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Free USA shipping on Orders $50+
Free USA shipping on Orders $50+

Introducing Gray Friday Specials

sheila of satin crystals wearing jewelry and making beckoning fingers

VIP doesn't wait for Black Friday. At Satin Crystals, we'll launch Gray Friday deals every weekend starting now.

These are lightning-fast offers that you can't resist, so watch your email inbox carefully and benefit!

Introducing Gray Fridays

Why wait 'til Black Friday? Satin Crystals gives you the VIP treatment you deserve with weekly Gray Friday deals. Get ahead on your holiday shopping while saving on valuable gemstones that will be admired by everyone on your list. 

We will be presenting you with several VIP-Only Specials, so make sure you are in the club. 

The first deal kicks off this Friday, October 9th. Watch your inbox carefully to remain at the front of the line for these short-term crystal bargain blasts.

Spread the Positive Vibes

While you're at it, make sure you have registered a free Satin Crystals Account to earn bonus reward points!

Want a sneak peak? Check out the Gray Friday Collection

Need help or have questions? Post them below and we will get back to you. 

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