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Your Top 7 Jolly Jasper Crystal Balls

an array of jasper spheres on a bookshelf Jasper is your most fun-loving, festive, and versatile gemstone of all. When you want to be astounded by bright colors and intriguing picture patterns, Jasper crystal balls lead the way.

Jazz up this Holiday season and every season by placing Jasper orbs in your home, office, and garden. Wrap up these perfectly pleasing treasures and watch your loved ones smile as they receive these gorgeous gifts of the earth.

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7 Jolly Jasper Spheres

Shine bright as ever with Jasper spheres.

Here are 7 unique Jasper balls filled with joy.

Which is your favorite?

 #1 Crocodile Jasper Sphere

  • Powers: Protection, Earth energy, Third Eye insight

  • Story: Your protective crystal ball is polished from handsome green Crocodile Jasper. This fierce guardian stone keeps an eye out for evil, ensuring your soul is safe from harm. Your snappy spirit animal chases away ill-willed intruders and welcomes folks with good intentions. Display your watchful orb in the home or office to benefit from the protective nature of your Crocodile Jasper sphere.

    #2 Polychrome Jasper Sphere

    • Powers: Invoking Shamanic journeys, Natural grounding, Feng Shui balancing

    • Story: Touch the power of nature with this stunning Polychrome Jasper sphere. Desert tones form fancy pictures that mesmerize. Your crystal is perfect for taking journeys to faraway, enchanted places. This shiny treasure feels great in the palm of your hand and makes an admirable decorative piece in your home or office. 

    # 3 Ocean Jasper Sphere

    • Powers: Water Element healing, Philosophical muse, Emotional cleansing

    • Story: The spirit of the sea is awake in your enchanted Ocean Jasper crystal ball. Rich, golden sand dune tones swirl with magic water elements and earthly secrets once buried deep in the ocean floor. Gaze into your gorgeous treasure to see what it has to show you. Listen to the waves crashing in the caves of the orb. This Ocean Jasper ball attracts those chosen for wisdom beyond this world.

      #4 Red Jasper Sphere

      • Powers: Fire Element healing, Solar energy, Motivational muse

      • Story: This Red Jasper ball ignites your soul by channeling the essence of Mars. Hold the matte red sphere in your hand and absorb the strength and motivation of this warrior God. You were meant to do things, achieve things, and be on top of the world. When you own the fiery Red Jasper sphere, you command the respect and attention you deserve.

          #5 Safari Jasper Sphere

          • Powers: Relaxes anxiety, Encourages adventures, Summons animal guardians

          • Story: There's so much on your plate already- you deserve a getaway. Retreat into the wild world of your Safari Jasper sphere to escape the mental stress and anxiety. The exotic spots are ideal for gazing, giving you a new perspective on life's beauty. Feel a flow of fresh energy rejuvenate your spirit when you hold it in your hand. The patterned crystal ball makes a fascinating display piece for homes and offices. 

              #6 Jasper Chalcedony Sphere

              • Powers: Wiccan magic, Soul discovery, Swirl of confidence

              • Story: This Chalcedony ball feels alive. Gaze into its purple and red Jasper minerals brewing in motion through the milky gemstone interior. Feel the magic floating from your crystal ball, entering deep into your soul, and empowering you to achieve the impossible. With this unusual Chalcedony sphere, life is enchanting again. 

                  #7 Snake Jasper Sphere

                  • Powers: New beginnings, Power of Now, Summoning the wise snake guardian

                  • Story: When you're looking for a fresh perspective, turn to this Snakeskin Jasper sphere. Gaze into its creamy white orbs to connect with your wise serpent spirit. Here, the immortal nature of your soul is revealed. As the layers of your life shed one-by-one, know that you exist beyond the physical world. You and your wise crystal ball are as timeless as existence itself. 

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                          Lisa Satin

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