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How to Make a Vision Board

how to make a vision boardWhether you are looking for a way to manifest major life changes or just a fun activity with friends and family, making Vision Boards is right for you. 

Vision Boards are crucial to help solidify your New Years' resolutions with visual images and reminders. They are a fun craft that can be done alone or with others.

Making Vision Boards releases tension and creates a positive vibe.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a compilation of pictures, words, phrases, symbols, etc that you make to reflect the things you wish to achieve.

All it requires is cutouts from magazines or internet images reflecting your dreams and desires. Tape or glue them onto a cardboard sheet to form a collage.

Vision Boards can represent things you want in many areas of life including home, finances, work, school, relationships, spirituality, health, travel and more. There is no limit.

Why Make a Vision Board?

The act of making a vision board gives energy to the wishes in your mind. It helps to solidify the desires into a tangible board.

The key to manifestation and law of attraction is to focus your intent on positive desires. Making a vision board requires you to organize your thoughts by tuning in to the important goals in your life. 

The finished product serves as a visual representation of the dreams in our head. Look at your vision board throughout the year to stay on track of your goals.

How To Make a Vision Board

Making a vision board is a simple and fun project.

Here are the instructions for a group vision board making event:

1. Ask everyone to bring various types of magazines, newspapers, even advertisements that they have lying around.

2. Provide or ask everyone to bring a large piece of paperboard or cardboard, scissors, and glue.

3. Set the mood. Surround yourself with your favorite manifestation crystals. Vision board making can be done gleefully with wine and music, or in any happy setting you desire to create.

4. Have a jolly good time together as you look through the magazines to find images that align with things you want for your life- each person according to his/her own desires of course.

5. After you have trimmed out the magazine pictures and words, arrange them over the board and glue them down.

6. Take pride in your new work of art. Show it off and place it somewhere that you look often.

Alternative options for the digitally-inclined: Make a Photoshop collage instead. Just be sure not to ignore each other as you stare at the laptop if you're doing it as a group project!

Share your Vision

Here's are some pictures and experiences of my 2017 Vision Board project. Looking back, some things manifested, some did not, and others are ongoing projects.

Create your ripples, but ride with the tide.

I'd love to see your visions too! Have any questions, stories or comments about how to create a vision board? Want to show off your work?  We are happy to hear from you anytime. 


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