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Happy RED Chinese New Year!

chinese new years red crystalsIn celebration of Chinese New Year, we take a closer look at the color red.

Find out fun facts about the color red, and its meaning across cultures.

Learn how red benefits you in crystal healing.

We have the answers to your many red questions:

1. Why are the Chinese "red envelopes" red?

2. Does red stand for love or anger?

3. What do those red bindis on the forehead of Indian women mean?

4. Which of your Chakras is red?

5. What does red symbolize in Christianity?

6. Why is there red in the American flag?

7. How can you enhance success with red crystals? 

Find your Answers now in:
The Color Red: Meaning, Crystal Healing & Cultural Significance.

Brighten up your life:
Shop for Red Crystals & Jewelry 

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