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Chergach Meteorite Space Adventure Alien Triangle Stone of Mali

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  • RARE CHERGACH METEORITE: Hold on tight because Chergach is a powerful Meteorite that came to Earth with a boom. It is here to enhance and benefit your days, initiating adventure to mundane routines. The rocky little stone is compacted with the power of the cosmos. It is encased in a zero-gravity box, ready to infuse magical stardust into your home and space.

  • CHERGACH MEANING: This Chondrite that landed in Mali was spotted by the desert nomads. It brings nomadic adventure to your life, allowing you to be bold and do things despite of your fears. Having Chergach with you will help you move to the next step, whether it is finally asking out that pretty girl, getting that promotion you've been eyeing, or getting deeper in your meditation practices.

  • H5 CHONDRITE OF MALI: This intriguing stone is an H5 Chondrite, from the meteor that fell onto Erg Chech Timbuktu district of Mali on July 3 of 2007. Desert nomads reported that several detonations were heard over the sky, but no fireball was seen. During the winter about 100 kilograms were collected. The strewn field is approximately 20 kilometers.

  • METEORITE DEFINITION: Meteorite space stones give you phenomenal power. They deliver the energy of the universe into the palm of your hands. Time stops as you lay your fingers on this exciting galactic treasure. Meteorites help you understand your purpose in the grand scheme of things. They show you that you're important even as one droplet in this giant pool of existence. Meteorites give off a buzzing sensation and make fascinating conversational pieces.

  • ONE OF A KIND: This is a one of a kind gem from Satin Crystals. 100% Happiness Guaranteed.

  • SIZE: 11 x 7 x 7 millimeters, 0.61 grams


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