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FREE SHIPPING for US orders $55+

$17 Clusters & Gemstones

boy holding raw pyrite clusters

Crystal Cluster Sale

Royal Ruby, Sparkling Citrine, Holy Hematite?

You got that right!

The Clusters & Crystals in this sale are just $17

Limited Time only: November 10-16 (Friday-Thursday).

Fill your cart with holiday gifts that are unique and powerful.

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Sheila - November 12, 2023

Hi Martha, there is no particular metaphysical meaning for the chain on your necklace breaking that we have found. Sounds like the stone is intact! If you do experience broken crystals, many people have found significance in the meaning:

Martha - November 12, 2023

Hi Lisa & Sheila, I wore the beautiful green adventurine pendant I recently purchased from satin crystals with my silver chain. Unexpectedly, my chain broke, and the pendant fell on the floor—the pendant had no damage. Could you tell me if “chain-breaking “ has any more significance or message than just an accident? Never experienced anything like that. I did cleanse the adventurine pendant before wearing it.

Just curious.

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