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10 Crystal Pyramids for Spirituality & Meditation

crystal pyramids for spirituality

Touch the peak of enlightenment by adding spiritual pyramids to your meditation and holistic practices. These sacred shapes have a special connection with the Great Beyond. 

See the Top 10 spiritual crystal pyramids below, each made from natural gemstones. Unlock the secret of Pyramid Power with natural gemstones- made of Earth and blessed by the Universe.

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Spiritual Pyramids Showcase

#1 Clear Quartz Pyramid Past Present Future

Specialty powers:

  • Revealing visions of your past/present/future

  • Time traveling meditations

  • Master Healing on all levels


Nothing beats the power of a real Quartz pyramid. The pyramid preserves your past by storing your most important memories. It improves your present life by drawing in good vibrations. It assists your future by encouraging your soul to evolve. This is a must-have pyramid for true healers and the spiritually inclined.


#2 Angelite Pyramid Ascended Angels

Specialty powers:

  • Channeling your Guardian Angels

  • Fostering inner peace

  • Enhancing communication skills


When you work with this spiritual Angelite pyramid, you ascend to the angelic realm. Touch the soft blue sky as you float and fly in a tranquil state of meditation. The natural Angelite gemstone points you toward the way you wish to go: up and high.


#3 Amethyst Pyramid Power Chevron

Specialty powers:

  • Connecting you with Spirit Guides

  • Opening the Crown chakra

  • Revealing your spiritual purpose


Your Amethyst pyramid is the masterpiece stone you've been seeking. Channel universal energy right down into your fingertips and let it revitalize your space. Amethyst awakens your intuition, one of the strongest tools in existence. The answers you seek are in your mind. Be true to your purpose by creating the life you desire.


#4 Crystal Pyramid Miracle Mountain 

Specialty powers:

  • Unlocking the spiritual wisdom of Quechua

  • Manifesting miracles

  • Cleansing your home and spaces


Your crystal pyramid invokes the Mountain of Seven Colors. Vinicunca mountain of Cusco, Peru, is believed to be made of 14 different miracles. Tap into the sacred energy of the ancient Quechua culture when you use this amazing piece for healing and meditation. It brightens the room and blesses all who are present. 


#5 Serpentine Pyramid My Kundalini Rises

Specialty powers:

  • Kundalini energy rising meditations

  • Past life regression work

  • Heart chakra healing


This Serpentine pyramid is the spiritual stone you've been seeking. Feel your Kundalini energy rise up and above the worldly realm when you work with this pyramid. Tap into a secret source of power and find a wisdom that is known only to a select few. The green Serpentine pyramid is all about you.


#6 Lapis Pyramid Spiritual Blue 

Specialty powers:

  • Awakening your Third Eye chakra

  • Enhancing visions during meditation

  • Encouraging you to take leadership roles in spiritual groups


Royal and prime, this Lapis Lazuli pyramid is a stone gifted by the gods. Funnel spiritual energy into your realm through the intuitive gemstone blessed with sparkling pyrite minerals. When want to elevate your evolution, look no further than this crystal pyramid.


#7 Sunstone Pyramid Sun God Ra

Specialty powers:

  • Revealing ancient wisdom

  • Energizing your body-mind-soul via sun power

  • Fostering happiness


Sun God Ra works his bright magic through your natural Sunstone pyramid. Harness the energy of the ancient pharaohs, the mystics, and the brilliant sun when you unleash the power of this shimmering red stone.


#8 Gabbro Pyramid Brushstroke of Midnight 

Specialty powers:

  • Awakening magic and mystery

  • Protecting you during spiritual rituals

  • Aiding in dream-healing and manifestation


This Mystic Merlinite Indigo Gabbro pyramid is a brushstroke of art. At the stroke of midnight, your magical spirit awakens and you are capable of miraculous endeavors. Practice the healing crystal arts with your Gabbro pyramid near and your deepest desires shall appear. 


#9 Amazonite Pyramid Gentle Green

Specialty powers:

  • Calming your mind for meditation and healing

  • Encouraging enlightenment through simplicity

  • Helping you relate to others


This Amazonite pyramid shows you how to heal through gentle touch. The pastel green gemstone reminds you to take a deep breath and live on the light side.


#10 Sodalite Pyramid Blue Thinker

Specialty powers:

  • Calming your thoughts 

  • Inducing deeper meditations

  • Developing your intuitive powers


Your sacred stone brings that much-needed peaceful vibration to your home and workspace. Feel Feng-Shui-fantastic with this Sodalite pyramid. Sodalite prioritizes realistic balance. Rather than existing in a state of frantic anxiety, you center and relax the mind. A clear vision paves the way for a clear victory. 


Crystal Healing with Pyramids

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Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.

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