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Lepidolite Earrings Sparkling Lavender Aura Divine Healing Gems

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  • LEPIDOLITE EARRINGS: Bring a little royal sparkle to your life with Lepidolite earrings. Add a pop of color to your day with these comfortable dangle earrings. Great for a casual date with friends or worn with a fancy dress for a party.

  • EARRING FEATURES: Your new earrings feature genuine Lepidolite gemstones. These are rich purple stones polished into smooth round beads. They hang with sparkling crystals on silver-plated earrings.

  • LEPIDOLITE BENEFITS: Lepidolite activates the crown chakra, opening the gateway to your Higher Self and bringing cosmic awareness.

  • LIMITED EDITION: You will receive one unique pair of earrings per order, from a limited hand-selected collection. Due to the organic state of stones, each gemstone will vary slightly in color, inclusions, and shape. Ready to gift in a Satin Crystals jewelry box.

  • SIZE: 1.7 inches (stones: 10mm).


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  • Are the lepodite dangle earings heavy?

    Good question! I'm not really sure how to answer that though because for me the lepidolite earrings are not heavy at all, but for somebody with sensitive ears it may be heavy?
    If you are used to wearing earrings I think it would not be heavy for you.

    Sorry I could not be more precise. I guess heavy is quite a relative term!   Sincerely, Sheila Satin

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