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Crystals in the 4th Dimension Shift

sheila of satin crystals holding up a large raw log of white selenite for the 4th dimension shift You love crystals because they are full of powerful positive energy... and they are also gorgeous to gaze upon. There are so many types of crystals, and so many ways to use them.

Crystals are beautiful, meaningful, and powerful gifts to humanity from Mother Earth. They have existed since the beginning of mankind, and have shaped the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. Crystals were used by the Incans, Mayans, and native civilizations to connect to the higher realms and as a source of healing. The significance of Healing Crystal Power is becoming clearer in today’s society, for it is an important catalyst towards the 4th dimension ascension.

You want to be part of positive change and evolution. You are a light beam in a world full of darkness. That's why you are drawn to learn about crystals and the 4th dimension shift, here and now.

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What is the Fourth Dimension Shift?

The dimension shift is happening all around us and even within us. Earth is changing physically as vibration rates rapidly increase. Human beings are experiencing evolution physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually since 2012. Many people believe the shift begun in 2012 and is to be complete in 2029. However, there's no real completion date, because the very meaning of evolution is to continue progressing.

The Fourth Dimension shift is a period in humanity where our mass consciousness shifts. The 20th century was an extremely progressive time for humans when it came to material and technological development. We saw a bustling of globalized commerce, and important social milestones as well. There was the Civil Rights movement and a great push for equality.

As we entered the 2000's, things continued to accelerate. However, there has been a shift in mindset regarding global commerce and materialism. Now more than ever, mankind has become aware of the damage we're creating physically and psychologically by prioritizing money and materialism over the other aspects of life.

From 2012 forward, we have seen the emergence of crystal children. These are young people who have found a communal voice to speak up against the harm and destruction that older generations have stilled upon their way of life. From global warming to repressive economic systems, racial inequality to the sexual revolution- the injustices of our times are being pummeled to the spotlight.

Why is this happening? Humanity can no longer bulldoze its way through existence chasing money and power at no cost. The world has been run by yang energy alone, and now yin must rise to meet a place of balance. Male energy is operating on the lower chakras, which are important because they bring forth physical life energy, creation, and everyday activity. But yang alone shall be the end of us, and so must be balanced by the higher chakras that are yin. These emphasize expression, intuition, spirituality, and higher good.

Look around you. Now more than ever, we are seeing the shift. Young people are rising and speaking up for balance and justice. People of all ages are becoming aware that materialism is not the success of happy living.

While these changes occur, our need to utilize crystal energy becomes stronger and stronger. You might find yourself more intrigued with these natural gems. You are part of the 4th dimension shift.

Why is Crystal Energy Important?

Crystals ring with high vibrations that are needed to help us through the shift. When you use and wear crystals, you feel happier and lighter. You feel drawn toward the philosophical and the metaphysical. These are the yin energies needed to balance our troubled world.

During the shift of consciousness into the next dimensions, we must face dark energies that lie within our mind and externally in the world. Healing crystals shield us from the dark forces that are attempting to keep humanity bounded to the lower levels. The positive energies that crystals bring to our world are very much needed to combat the cloak of negativity that is gripping Earth.

Healing crystals instill a sense of peace and compassion within us, replacing the predominant mentality of violence and selfishness. They energize and raise the bodily vibration to the fourth dimension level. Without raising the body vibration, an individual will not be able to exist in the dawning New World. We must work together to utilize crystal energy during this transition. We must use crystals for protection, meditation, and deep healing.

After 2029, crystals will be must more popular than they are now. The true power of healing crystal energy shall come to light for the mainstream world. We already see it happening, as people flock toward stones like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, and Moldavite in mass. These natural gems will become one of the major modes of holistic therapy for the body mind and soul.

These precious stones will provide humankind with a gateway to connecting with higher consciousness. In the fourth dimension, the power of healing crystals truly shines.

What are the Top 5 Crystals for the 4th Dimension?

These are the best crystals to help transform your mindset for progress. Surround yourself with these stones and use them for healing and meditation.

#1 Amethyst for spiritual yin

Amethyst is all about spirituality. This stone is important to amplify the higher thoughts' into today's society. The best way to do that is to transform your thoughts first. Use Amethyst for meditation, healing, and lifting your vibration. It corresponds to your Crown chakra at the head.

#2 Moldavite for cosmic thought

During the Earth's shift, we must not only concentrate on our planet but also think of our place as global citizens. Humans are already beginning to travel and build in space, and Moldavite helps us progress even further. On a personal level, Moldavite helps you get in touch with higher beings and expand your mindset. 

#3 Jasper for healing the planet

Although Jasper is usually associated with the lower chakras, it is a key player in the 4th dimension shift. Jasper is an Earth Stone, and the planet needs our help. Use Jasper (especially green jasper but all colors are great) to keep a healthy green mentality. Think and act progressively. Jasper reminds us that we're not just human beings but beings of a shared planet. It connects you to nature and brings empathy at a much needed time.

#4 Aquamarine for calming peace

In a world focused on being busy and pumping out results, Aquamarine is just what you need to keep calm and peaceful. We need to shift out of the worker bee mentality and become more comfortable with enjoying ourselves in the small moments that make up life. Quiet your mind and nourish your spirit by letting Aquamarine assist you in evolution.

#5 Rose Quartz for loving all

Love thy neighbor. We've all heard it, but are we doing it? The most important element of the 4th dimension shift is expanding your love energy. The selfish attitude of the 1900s has to go. Society has taught us that we are all separate and has pitted us against each other via competition. Rose Quartz binds us and heals us from the destruction that has come before. 

Where do we go from here?

We are happy to answer any questions or hear your crystal comments, jot them down below and we will get back to you

As a worker of the light, your must keep spreading healing light to yourself and others. Crystal knowledge is the key to success. Here are some interesting articles to help you on the journey:

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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