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Amber Necklace Beautiful as a Butterfly Baltic Gems Yellow Red

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  • Flutter with the healing energies of genuine Baltic Amber in this gemstone necklace. The necklace is triple knotted with alternating bouquets of yellow and deep red Amber gemstones. The unique necklace is closed with a knot clasp through which a large Amber stone is secured.

  • In crystal healing, Amber helps provides decisiveness and clarity. It enhances memory and intellect. Helps you connect with nature, trees, animals. Amber activates the third solar plexus chakra, stabilizing emotions.

  • Ready to gift in a Satin Crystals jewelry box.

  • SIZE: 18 inches (Amber beads: 7-21mm).


Ask a Question
  • Does this amber crystal help with inflammation and pain… like the Baltic amber necklaces for teething babies?

    Hi, thanks for your question. Just as we do not recommend Amber for babies, as to medical advice and recommendations, we leave that to your doctor. We do not make any claims that crystals help with physical conditions because it is not scientifically proven.

    However, crystals can help you feel good and engage in holistic practices like meditation and affirmations. These practices can boost your mood and help you along your journey. Most importantly, we encourage you to tap into your own intuition and let it be your guide. Check out this article and video on how to choose the right crystal:

    Sincerely, Sheila Satin 

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