those negative emotions, so you can move forward in balanced bliss. 

fluorite sphereFluorite provides you with the focus and concentration you need when meditating and accessing the spiritual realms. You don't want to be distracted by earthly thoughts. Choose a rich purple Fluorite and strengthen your Crown chakra today. 

Howlite Sphere
Howlite helps you stay on your true path. The Crown chakra is all about meeting your life goals, and this pure white stone has gray destiny lines to steer you in the right direction. Use Howlite when you are feeling lost in the world. 


natural clear quartz stone ball - satin crystals meanings
Quartz is the Master Healer, encompassing all positive energies and bringing health to all aspects of life. Choose clear Quartz when you are seeking spiritual clarity. With this stone, you can open your Crown chakra to a world beyond your physical eyes. 


white selenite sphere
Selenite holds the power of Selene, the Moon Goddess. She radiates with an inner light only known to the spiritual world. Harness this magnificent energy with your Selenite crystals and watch the rays of your Crown chakra shine. 


natural purple and black sugilite stone - satin crystals meanings
Sugilite intertwines your heart with your head. Its purple feathers hug you in spiritual love. Use this attractive gemstone when you are on a quest to master forgiveness and unconditional love.

quartz and selenite crystalsHow do you open the Crown chakra with crystals?

Once you have collected your desired Crown chakra crystals, you'll need to know how to use them.

With crystals in hand you can: 

  • Visualize your Crown chakra like a ball of purple-colored light. Imagine the light getting stronger and stronger as the crystals infuse the chakra with strength. 

  • Have your manifestation desires in mind and broadcast them out through your Crown chakra with the power of your thoughts. Imagine the manifestations vibrating from the top of your head out to space and beyond until they reach the source of Universal Oneness. Imagine them being successfully processed and sent back to you as packets of actionable goals. 

Here are some practical ideas on how to use the crystals: 

  • Lie down and place the crystals at the top of your head

  • Meditate with a Crown chakra sphere in your hands

  • Use Crown chakra massage stones and massage your scalp

  • Place Crown chakra tumbled stones in your pockets for everyday energy

  • Surround yourself with Crown chakra stones to make a crystal grid

  • Drink a Crown chakra gem elixir 

  • Bathe in water infused with Crown chakra stones, or have them surrounding your tub

  • Swing an Amethyst pendulum to put you in a state of self-hypnosis

  • Place Crown chakra pyramids at your desk to remind you to balance work and spirituality

  • Decorate your home with Crown chakra figurines to connect with your spirit animals

sheila of satin crystals with an amethyst heart at her crown chakra

How can you strengthen your Crown chakra?

Alongside your healing crystals, there are many other ways to keep your Crown chakra balanced. Have your gemstones by your side while engaging in other spiritual exercises like: 

  • Prayers and Manifestations. Send out your desires to God or the Universe daily.

  • Aromatherapy. Apply citrus essential oils like sage, lavender, or juniper to clear the Crown chakra. Consider using essential oil diffuser crystals for this purpose. 

  • Poses. Do Specific tai chi, qi gong, and yoga asana poses to balance the Crown chakra. 

  • Meditation. This is is the ultimate activator of the Crown chakra.  When in deep meditation, you let go of the ego, physical sensations, and mental distractions. 

  • Wellness retreat. Escape the daily grind by attending a yoga retreat, meditation course, bodywork rebalancing, silent meditation, or just take a long and quiet walk through nature. 

  • Mindful breathing. Techniques like holotropic breathwork are especially helpful in connecting your physical self to your spiritual side. Imagine a lotus at your Crown chakra, extending out in a thousand petals of light. 

  • See a professional. Work on releasing your Crown chakra blockages with a crystal healer, spiritual hypnotherapist, or a clinical psychologist. 

sheila of satin crystals with a white quartz cluster at her crown chakra

How should I wear Crown chakra jewelry?

If you are not actively engaged in a crystal healing session, but you want the benefits of Crown chakra crystals with you throughout your day, consider wearing purple, white, or clear gemstone jewelry.

