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Clear Quartz Pendulum Crystal Dowsing Tool Sterling Silver

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  • When you need clarity in life, you can count on this clear Quartz Pendulum. The faceted beauty boasts a real sterling silver chain- quite the upgrade from your typical pendulum. It gives you keen insight into dowsing, chakra measuring, hypnotherapy, and crystal healing. The deluxe Quartz Pendulum is a must-have gem for every healer.

    Positive Affirmation: "My answer is clear"
    Intentions: Meditation Crystals
    Primary Chakra: Crown Chakra


    Your new pendulum features authentic Quartz. This is a clear stone that may show natural inclusions. The stone is polished and faceted into a point and hangs from a sterling silver chain. The pendulum has a ring at the top for easy holding or hanging. 

    Each pendulum is assembled in the Satin Crystals studio in the USA.

    Pendulum Measures: 10.5 to 11 inches, each varies slightly
    Stone Size: 35-45mm, varies slightly

    Each stone will differ in shape, patterns, colors, and inclusions.

    Stone Treatment: Natural, Untreated 
    Stone Hardness: 7


    Use your pendulum for dowsing, chakra diagnosis, and collecting positive energy. Learn more in Pendulum Tutorial


    Quartz is a must-have crystal for everyone seeking good health, fortune, and clarity of mind. It is the most popular and powerful crystal out there, as it activates and stimulates all seven chakras equally. Quartz is prized as the Master Healer, bringing you strength and spiritual growth during times of trouble. Learn more in What is Quartz?


    -You want to access your subconscious answers
    -You want to balance all of your chakras
    -You are a healer and/or spiritual person

    Want more? Shop Quartz Crystals


    -All-natural stones should be handled with care. They are subject to fractures on impact. The crystal point is particularly vulnerable.

    -Sterling silver will naturally tarnish. Clean it with a jewelry cloth or a metal cleaning solution. 

    -Do not yank on the chain and keep it away from other chains to avoid tangles.

    Repair service is complimentary for VIP club members

    For energy cleaning, charging and programming, visit Crystal Care.  


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    1. You get beauty, quality, and authenticity with Satin Crystals. Sheila, Lisa, and Ann pick each stone to meet high standards.

    2. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If something's not right, please contact us so we can resolve your issue fuss-free.

    3. You are given friendly personalized service. We are a boutique, not a big box corporation.


    You may post any questions, comments, or stories about this product in the box below. You may also reach us via the Contact page.

    Thank you for your positive energy at Satin Crystals!

    Disclaimer: Crystal healing information is for fun and entertainment only. It is not a replacement for medical treatments.



Ask a Question
  • Hi lisa . I live in Jamaica so am yet to receive the pendulum delivered in miami. I like your name and alluring personslity which is excellent for business. I am a new crystal enthusiast and would be happy to get some guidance in identifying fake crystals. Blessings JD

    Hi JD,
    Thank you for your email! We look forward to your feedback once the pendulum arrives.
    We have several articles about real vs fake stones. Here's one that has a link to various tutorials (scroll down half way to the section "Is my Gemstone real or fake".
    Quartz is not on that list but here's a link to it:
    If you have further questions please let me know.
    Lisa Satin

  • When using a pendulum what is the significance of which hand to use to hold the pendulum. Regards, Victor

    Hi Victor, If you are receiving energy (such as getting answers while dowsing or getting healing energy for yourself), hold it with your non-dominant hand. If you have giving energy, such as using the pendulum to heal another person, use your dominant hand. More info can be found on this tutorial: Sincerely, Lisa Satin

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