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Free USA shipping for orders over $55.
Free USA shipping for orders over $55.

Refer a Friend and get Rewarded

hands holding a black obsidian and a pink rose quartz crystal heart

Do you love Satin Crystals?

Well, we love you!

Spread the word about Satin Crystals...and get rewarded.

Through our Refer-a-Friend program, you get reward points that can be redeemed for crystal cash and your buddies get an enticing discount off their first order.

It's a winner-winner situation.

How to Refer-a-Friend

We made it easy. Create a free Satin Crystals account and you will find your unique referral link right on your account profile.

With a click of a button, you will share your referral link to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

If you're not familiar with the Rewards Program, visit our instructional page. We give you detailed information on where to find the referral link and give you even more ideas on how to earn crystal reward points!

bridget and sotera of satin crystals smiling for the camera wearing rose quartz earringsTop 3 Reasons to refer Satin Crystals to your friends

1. You get rewarded!

For each friend who creates an account through your unique referral link and places an order, you earn 200 Rewards Points. You can earn an unlimited amount of points, just keep sending those referrals and get your pals to order. These points can be used to redeem crystal gemstones and jewelry from our online shop.

2. Spread love, not hate

Satin Crystals is all about positive energy and an inclusive community. With so many negative things happening in the world, our website is a safe haven for uplifting energy. 

We offer thousands of crystal pages and videos, all for free, to you, your friends, and your family. Let them know about Satin Crystals so they can benefit from crystal tutorials, monthly horoscopes, VIP showcase specials, and much more.

Instead of sharing awful news and depressing articles, give a shout out to your buddies about

3. Support a small business run by minority women

Doesn't it feel good to support trustworthy small businesses over big box brands and massive factory sellers?

Satin Crystals is owned and operated in the USA by sisters Sheila and Lisa Satin since 2001. We stand firm behind our products, offering you a 100% happiness guarantee. We cherish you and we are always here to answer your crystal related questions. 

Let your family and friends know about our business, and feel secure in knowing that we will take care of everyone's crystal and jewelry needs.

Your referral is worth a 1000 words

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for spreading the positive vibrations throughout the world. If you have questions about the referral program, post them below and Sheila or Lisa will get back to you. 

Meanwhile, here are some links for your journey:

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Lisa Satin - February 10, 2022

Hello Rita,

Thank you for informing us.

Fortunately, we have never heard this from any other customer before. Our site is powered by Shopify which is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms out there, so it should be secure and our orders are coming in without an issue.

That being said, we definitely do not want customers like yourself to be blocked out. I did a little bit of online research and it’s most likely that you have Microsoft Defender Antivirus installed, which is doing this.

If you want to access our site, I found this informational page on how to do so:

One of the sites I visit is being flagged by Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, but it’s not an unsafe website. What can I do?
From the warning, you can choose to report this site as a safe site. Click the link for More information then click Report that this site does not contain threats. Follow the instructions on the feedback site to complete this process.

As to why we are being blocked, I’m unsure. Hopefully, we can get that resolved as well.


Lisa Satin

Rita - February 10, 2022

I always enjoy the content of your e-mails and website. But every time I click to read, a warning comes up from Microsoft, stating your website is unsafe and I may be at risk of my financial information.

Wasn’t sure anyone else has this issue or has brought this to you attention.

Hope this changes soon so I can enjoy visiting your website.



Sheila Satin - July 15, 2020

Hi Amber, if you are on the email list, you are part of the VIP club:

If you want to earn rewards, you can also register for an account if you don’t already have one:

Sheila Satin

Amber - July 15, 2020

Sheila, am I already a VIP member or do I need to enter my email on the website too? Hope you’re having an amazing day😊😊I was looking on the site just now so many interesting things LOVE IT

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