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15 Blue Bracelets for Peace

woman wearing blue angelite bracelets When you wear blue bracelets, you feel calmer, cooler, and more consciously aware. Real blue crystals infuse you with peaceful vibrations from the realm above.

From Lapis to Larimar, Angelite to Aquamarine, you can find a range of blue crystal bracelets here at Satin Crystals. Celebrate your inner light through these calming designs. We hand-bead each jewel to be durable and attractive.

Below you find 15 blue beauties. 

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15 Blue Bracelets for You

Check out these four crystal bracelet collections and take note of what calls out to you the most:


Royal blue Lapis Lazuli with golden flecks of Pyrite invigorates the energy of your soul. Stand tall for peace and freedom. 

#1 Lapis Blue Sky Gold Pyrite Stars Bracelet

Need some inspiration? Open your mind to the vast, peaceful energy of deep blue Lapis Lazuli. The expansive night sky is dotted with white Calcite clouds and twinkling Pyrite stars. This attractive bracelet adds an exquisite touch to your outfit while keeping your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.

#2 Lapis Peacekeeper's Bullet Bracelet

chaos of your mind to help you focus and relax. The empty ammo shell has been upcycled with a Lapis Lazuli gemstone to replace personal battles with inner peace. Slip-on this designer jewel and launch your aura into the realm of spiritual bliss.

#3 Lapis Pyrite Fist of Freedom Bracelet

This Lapis and Pyrite combination bracelet is the handsome little haven you need. Float up into the sky with blue Lapis. Stay grounded with golden Pyrite. No matter where you want to go, this bracelet takes you there. Try it out with your favorite blue jeans and be the stylish soul you were meant to be.


Blue symbolizes the cool waters and the clear skies. When you pick a blue serenity bracelet, you feel deeply connected to the elements. Breath deep and release that anxiety- go ahead and try!

#4 Aquamarine Serene Dreams Bracelet

Imagine yourself being cleansed in a pool of aqua blue water. This cool Aquamarine bracelet takes you to a dreamy state of complete relaxation and renewal. When you're feeling overwhelmed by the world, take a soothing trip to a crystal healing wonderland. This precious gemstone pampers you with luxury.

#5 Larimar Free as the Sea Bracelet

Feel as free as the sea each time you slip on this precious Larimar bracelet. Even if you cannot venture on vacation physically, these blue gemstones bring beach serenity to your soul. Wear the Larimar bracelet to wash your fears and anxieties away. You choose to be happy no matter where you are.

#6 Blue Lace Agate Anxiety Cleanser Bracelet

Wash away your anxiety by slipping on this cooling Blue Lace Agate bracelet. The icy blue beads feel calm and nurturing as they caress your skin. Infuse your soul with the healing element of water, cleansing out the negative vibrations that have been disturbing your essence. These precious Blue Lace Agate gemstones clear your aura while accentuating your inner and outer beauty.

#7 Rutilated Quartz Brave Beauty Bracelet

You are that shining star on a dark night, that bright diamond in a rough world. Celebrate your unique nature every time you wear your rare Rutilated Quartz bracelet. The luminous gemstones bring your best traits forward. Walk proudly knowing that both you and your rutile bracelet are originals.


When you need a blessing, say a prayer with your Angelite bracelet. Through these heavenly blue stones, your guardian angels remain close.

#8 Angelite Pyrite Angel of Abundance Bracelet

Did you know that a spirit angel is watching over every area of your life? This Angelite and Pyrite bracelet calls upon your Angel of Abundance. With the mighty power of rich Pyrite, your dreams are delivered from heaven right to your doorstep. Look great and feel grand with this luxurious gemstone treasure.

#9 Angelite Lapis Meditation Bracelet

Feel your spirit rise to a new vibration when you wear this blue Angelite and Lapis Lazuli bracelet. Angelite sends you soaring to the heavens, while Lapis Lazuli opens your Third Eye to the Great Beyond. Float into a meditative mood every time you wear these spiritual gemstones. The designer piece matches with your best jeans, your positive vibrations, and your biggest smile.

#10 Angelite Obsidian Guardian Angel Bracelet

the way. This blue Angelite and dark Rainbow Obsidian bracelet form a combination of crystal energies that watch over you for eternity. Look powerful and feel great with this noteworthy designer gemstone jewel.

#11 Angelite Song of Angels Bracelet

The glacier blue beads of your Angelite bracelet come together like a choir of angels. They sing you a song of calm tranquility, and your worries vanish. This Angelite bracelet is exactly what you need to diffuse a stressful situation. Choose them in different sizes and stack up several blue beauties to enjoy a concert of heavenly bliss.


You're strong, loyal, and victorious. These blue bracelets help you remain motivated and dedicated to the causes you believe in.

#12 Apatite Strong Body Bracelet

Work up an appetite for this scrumptious Apatite bracelet. The blue beauty is all about creating a healthy body image. When you're working on self-esteem, physical transformation, or balancing your lifestyle, this Apatite bracelet is your enthusiastic cheerleader. Need motivation? Confidence? Wellness? Reveal your amazing self to the world with this beautiful blue gemstone by your side.

#13 Dumortierite Wise Spirit Bracelet

Sometimes you need to let go of your ego and channel the wisdom of Spirit. This new Dumortierite Bracelet makes it easy. Slip on the enchanting blue stones and feel yourself surrender to the highest good. It's not important to nit-pick and micromanage every detail of every moment. Instead, trust in the magical universe and enjoy the ride. Your Dumortierite bracelet is a wise crystal gem that adds magical beauty to your fashion.

#14 Sodalite Stone of Trust Bracelet

Take your mind off of your troubles with this natural Sodalite bracelet. The colorful blue and white stones give you a laid-back vibe. Sodalite lets you relax by putting faith in the Universe that everything is as it's meant to be. Stop stressing and trust your intuition by going with the flow.

#15 Kyanite Dance of LifeBracelet

Dance as though everyone is watching. All eyes are on you as this shining blue Kyanite bracelet highlights the shimmer of your personality. Glossy beads glisten in the light, sending you calm confidence and an air of fun. Let go of your troubles. Tango your way to stardom with this gemstone jewel as your life partner.

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