Here are some ideas for wearing Crown chakra jewelry: 

  • Wear Crown chakra earrings 

  • Write down your manifestation desires on slips of paper and include them in your Crown chakra cage jewelry

  • Secure Crown chakra crystals to the top of your hat, headband, or bandana

  • Wear Crown chakra hair accessories like clips, extensions, or crowns

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sheila of satin crystals holding up a clear quartz sphere

Sheila's personal experiences with the Crown chakra

Having worked in the metaphysical field for most of my life, you can imagine that I have a lot of experiences with the Crown chakra. We'll save the novel for another time, and I'll relate to you my most powerful spiritual memory. 

This occurred a few decades ago when my sister, Lisa, and I were taking spiritual hypnosis classes from our later father, Sunny Satin, at his institute in New Delhi, India. Our homework was to practice hypnotherapy sessions on one another. So, I grabbed a Clear Quartz sphere that I had intentionally programmed for the session, and off we went. 

I remember going into a deep trance as my sister counted me down into hypnosis. I remember my mind floating up to the spiritual realms. I remember it being hard to speak because I was so far away from my physical body. 

When she asked me who I had "met", I told her "Joy". Having just learned about evil spirit attachments, she told me later that she got scared and was about to run down and get help!

But then I explained to her that Joy was my Higher Self. It was very hard to explain the radiant feelings, but "joy" seemed to encompass it the best I could in human terms.

I will never forget this experience. And now I have a physical association with "Joy", thanks to the Quartz sphere. Whenever I hold a Quartz sphere or even just gaze at it, I am linked to my Higher Self. You could do the same!   

rainbow quartz tower points and flowers

Lisa's personal experiences with the Crown chakra

My favorite personal experience with Crown chakra crystals was when I hosted guided meditation groups. I remember the first time I attempted a guided meditation, I didn't prepare at all because I didn't know how! It was so satisfying and surprising to just close my eyes and watch the words flow- just channel them out effortlessly for the group. After that first meeting, the group began to grow in number over the years.

We covered almost every topic and certainly the Crown chakra spiritual themes. It was so much fun to use stones like Amethyst, Lepidolite, Selenite, and Quartz to take journeys into the astral realm. Guiding the group to meet their spirit guides, angels, and extra beings was a powerful experience for all involved. We would then discuss our findings.

Along with using all the Crown chakra crystals mentioned in this article, another incredible mineral that you shouldn't overlook are Meteorites. Space rocks like Moldavite, Tektite, Libyan Desert Glass, and Geo-Guenie give you a direct connection to the cosmos. Born from alien material, they are absolutely the best crystals to work with when you want to connect to the great beyond. I just love Meteorites and all the spiritual Crown chakra stones that bless us here on Earth.

hands holding a fluorite tower and howlite tower
What is the mantra for the Crown chakra?

If you are doing manifestation work at the Crown chakra, here are some positive affirmations to get you started. Chant these mantras to attract your desires: 

  • I am a spiritual being having a physical experience

  • I have a great relationship with my Higher Self

  • I am balanced in body, mind, and soul

  • I find happiness from within myself

  • The Law of Attraction works flawlessly

  • My mind is open to all possibilities

  • I enjoy the material world without attachments

Learn How to write your own Mantras

What food is good for the Crown chakra?

Eat natural purple or white foods to activate the Crown chakra. You could choose eggplants, daikon, grapes, mushrooms, coconut, or parsnips.

You want to eat anything that makes you feel happy and light after the meal. This will balance the weight of your body with your Crown chakra's access to your cosmic self. 

What note is the Crown chakra?

Every chakra vibrates at a specific frequency. The Crown chakra vibrates at 768 Hz or the musical note G. At this vibration, you can align the Throat chakra to flow open.

Use tuning forks, musical instruments, and singing bowls specific to the Crown chakra's note to balance this area. 

sheila of satin crystals holding an amethyst geode at her crown chakra

Your Chakra Progress

You've done it! You have reached the top of the chakra chain. Need to revisit some of the lower chakras? 

Here are additional reference guides for your chakra opening journeys: 

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Do you have stories on how you opened your Crown chakra with crystals? Do you have a favorite crystal to use for spirituality?

We would love to hear your comments, questions, and experiences with chakras and crystals. Write to us below and either Sheila or Lisa will get back to you.