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14 Jewelry Gifts for Love and Valentine's Day

sheila of satin crystals wearing pink and green love jewelryYou thought you had more time, but guess what? Valentine's Day is coming up faster than ever. Don't worry, we have original gemstone jewelry ideas for you and your loves.

You can find a wide array of designs in the Satin Crystals' Love Jewelry Collection. Here we feature the top 14 gifting ideas for Valentine's Day and any occasion when you want to show your love. These gorgeous green and pink gemstones sync with the Heart chakra, perfectly embodying your love.

When you give healing jewelry, you are gifting health and happiness. These shiny jewels are beautiful to the eye and soul.

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Top 14 jewelry gifts of love

Crystal jewelry makes it easy for your loved ones to benefit from healing energy. They'll adore wearing these stylish, eye-turning pieces. 

Moldavite for Cosmic Love

#1 Moldavite Out-Of-This-World Love Necklace

Let your love transcend words and explore the infinite with a genuine Moldavite necklace. Unleash the power of this galactic treasure, born from a mysterious meteorite that collided with our planet almost 15 million years ago! This darling symbol of love will show them how you feel: that they are simply out of this world! 

#2 Moldavite Ring Saturn's Love Story

Saturn gazed at a star and longed for her true love to arrive, banishing loneliness from her life. The next day, her soulmate emerged and bestowed upon her a radiant ring visible throughout the universe. This authentic Tektite gem holds your love story. The green diamond-cut stone signifies pure joy. Your Moldavite ring is a timeless symbol of true romance.

Rhodochrosite the Soulmate Stone

#3 Rhodochrosite Sweethearts Bracelet

This Rhodochrosite bracelet is a gift from the heart of Mother Earth to soulmates and sweethearts. Pink beads inspire love sonnets and good vibes. Enhance your bond with your beloved by presenting this exquisite gemstone treasure. And for an everlasting connection, why not adorn yourselves with matching pieces?

#4 Rhodochrosite Golden Lover Ring

Find your soulmate and feel your heart shine like gold with this Rhodochrosite ring, the symbol of your loving spirit. A gentle pink gemstone is highlighted in a shimmering gold band. Sparkle with the energy of love when you gift or wear the Rhodochrosite ring, and fate will take care of the rest.

Chrysoprase for Fresh Love

#5 Chrysoprase Refreshing Love Necklace

This Chrysoprase necklace celebrates the strong foundation of your love, growing like a green blade from rich brown soil. Give it as a gift to refresh your healthy relationships and awaken the Heart chakra, like a butterfly entering the world anew.

#6 Chrysoprase Bright Light Anklet

You desire perfection for your beloved. This exquisite Chrysoprase anklet of the highest quality delivers. The emerald gemstone anklet is perfect for pampering tired feet that tirelessly toil. They earn the right to indulge in pleasure.

Rose Quartz Stone of Romance

#7 Romantic Rose Quartz Cufflinks

Gift Rose Quartz cufflinks and keep your focus on love. These gold-framed gemstones symbolize romantic love. Infuse your loved one's life with positive energy by presenting them with these exquisite pink crystal accessories. 

#8 Rose Quartz Love Sparkles Bracelet

Love sparkles! Your loved one will feel special wearing this beautiful Rose Quartz bracelet. Show off your love for love through the pink gemstones that sing a song of the heart. The faceted Rose Quartz bracelet has them smiling throughout eternity.

Moss Agate for Natural Love

#9 Moss Agate Flower Earrings

Celebrate your loved ones with Moss Agate flower earrings. These hoop earrings are both lightweight and elegant, bringing joy and beauty. Representing the eternal cycle of life, they serve as a reminder of your unwavering presence.

#10 Moss Agate Nature Lover Bracelet

This Moss Agate bracelet is an ideal present for those who appreciate nature. The vibrant green crystals transport them to a serene escape amidst lush forests. Your cherished ones can revitalize their energy and experience a rejuvenating transformation with Moss Agate. 

Forever Bonding Bracelet Sets

#11 True Love Bracelet Set

Illuminate their Heart chakra with this trio of love. The Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Chrysocolla-Cuprite bracelets embody togetherness. Show your affection and manifest the love you seek with this shimmering set of healing crystals.

#12 Heart Chakra & Beyond Bracelet Set

When you give love, you receive love. Ensure their Heart Chakra is open for the best relationship! But wait, there's more! This bracelet set energizes their Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras for an utterly divine experience.

Malachite Lasting Love Stones 

#13 Malachite Royal Relationships Necklace

Your beloved will radiate with regal splendor wearing this majestic green African Malachite and copper gemstone necklace. The opulent double strands of precious stones gracefully cascade and embellish the décolletage, capturing the allure of natural beauty and enduring style. Bold and daring, this new gem is ideal for any extravagant event or festive celebration.

#14 Malachite Double the Love Ring

Double up on your proclamation of love by gifting this ravishing Malachite ring. The green gemstone duo is a stunning statement and will show them you care. Rock their world (twice) with this Malachite knuckle duster jewel. 

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