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Lepidolite the Spiritual Spark Stone

lepidolite stone with lavender flowersYou have a spiritual spark. It's the signature of your soul. Discover how Lepidolite stones uncover, enhance, and celebrate that spiritual spark within.

Pretty purple Lepidolite is the shimmering crystal that heals your body, mind, and spirit. When you're ready to graduate from a mundane existence and enter the higher realms of spiritual mastery, Lepidolite aligns with you. When you're ready to release anxiety and discover joy, Lepidolite calls you. When you're ready to have a glowing, attractive body, Lepidolite draws you in.

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Lepidolite for Spiritual Mastery

Lepidolite specializes in spiritual mastery. It was put here on earth to guide you toward the shining light of Heaven. Even on the darkest days, the spark of Lepidolite stays lit, reminding you that the journey toward Nirvana is eternal.

What is the first stone that comes to mind when you think of a Crown chakra crystal? Most people would say Amethyst. While Amethyst is the most popular and populous spiritual stone, Lepidolite has a spark that is unique unto itself, both literally and figuratively.

Glistening with inspirational Mica minerals, Lepidolite is easy to recognize and love. It is a solid stone, creating a steady forcefield in your life. When your soul feels lost or confused and you need something to hold on to, grab your Lepidolite.

When you need a sturdy compass to keep your spiritual mission on track, wear Lepidolite jewelry as you trek. This beautiful gemstone has a strong energy despite its extremely etheric vibrations.

Are you a busy bee forging your place in the material world? Then it may feel like you have no time to spare for spiritual practices. Lepidolite teaches you otherwise. Hold this Crown chakra crystal to your forehead and gain a burst of inner motivation. Awaken that spiritual spark that has become dull. Feel alive, powerful, and complete as your journey onward and upward with Lepidolite.

Lepidolite for Mental Anxiety Relief

How can you achieve spiritual mastery when your mind is stuck in a state of anxiety? You cannot. Lepidolite understands that the life of a human being is truly challenging.

Between work, study, paying bills, raising a family, managing health, and oh-so-many other human rituals, who has the time for mental health care? You must! And with Lepidolite, you do!

This gemstone is known to relax the mind from all kinds of mundane problems. Its high-vibrating nature zaps away the low-vibrating fears and thoughts that plague your brain. You're smart. You KNOW that incessant worry and negative thinking get you down. And yet, you still stress and obsess.

Lepidolite has the power to break you from this nasty cycle of anxiety. Hold onto Lepidolite worry stone crystal and feel it cut you off from the whirlwind of misery. Just like that, you're pulled back into the here and now. You're no longer spiraling.

Lepidolite for Attractive Aura and Body

Just because you're a spiritual person doesn't mean you can't be physically attractive too. Glamorous and glistening Lepidolite encourages you to celebrate your beautiful nature. Gaze into the sparkling Mica stone and take note. An attractive body and an attractive aura go hand-in-hand.

Whether you're a student, a worker, a parent, or simply an over-exerted soul, it's so easy to put yourself last. When the rest of the world seems a priority, your health and well-being get pushed aside. One day, you look in the mirror and you can barely recognize the face that looks back.

Lepidolite is the healing crystal that puts you first. You are at your best when you feel and look your best. Place a beautiful Lepidolite stone in your dressing area as a reminder to prioritize self-care. Go out into the world with confidence, charm, and charisma. When you wear a genuine smile, the world smiles back.

Top off your attractive look with Lepidolite jewelry. A sparkling bracelet on your hand inspires you to do all you can. A dazzling pendant around your neck becomes the medallion of your attractive aura.

You feel like your true self again. 

Lepidolite Stones for You

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When you wear and work with Lepidolite, you feel attractive, spiritual, and serene. It has a natural spark that will catch your eye and draw others to your forcefield.

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