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Crystal Healing on Harvest Full Moon of September 2021

rainbow moonstone sphereIs it Autumn already? This September's Full Harvest Moon debuts just before the start of Fall. It is stunning. Think of trees changing colors, bountiful cornucopia centerpieces, and the smell of pumpkin spice overtaking your senses.

The Harvest Moon is about indulging in nature's many delights, taking a bite of apple pie, rolling in delicious treats of all types. You too can experience unprecedented abundance during the Full Moon in September. You'll need your Harvest Moon Golden Healer Quartz crystals to start your season of prosperity.

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When is the Harvest Full Moon?

The Harvest Full Moon happens on September 20-21, 2021. The exact times and dates depend on where you are located in the world. To find out the start time, peak time, and end time of the Full Moon according to your region, check the Lunar Time and Date website.

What is the spiritual meaning of Harvest Moon?

The September Full Moon is often called the Harvest Moon because it is usually the Full Moon closest to the autumnal equinox

The name Harvest Moon is based on Native American and Anglo Saxon harvesting events. Other names for the September Full Moon are Barley Moon or Fruit Moon, and once every few years it is called the Corn Moon. All the monikers represent crops that are harvested for the month. 

The Harvest Moon is about basking in hearty abundance. If you haven't been reaping the benefits of abundance, now is the time to focus your energy here.

In the grind of daily life, mixed with stressful current events, you may have forgotten to enjoy the crops gifted to you by Mother Earth. Maybe you fell victim to a volatile economy, political chaos, or other unfortunate circumstance. 

The Harvest Moon wants you to have more. It's a fresh chance to acquire something new. Have you had your sights on a big-ticket purchase? Are you pondering a business venture? Is there a new position at work that has caught your interest?

For the next 30 days, you have the full support of the Full Moon to gain and revel in abundance. It's time to be bold and play big.

The September Harvest Moon is exciting with opportunity, but don't delay. It is the gateway to this year's autumnal equinox, which brings darker days and possible dark forecasts. It's best to stack up your treasure pile high while you can because the daylight is about to get shorter. Twilight will soon reign.

If you're on the other side of the planet, you're about to see plenty more sunshine. Still, you need to take advantage of the Harvest Moon's generosity because who knows what the future holds?

Harvest Moon crystal of the month

hematoid quartz sphere

For the Harvest Full Moon cycle that lasts from September 20 to October 20 of 2021, you need Hematoid Quartz crystals. 

Hematoid Quartz comes in colors that are perfect for the fall:

Golden Hematoid Healers range from a sunny rich yellow to burnt orange. They remind you of the changing leaves that transpire after the autumnal equinox. Golden Healers represent the pumpkins, squash, and golden corn abundance of the season. Golden Healers are prime crystals for maximizing the prosperous vibe of the Harvest Moon.

Red Hematoid is another embodiment of the fall season: changing leaves and colorful abundance. It inspires images of apple ciders, apple pies, and apple picking. Cozy up in a red scarf and flannel with your Red Hematoid crystal beside you. Tap into the Harvest Moon by feeling good and living rich. 

How to use Hematoid Quartz this Full Moon

Do you have Hematoid Quartz crystals ready for the Full Moon?

Check out the Hematoid Quartz Crystal Collection to find your perfect piece.

Here are some tips on how to use Golden Healers and Red Hematoid Quartz over the next 30 days:

  • Decorate your space with Hematoid crystals to make your home feel cozy while invoking abundance.
  • Carry Hematoid in your purse or place it in your finance area to capture the abundance energy that the Harvest Full Moon brings this season.
  • Do a lower chakra layout using Red Hematoid at the Root chakra, Golden-Orange Healers at the Sacral chakra, and/or Golden-Yellow Healers at the Solar Plexus chakra. This will strengthen your lower chakras, which are responsible for material energy and gains.

    To enhance your experience, use Hematoid Quartz in combination with these other Moon Crystals...

    What are Moon Crystals?

    Moonstone, Selenite, and Labradorite are the three mightiest Moon crystals. They harmonize with the Moon frequency. You must use them during each lunar event.

    Visit the Moon Crystal Collection to discover stones that call to you. Learn about how each of the three Moon Crystals benefits you:

    rainbow moonstone sphere

    Moonstone: This is the number one moon crystal. It is the staple crystal for all your lunar practices. Moonstone aligns strongest with the Full Moon. Its bright and luminous qualities show you the way ahead. Moonstone holds the power of a million moons and delivers it to the palm of your hands.

    labradorite sphere

    Labradorite: Full of moon magic, this dark beauty flashes with rainbows like the midnight sky flecked with celestial stars. Labradorite aligns with the New Moon, helping you find new beginnings in the darkness. Use Labradorite and feel like you are being guided by your spirit guides, angels, and all the beneficial beings of the unseen world.

    white selenite sphere

    Selenite: Named after Goddess Selene, this moon crystal glows with a glorious silky white sheen. Selenite aligns with the crescent moon, protecting your aura through the journeys of life. Use Selenite and feel hopeful that the world is working in your favor because you believe miracles do come true.

    7 Crystal Rituals for the Full Moon

    Now that you know a bit about the trinity of moon crystals and the special crystal for this month, learn how to use them under the Full Moon. 

    Whether or not you can see the Full Moon this year, the energy will penetrate across Earth and your gemstones will be vibrating at a phenomenal rate. You want to charge your healing stones in the windowsill or garden on the night of the Full Moon.

