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How to use Crystal Wands

purple chevron amethyst tower wand for crystal healing Are you wondering how to use your crystal wand? Here is a brief overview of crystal healing wands - aura wands, generators, massage wands, raw wands, and wood wands.

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How to use Crystal Aura Wands

Aura wands are polished and faceted from one piece of natural stone. They are attached with a pointed tip to transmit focused energy and a rounded end to receive universal energy. Some wands are wrapped in silver to enhance the crystal's energies and may be set with Garnets, the stone of ultimate health, or chakra stones. 

Two main ways to use a Crystal Aura Wand:

1. Cleansing your Client’s Aura

Maintaining a clean energy body is a vital part of healthy living.  If your clients have never had an aura cleaning before, make sure to inform them that some negative feelings or emotions may be stirred up to the surface. However, the emotional energies will be cleared out of their aura within a few days, and then they will feel a lot better. Aura cleansing can be done as often as desired. 

Aura Wands can be used to clean the aura of a friend or client.  Your client may be lying down or standing up for this procedure. Find someone else to clean your aura for you because doing it yourself is not as effective; it would be like giving yourself a massage, it's just not as relaxing. 

  • Hold the wand sideways in your giving hand (right hand if you are right-handed and vice versa).

  • Focus your intent to clean your client’s aura. Your client should be relaxed and breathing properly.

  • Scan the aura field up and down slowly, sweeping away negative energy. Make sure to scan the front, back, and sides of your client, as the aura surrounds the entire body up to 3 feet from the physical body.

  • Repeat until the energy is clean. This can be done at least one time with a large Aura Wand and at least 3 times with a small Aura Wand.

  • Your client may feel physical, mental, or emotional sensations during their crystal healing session. Many people have compared the use of our Aura Wands to ‘vacuuming away of dirty energy’ whereas other cleansing methods, like Reiki, feel only like ‘sweeping away’ of negative energy.  This is because crystals can intensify human energies hundreds of times. 

2. Cleansing and Activating your Chakras

Clear Quartz Aura wands are also designed for you to clean all of your own chakras using the sun's energy.  Other crystals work specifically on certain chakras, but Quartz is an all-purpose stone. 

  • Simply, go out into the morning sun (when it’s not too bright nor blinding).

  • Point the tip of the aura wand to your third eye (not touching the skin) and the sphere-end towards the sun. 

  • Close your eyes and allow the sun's energy to shine through the ball end.

  • As the sunlight enters and travels through the crystal, the energy is polarized through the clear Quartz wand into the seven colors of the chakras. The spectrum of the sun corresponds with the colors of your chakras, and each ray will clean and re-energize the corresponding chakra. 

  • This may be done for 5-10 minutes a day, for as many or as few days as you like.

It is still recommended that you have a crystal healer or a friend use a generator to open your chakras if they are severely blocked. 

    How to use Crystal Generator Wands

    Generators are wands faceted from solid crystal with a sharp tip and a smooth base.

    Generator tips can be used for reflexology, acupressure, and focusing energy.

    Generator bottoms can be used for massage and collecting universal energy.

    • Hold the generator wand in your giving hand (right hand if you are right-handed and vice versa).

    • Clear your mind of distracting thoughts and open up to universal healing energy. Ask your client to do the same.

    • Move the tip of the generator wand 2 to 3 inches over the client’s chakra in a clockwise motion for 2-5 minutes per chakra, until the energy moves freely.  

    Again, it is important for all of us to have our chakras balanced so that we will be balanced in life. If your clients have never had a chakra cleaning before, make sure they are away that negative feelings or emotions that may arise. These unbalanced feelings should clear within a few days. Chakra cleansing can be done as often as desired. 

    Generator wands can be used to cleanse the aura of a friend or client, but not for you to do on yourself (consider it as a self-massage; it’s just not as effective!). Have a friend work on you, or use a clear Quartz generator to work on your own chakras using sun energy as instructed above. However, you can use the generator wand in your own crystal grids, crystal layouts, meditations, and manifestation practices.

    The tip of the generator wand receives universal energy that is stored in the body. When you touch the crystal, it becomes polarized, and energy is emitted through the tip.

    While Quartz generators are effective on each chakra equally, other crystal generators work specifically and powerfully on certain chakras.

    To determine which of your client’s chakras is open or closed, you will use a crystal pendulum.

    Hold or have a piece of Rainbow Obsidian near you while opening energies. Rainbow Obsidian is the best crystal to protect your aura from absorbing your client's negative energies. 

    How to use Crystal Massage Wands

    Massage wands come in a variety of crystals. They are solid and firm for massage directly on the physical body. This crystal stimulation benefits the physical body, releasing any tension and putting in the soothing energy of the crystal.

    With tapered massage wands, you can use the smaller end for more intensity and the larger end for more relaxation. Harder massage wands may be used with massage oils (softer stones will dissolve). Massage wands are great for self-massage and massage on others. 


    How to use Raw Crystal Wands

    Raw Crystal Wands harness the power of the natural universe. Coming straight from the earth, unaltered, they contain the healing energies of our world.

    Use these rough stone wands in energy healing, massage, or emit beneficial energies throughout an area of your home. You can also do manifestation work with these wands, and feel the power of the Earth speaking through your hands. 

    How to use Wood Wands

    Wood wands are created from fallen branches. These are gifts from Mother Nature and thus they are excellent for grounding energies. The branches are whittled and sanded and may be set with crystals and other natural elements to enhance healing. The wood handle may be left raw or cushioned with leather or ribbon. Feathers add an extra element of energy sweeping to the wand.

    The right wand will always call to you. Wood wands are excellent for manifestation work as they are an extension of your own natural abilities.

    Wood wands are created one by one. Check out Sheila creating a unique piece in the video Wood Wand Making Tutorial.

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