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15 Free Amethyst Affirmations

jamie of satin crystals with an amethyst sphere in front of her face

Why Should I Recite Amethyst Affirmations?

Do you have Amethyst? If you own Amethyst gemstones, you can amplify their divine healing powers by reciting affirmations. While Amethyst increases your vibration simply by having it around, it gives back tenfold when you actively use it for affirmations.

If you do not yet have Amethyst, consider investing in this beautiful purple stone because it is the most spiritual crystal of all time.

When you recite Amethyst affirmations, you reconnect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides. You replace angry vibes with calm ones. You sleep better, feel better, and live better.

Your 15 Amethyst Affirmations

Here are some Amethyst affirmations to get you started on your soul's ascension. Take hold of your Amethyst stones and repeat these mantras as often as you can.

Amethyst for Spiritual Ascension:

  • I raise my vibration with the high frequency of Amethyst and it reconnects me with my higher self.

  • Through my Amethyst stone, I hear my spirit guides whisper words of wisdom that protect and direct me on my life path.

  • I surrender myself to the higher powers who want me to thrive spiritually while enjoying myself materially.

  • I quiet my thoughts and listen to my intuition.
  • I strive to be nicer, wiser, and more spiritual each day.
  • My aura is surrounded by divine purple light and I glow of spirituality.
  • My Amethyst gemstone lights up my Crown chakra, creating a gateway to the spiritual realm.

Amethyst for Calming Anger:

  • I am calm and confident because I trust in the higher good. Everything that happens has a purpose.

  • Whenever I feel angry, I hold my Amethyst crystals and I am infused with divine tranquility.

  • I replace low, angry frequencies with high, serene vibrations.

  • I hold my purple Amethyst stones and feel negative thoughts leave my mind.

Amethyst for Deep Sleep:

  • I feel relaxed with the energy of Amethyst, and it cradles me into a deep sleep.

  • With Amethyst near my bedside, my spirit astral travels while my body rejuvenates in sleep.

  • I release my thoughts and worries as I surrender myself into a deep and healing slumber.

  • As I lay deep asleep, my spirit guides give me symbols and messages through my dreams.

Customize your Amethyst Affirmations

Do you want to personalize your positive affirmations to align with your specific goals? You can use your Amethyst to recite mantras that increase your vibration and reconnect you to your spiritual purpose.

Check out this simple guide on How to Properly Write Affirmations.

Your Turn to Affirm

Do you have any questions, stories, or comments about affirmations? We are happy to hear from you anytime, comment on the blog below.  

Get your Amethyst Now

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure.
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Sheila Satin - October 5, 2020

Hi Dove, yes, Crystals are a tool that can aid you in opening the third eye. You will have to do meditation rather healing work with the crystals to develop your intuition and fully open your third eye chakra. – Sheila Satin

Dove - October 5, 2020

can the crystals help open your third eye

Dove - October 5, 2020

can the crystals help open your third eye

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