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Moonstone Jewelry Showcase

woman holding moonstone moon earringsReady to look lunar-lovely? Check out the 4 Moonstone Jewelry Collections below. They feature 11 original Satin Crystals designer pieces that will make your day. And night.

Magical, mysterious, magnificent.

This is the type of energy and fashion that you're going for! Moonstone jewelry illuminates your aura. With a twinkle in your eye and a shimmer in your outfit, you glow with moonbeams. You are the spotlight of this show.

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4 Moonstone Jewelry Collections

Here are some Moonstone jewelry sets that you'll love. Mix and match as your soul desires. What will you wear next?

# 1 Smiling Moon Sterling Silver Collection

Smile! You look as radiant as the moon wearing Peach Moonstone Sterling Silver jewelry. Stand out from the crowd with this shiny set.

  • This Moonstone pendant accentuates your positive aura
  • These Moonstone earrings celebrate your dreamy side
  • This Moonstone bracelet exudes happiness day and night

# 2 Rainbow Moon Luna Collection

You are the personification of calm, cool, and classy. Rainbow Moonstone jewelry showcases your yin energy like a master of spirituality and fashion.

  • This Moonstone Necklace channels divine light
  • This Moonstone Bracelet elevates your energy to new heights

# 3 Crescent Moon 14K Gold Collection

Rise above and beyond with extraordinary Moonstone jewelry set in 14-karat gold. You live a life of lavish abundance.

  • This Moonstone Necklace proves you are one in a trillion
  • These Moonstone Earrings keep your mind on the prize
  • This Moonstone Bracelet shows the Universe what you're made of

# 4 Eclectic Moon Mixed Collection

Unique souls are drawn to magical Moonstone. These Satin Crystals designer Moonstone pieces are original and funky- just like you.

  • This Moonstone Necklace connects you to earth and the sky
  • This Moonstone Bracelet gives you a healing hand
  • These Moonstone Earrings balance your softness with strength

How do I charge for my Moonstone jewelry?

Moonstone operates best when charged under the moonlight. Before you wear your new sparkling crystal, be sure to clean, charge and program it.

A Selenite plate makes the perfect charger for your Moonstone jewelry. Selenite is one of the top 3 Moon crystals, alongside Moonstone and Labradorite.

Moonstone Jewelry Reviews

The world loves Satin Crystals Moonstone jewelry. So will you. Here are some real-life customer reviews:

"Very delicate, elegant and fashionable. I use it during full moon time to raise my vibrations. Exquisite!" - Ewa  (Moonstone Gold necklace)

"What a beautiful bracelet! The colors of moonstone are harmonious and soft. More beautiful in person than the photos. I love this bracelet and appreciate it’s calming nature. Thank you so much." -Debora (Moonstone Medley bracelet)

"Just as beautiful in person as it is in the picture and the size was great for my niece's tiny wrist." -LibraScales (Moonstone Sheen bracelet) 

More Moonstone 

Shop the Full Moonstone Collection at Satin Crystals, or easily select a gemstone now:

Moonstone crystal resources 

Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only.

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