    Ritual Idea #1: Cleanse, Charge, and Program Crystals under the Full Moon

    It is ideal to gather your Moon Crystals even before the Full Moon happens so that you can properly prepare to cleanse them beforehand. After they are cleansed, you will charge them under the Full Moon and then program them with your intention. By doing so, the stones are supercharged to help you on your mission throughout the lunar month. Do this with your moon crystal balls, shapes, and jewelry.

    Ritual Idea #2: Crystal Healing Mandalas under the Full Moon

    Instead of just charging your crystals under the moonlight, why not arrange them in a beautiful mandala formation? Create works of art with the stones, and then carefully lay them under the moonlight for charging. If possible, put your mandala in the garden overnight to absorb the healing light.

    Ritual Idea #3: Crystal Layouts under the Full Moon

    Why not recharge your entire body instead of just your crystals in the moonlight? Lie down in a comfortable place during the Full Moon, preferably near a window or even outside. Place your Moon Crystals on your body and along your chakras. You can also place them around your body instead, just in case you fall asleep. Not only are your stones getting supercharged for the month, but so are you!

    Ritual Idea #4: Dance Under the Full Moon in a Crystal Grid 

    Form a giant grid around your space, indoors or outdoors. This grid includes a medley of Moon Crystals in the shape of a circle, square, rectangle, or even a triangle. As the Full Moon rises, dance within the grid of crystals. You are sure to feel supercharged! Have extra time? Meditate in your grid, do yoga in your grid, read in your grid... anything that benefits your soul is right for you to do in your grid.

    Ritual Idea #5: Crystal Ball Gazing under the Full Moon

    Did you know that the moon is revered for its psychic powers? It's no surprise that healers, gypsies, witches, and all that are drawn to metaphysics do practices under the lunar moon. Grab hold of your Moonstone, Selenite, or Labradorite ball and do crystal ball gazing. You will receive a rush of visions and messages, even more than on an ordinary day. 

    Ritual Idea #6: Wear your Moon Jewelry during the Full Moon

    This is an easy and simple, yet powerful ritual. Make sure you have your moon jewelry on during the Full Moon. The jewelry will charge up nicely, bringing you a chance for new beginnings and a fresh start. If you're on the go during the Full Moon, you'll still have lunar power with you. If you're at home, you should wear your Moon jewelry during all and any of the other rituals you are doing. The more energy you get, the better.

    Ritual Idea #7: Create a Moon Elixir under the Full Moon

    Why not create a moon elixir that you can use all month long? Moonstone or Labradorite can be used for your elixir potions and drinks, but Selenite cannot because of its fragility. Create a jug of crystal water or crystal oils so you have the moon's energy all jarred up for your convenience and benefit.

    There are lots and lots of activities you can do during the Full Moon with Moon Crystals. Check out our Peace not Panic series and the 25 "Stuck Indoor" ritual and craft ideas. Now that you're allowed outside again, do them in the garden if you desire!

    Shop Moon Crystals

    Your Personal Full Moon Horoscope

    Are you fascinated by the movement of the sky? Your monthly horoscope is shaped by activities like the Full Moon, planetary activity, and Solar Eclipses. Check out your Zodiac's customized horoscope report for the month of HERE

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    What is a Full Moon?

    If you're looking for more scientific facts and spiritual meanings of a full moon, visit the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moons article.

    Your Lunar Connection

    Are you ready for the action that is coming with the Full Moon? Have you used healing crystals that correspond with the lunar cycle before? Are you fascinating by the movements of the sky?

    We are happy to answer any questions or hear your crystal comments, write them below and we will get back to you

    Additional lunar links for you today:

    Grow with Satin Crystals: 

    Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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    Patty - September 7, 2020

    Thank you Sheila for your personal welcome message! I found your site through google with the full corn moon info. I will be reading your informative site and learning about crystals etc. which is all new to me. I look forward to growing in knowledge and purchasing crystals etc. through Satin Crystals. Thank you again, Patty 🙏🏻☺️❤️

    Patty - September 7, 2020

    Thank you Sheila for your personal welcome message! I found your site through google with the full corn moon info. I will be reading your informative site and learning about crystals etc. which is all new to me. I look forward to growing in knowledge and purchasing crystals etc. through Satin Crystals. Thank you again, Patty 🙏🏻☺️❤️

    Lisa Satin - August 31, 2020

    Hi There!

    We are so happy to hear that you like the articles at Satin Crystals.

    If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach us here at any time.

    Lisa Satin

    Miss Bellamomma - August 31, 2020

    Thanks for all the info im super impressed and loved this article. xoxo

    Lisa Satin - August 31, 2020


    Stone and crystal are the same things. More importantly is the name, such as “tourmaline” or “carnelian”. Let us know exactly what you are looking for so we can help.

    Lisa Satin

    Jennifer - August 31, 2020

    There is a stone and crystal I would find online that you recommend to me.
    I need to know do I get stone or crystal?

    Sheila Satin - August 23, 2020

    Hi Demetria, we would suggest looking up “crystal healing book” on amazon or google. There are many titles out there about crystals.

    We operate an online store and information center, so we do not provide paper books.

    Sheila Satin

    Demetria - August 23, 2020

    Hello I’m Muslim I’m in interested into learning more about stones crystals and black rings are there any books that can help me I’m not to fund of the internet

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