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12 Free Love Crystal Affirmations

woman holding green aventurine heart above headLove crystal affirmations attract the most meaningful relationships to your realm. Love is the ruling force of this Universe. Your heart desires love of all kinds. 

When you want lasting love and Heart chakra healing, give attention to beautiful Love crystals. Every day is the right day to let it flow.

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How to do Love Affirmations?

To do these affirmations correctly, you need Love crystals. Love crystals are the key element of this ritual. The affirmations are specifically designed to work on the high frequency of Love stones.

You can choose to hold a crystal in your hand, place stones around your body, or wear Love gemstone jewelry. The more crystals, the better the results. Need some? Find them in the Satin Crystals Love Collection.

Affirmations can be a fast, fun, and effective ritual. You may recite these lines silently in your mind or you can create a calm space in your home and enter a deeper meditation before reciting the affirmations aloud. The options are endless.

You may choose to recite each mantra once or recite it several times. Do them all or pick a few that relate best. You are the master of your ritual.

Your 12 Love Crystal Affirmations

Here are 12 Love mantras to recite while you wear and hold Love crystals and jewelry. These affirmations can be spoken aloud or read quietly.

Crystal Affirmations for Romantic Love

  • When I fall in love, it lasts forever

  • I treat my partner like a precious gem

  • Through life's rocky ride, soulmates stand side by side

  • I am shiny and attractive like a Love crystal, catching the eye of all who pass by

    Crystal Affirmations for Self-Love

    • I love, therefore I am

    • I am worth a thousand Love crystals and a thousand more

    • When I love myself, others will too; it's the law of attraction 

    • I gaze into my Love crystal to discover my strongest, most admirable traits

      Crystal Affirmations for Platonic Love

      • My truest friends are part of my soul family

      • I find deep happiness through meaningful connections
      • I love my fellow plants and animals who share this beautiful planet

      • My Love crystal cuts abusers from my life to make room for caring souls

        Write Love Affirmations

        Do you want to customize your positive affirmations to focus on specific goals? Check out this simple guide on How to Properly Write Affirmations.

        Shop Love Crystals

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        Your Turn to Affirm

        Do you have any questions, stories, or comments about affirmations? We are happy to hear from you anytime, comment on the blog below.  

        Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure

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