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11 Jewels to Color Your Outfits

11 Jewels to Color Your Outfits - Satin Crystals BoutiqueCrystals to add Color

Perhaps you are like the rest of us and your closet looks like a homage to the underworld with its ranges of blacks and muted dark tones. If you are like me, you may have a hard time finding stylish clothing in the right size and color. This is when colorful crystal healing jewelry comes to the rescue! Whether you choose to wear bright natural red Jasper or crisp green Chrysoprase, these bold gemstones will help enhance your every day wear.

Here are 11 colorful crystal jewels to add to your collection:

Jasper Medley Bracelets - Satin Crystals Blog - 11 Jewels to Color Your Outfits

Jasper Medley Bracelets

Not only will Jasper add bright red color to your wardrobe, but it will also add the fun patterns of Sesame Jasper, the spotted playfulness of Dalmatian Jasper. These earthy gemstones has been painted by Mother Earth and are easy to wear stacked up for style. You can double the fashion impact by stacking up two sets, one bracelet trio for each wrist!

 Chrysoprase Anklets - Satin Crystals Blog - 11 Jewels to Color Your Outfits

Chrysoprase Anklet

Whether you are wearing your shiny black heels or your comfortable gray flip flops, Chrysoprase anklets will add color to your anklebone. These apple green gemstones will have people admiring jewelry on your long neglected ankles. Chrysoprase gemstones boast a colorful translucent green mixed with spots of grounding brown minerals.

Lepidolite Bracelets - Satin Crystals Blog - 11 Jewels to Color Your Outfits

Lepidolite Stretch Bracelets

While black Mica shines with a mysterious sheen, its purple cousin, Lepidolite, glitters with a colorful style. Purple Lepidolite is a gemstone that plays well with muted tones or black and white clothing. Wear Lepidolite stretch bracelets to achieve a satisfactory pinnacle of fashion success.

 Chakra Pendants - Satin Crystals Blog - 11 Jewels to Color Your Outfits

Chakra Pendants

Chakra pendants include the most important colors - the colors of the rainbows! Rainbow colors also happen to correspond to your 7 major chakra centers. Activate your 7 chakras and harness the magic of the rainbow to our outfit with these colorful pendants. Chakra pendants are easy to wear short on a choker or long on your favorite necklace chain.

Shop Agate Medley Necklaces - Satin Crystals - 11 Jewels to Color Your Outfits

Agate Medley Necklace

We all love getting more than what we bargained for and with this three in one necklace, you are getting a splash of color, funky patterns and a bold statement design. The Agate Medley necklace includes wispy green Moss Agate, yellow patterned Crazy Lace Agate and fine bands of soft colored Botswana Agate. Wear this amazing piece of artistic jewelry with your black tank top or your boat neck dress.

Aventurine Anklets  - Satin Crystals Blog - 11 Jewels to Color Your Outfits

Aventurine Stretch Anklet

Slip on a colorful strand of Aventurine and dress up your ankles with a few gemstone stretch anklets. These natural Aventurine healing stones show off in greens, reds, yellows and oranges. The fun loving anklets will bring color to your beach attire or your relaxing picnic at the park.

Malachite Rings - Satin Crystals Blog - 11 Jewels to Color Your Outfits

Malachite Rings

Malachite is prized for its bold green bands. Mother Nature has outdone herself creating this prized gemstone. Wear colorful green Malachite rings to enhance your outfits. These gemstone rings are also adjustable so you can accommodate a range of fingers and create a whole shamrock of fashion on your fingers.

Tigers Eye Hoop Earrings - Satin Crystals Blog - 11 Jewels to Color Your Outfits 

Tigers Eye Hoop Earrings

A throw to the nostalgia of 80’s highlighter fashion and the archery days of yore, these modernized hoop earrings bring color to any outfit. With their bright orange metal hoops and golden brown Tigers Eye gemstones, these bold earrings are all you need to make a splash on your next brunch party or night out. Not only do these Tigers Eye hoop earrings provide a large editorial look, they are also lightweight for a comfortable style throughout the day.

Hummingbird Quartz Hoop Earrings - Satin Crystals Blog - 11 Jewels to Color Your Outfits 

Hummingbird Hoop Earrings

Create a buzz with electric blue Hummingbird Hoop Earrings. These bright metal hoop earrings encompass flying hummingbird silhouettes and will add both color and a story to your shadow of an outfit. Big blue hoops are all you need to color your otherwise mundane day.

Yellow Sun Earrings - Satin Crystals Blog - 11 Jewels to Color Your Outfits

Yellow Sun Earrings

Especially on a gray and moody day, these cheery yellow sun earrings will bring colorful joy to the lives of all they encounter. Yellow is the ultimate in adding color to your wardrobe. Be the bringer of sunny energy to your tired office mates with these yellow Jasper gemstones dangling in flaming sun earrings.

Rhodochrosite Necklaces  - Satin Crystals Blog - 11 Jewels to Color Your Outfits 

Rhodochrosite Necklaces

Choose the alluring color of pink Rhodochrosite to increase the range of your color palette. Also known as Inca Rose, this rich pink gemstone shows beautiful bands and patterns, unique in each stone. Wear polished Rhodochrosite necklaces to enrich your outfit with fantastic jewelry known for the energy of love.

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