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12 Restocked Crystals & Jewelry

12 crystal productsIt's no surprise that the hottest stones and jewelry sell out quickly. They energize your aura and stylize your soul.

12 of your fan favorites have recently been refilled. Take a look and see which ones you are missing in your collection. 

Act fast before they vanish once again!

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12 Refilled Crystals & Jewelry

Citrine crystals call for prosperity. Spiritual stones spark your higher thoughts. Earth stones are filled with natural wisdom. See them all:

Think Rich, Think Citrine...

#1 Crystal Sunset Necklace

HANDMADE BY SHEILA: Another day of accomplishments is complete as the vivid sun sets on the earth. This bold crystal necklace reminds you to enjoy each moment.

#2 Citrine Bracelet Abundance Stone

HANDMADE BY SHEILA & ANN: If you are ready to revel in the joy of abundance, this yellow Citrine bracelet draws you in like a bee to sweet honey. The golden gem is rich with meaning

#3 Citrine Earrings Wonderful World 

BESTSELLER: Welcome to my wonderful world! When you wear these sparkling Citrine stud earrings, you open up your aura to positive vibrations. 

#4 Citrine Raw Crystal Real Point 

BESTELLER: You've been hunting for prosperity and searching for real Citrine. These are all-natural, untreated Citrine points here to fulfill your destiny.

Think High, Think Spiritual Stones... 

#5 Higher Chakra Set Spiritual Me

GREAT FOR GIFTING: You are a spiritual being. Glow like a celestial soul with your Higher Chakra tumbled stone set. Amethyst, Sodalite, Apatite, and Aventurine are ready to heal you.

#6 Chrysocolla Heart Forget Me Not

FAN FAVORITE: Forget me not, for my love is true. This gorgeous Chrysocolla heart is a symbol of your eternal love. It is a work of art that captures your soul. 

#7 Ruby Fuchsite Egg High Class Love

NEW VARIATION: With the Ruby Fuchsite egg, you catch only high-class love. This heart chakra energizer gem attunes you to the best of the best.

#8 Rose Quartz Bracelet Creamy Dreamy 

HANDMADE BY SHEILA & ANN: This Rose Quartz bracelet is the creamy dreamy romance stone that you desire. Dripping with good energy, the sweet pink gemstone helps you turn fantasy to reality.

#9 Selenite Raw Crystal Silk Road Charger

TOP PICK: Follow the white silk Selenite road to spiritual enlightenment. This delicate Selenite plate serves as a cleansing crystal that charges your other stones. 

#10 Lepidolite Faceted Wand Pair

SPECIALTY SPIRITUAL SET: Embrace enlightenment. These Lepidolite faceted wands take you to nirvana. Hold your purple healing crystal pair to experience ecstatic meditations. 

Think Wise, Think Earth Crystals...

#11 Safari Jasper Egg Wisdom of the Wild

FOR ANIMAL LOVERS: Take a shamanic journey safari with your new Jasper egg. It holds the power of nature, wisdom of the wild, and awareness of the animal kingdom. 

#12 Black Obsidian Pyramid Power

MOST POPULAR PROTECTOR: Tap into saintly wisdom and spiritual powers with this glossy Black Obsidian pyramid. It serves as your energetic gatekeeper, blocking out negativity.

Manifesting More...

Have you used any of these crystals? We'd love to hear about your experiences. Post them below. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. 

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Lisa Satin - November 17, 2022

Thanks for writing, Tamara.

You’re correct, different stones do different things. If by pairing guide you meant a guide to what each crystal does, you can check out our meanings page:

If you mean which ones go together, here is an article about combining crystals:

Please let me know what other questions you have.
Sincerely, Lisa Satin

Tamara Smith - November 17, 2022

I know some stones get things started some keeps things humming along and some hold the energy steadfast is there a crystal pairing guide

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