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10 Unique Gifts for Jewelry Lovers

10 Unique Gifts for Jewelry Lovers - Satin Crystals Guide

For those who can't leave home without it (and why should you?), gemstone jewelry combines the power of healing stones with the fashion of the season. Bestow this energetic combination upon the jewelry lovers in your life with a little help from our gift guide. At the Satin Crystals Boutique you will find a wide selection of natural crystal healing jewelry, from bold statement pieces or stackable bracelets to delicate charms to complete your jewelry lovers gifting needs.

Here are 10 unique gift ideas for the jewelry lovers in your life:

Bloodstone Bracelets - Unique Gifts for Jewelry Lovers - Satin Crystals

Bloodstone Bracelets

This is one of our most popular stones in the bracelet department. People just love to stack up Bloodstone bracelets. The deep green color of Indian Bloodstone shows surprise flecks of white, yellow and highly-sought red minerals. You can choose from smooth round Bloodstone bracelets, faceted fancy Bloodstone bracelets and Bloodstone wrap bracelets.

Travel Earrings - Unique Gifts for Jewelry Lovers - Satin Crystals

Travel Lovers Earrings

Do you know world travelers who like to stay stylish on the road? We have the perfect earrings for the wanderlusts in your life. Our travel lovers earrings include heart-shaped wood charms carved with a world map. Find these map earrings dangling with Bloodstone or genuine Amber beads!

Protection Jewelry - Unique Gifts for Jewelry Lovers - Satin Crystals

Protection Jewelry

We could all use a little protection from the harsh elements, the unwanted energies and the draining psychic vampires. Natural black gemstones come to the rescue in this case. Not only is black an omniscient style maven, but in its organic creation from Mother Earth, these stones make great gifts for those seeking protective energies. Consider black gemstone jewelry like Obsidian, Tourmaline and Jet stone in your hunt for the perfect protective gift.

Wolf Head Bracelets - Unique Gifts for Jewelry Lovers - Satin Crystals

Wolf Head Jewelry

For the fierce animal lovers in your life, choose a unique jewelry piece from our wolf head collection. These are raku fired wolf head charms that have been strung with brilliant Labradorite gemstones. The subtle rainbow fire on the wolf heads complement the deceptively gray Labradorite. We say deceptive because in the right light, you will be blown away by this stone's surprise rainbow sheen! Find wolf head jewelry in stretch bracelet and necklace form. Match them up for an even mightier gift!

Large Hoop Earrings - Unique Gifts for Jewelry Lovers - Satin Crystals

Large Hoop Earrings

Who needs earrings that you can barely see? Provide your giftee with a pair of large hoop earrings from our crystal healing earrings collection. Although they are big and bold, the earrings are lightweight to accommodate even those ears who have been too lazy to hit the gym. Find large hoop earrings in Blue Lace Agate, Carnelian, Mica and many more gemstones. Better yet, gift them with a whole collection so they have a different energy to choose from each day of the week!

Pyrite Anklets - Unique Gifts for Jewelry Lovers - Satin Crystals

Pyrite Anklets

Anklets make a unique gift for those jewelry lovers who have it all. Try Pyrite anklets for those who need some grounding in their lives. Great for those who like to show off their ankle jewelry or those who need that extra earthy energy beneath their outerwear. These anklets are strung with smooth Pyrite oval beads. They have a weighty metallic texture of Fool's Gold and can be found in various lengths to accommodate different ankle sizes.

Moldavite Necklaces - Unique Gifts for Jewelry Lovers - Satin Crystals

Moldavite Necklaces

Boy will their eyes soar up to the higher realms when they open their box to discover a genuine Moldavite necklace. Moldavite is the hottest meteorite currently on the market. Each gemmy green piece we sell is chosen from the original crash site in the Czech Republic. For those who use Moldavite for its high vibrations, this is a real buzzy jewel that they will cherish to space and back.

White Selenite - Unique Gifts for Jewelry Lovers - Satin Crystals

White Selenite Jewelry

If you are familiar with raw Selenite, you will know how fragile it is. We are happy to now offer polished white Selenite in beaded formation for your gifting needs! Although delicate, these are powerful crystal healing stones. Not only do they vibrate with a strong energy field, white Selenite has an organic glow, creating a fresh snowy jewel. Choose from Selenite necklaces and earrings to gift your wearer.

Adjustable Gemstone Rings - Unique Gifts for Jewelry Lovers - Satin Crystals

Adjustable Gemstone Rings

Because not everyone fits into a one-size-fits-all category, you will be happy to know that we offer a range of adjustable gemstone rings. Encompassing a large pool of your intended jewelry loving friends, gifting adjustable gemstone rings will allow them to choose which fingers they wish to adorn. Choose from magnificent healing stones like Rhodochrosite, Lapis and Malachite. 

Howlite Bracelets - Unique Gifts for Jewelry Lovers - Satin Crystals

Howlite Bracelets

Known for its snowy white surface trickling with subtle gray veins, Howlite is a winning crystal for your jewelry loving friends. Not just another white piece of jewelry, Howlite adds that bit of mystery that we all have within us. Gift this meditative stone for those who need some focus on staying on their true path in this life. Choose from Howlite stretch bracelets and layered Howlite coil bracelets.

Amethyst Bracelets - Unique Gifts for Jewelry Lovers - Satin Crystals

Amethyst Bracelets

No crystal healing jewelry lovers list can be complete without the mention of a world favorite, Amethyst. Amethyst is reknown for its deluxe purple color. Gift your beloved friends with the color of royalty and the energy of spirituality. It's a fun idea to gift Amethyst lovers with a variety of colors as this gemstone ranges from light lavender, to patterned chevron to dark deep purples.

The Tip of the Jewelry Chest

We hope the ideas above have guided you in the right direction for finding the right gifts for the jewelry lovers in your life. Of course these ten suggestions are just the tip of the treasure chest. At the Satin Crystals boutique we have a rich pile of gemstone jewelry to share with you throughout the gifting seasons. And, if you find yourself wavering with indecision, we are just an email's help away!


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Lisa Satin - May 9, 2023

Thanks for writing to us, Samantha.

Each person is different. It may be that you have a physical or energetic reaction to metals. If they make you uncomfortable, we suggest you do not wear them and go for the items that don’t bother you. As you mentioned, there are other materials like macrame, leather, etc. It makes the most sense to wear what’s comfortable to you as a unique individual.

Samantha G. - May 9, 2023

Hello I pray you’re all well. I have a question. I hurt (my neck, arms, fingers, ankles and it feels really heavy) when i wear stones with silver (wrapping, dividers, amulets, bezels, etc. whether it’s real or not), can you explain why this happens? It doesn’t happen when they are made with macrame, rope, stretch elastic cord or leather. Should i redo them with the above mentioned materials or is there something else i can do, or is it me? Thank you in advance. Love and Blessings to you all.

Sheila Satin - May 11, 2020

Dear Sherwin, we do not have any Astrophyllite pendants. This is a more rare gemstone and we do not receive many pieces. Take advantage if you do see some pop up on Satin Crystals in the future:

Sheila Satin

Sherwin Esguerra - May 11, 2020

Please Make It,Available the Item Product Astrophyllite Stone Pendant Medium Size with Lace Necklace.Into the Branched of Lazada Online.Into Low-Lowest Price Only!.Without Added Additional Payment PHP 50.OK.Thank You!.

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