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Kyanite Heavenly Healing Stone Showcase

kyanite stones

Kyanite stones are you beautiful and heavenly healers. Kissed by the angels themselves, Kyanite is full of calming powers and spiritual wisdom.

Most commonly found in blue, these gems open your expressive self. Sing to the world and be heard! At Satin Crystals, you also find natural green Kyanite that showers your heart in higher love vibes.

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Kyanite Stone Showcase

See 8 real Kyanite crystals below. Fall in love with this gemstone that is blessed from above.

#1 Ruby Kyanite Sphere Blue King Red Queen 

If you're looking for something beautiful and rare, you've found it with this Royal Queen Ruby Kyanite crystal sphere. Red Ruby fit for Queens mingles with Blue Kyanite suited for Kings. Your royal piece brings you the divine and celestial energy of Earth and Sky. 

#2 Ruby Kyanite Sphere Green Red Abundance 

This rare Ruby Kyanite sphere celebrates the spirit of abundance. Plentiful red Ruby gems sparkle in Green Kyanite, attracting prosperity and joy to your realm. When you display this eye-catching crystal ball in your home or office, it lights up the mood of all.

 #3 Kyanite Egg Blue Fire Crystal

Your lovely Kyanite egg boasts sky, ice, and fire element healing energies. The serene blue crystal hosts white and red minerals to form a spectacular gemstone display. When you want it all, turn to beautiful Kyanite egg.

#4 Kyanite Wand Blue Massage Crystal

A whisper of wisdom awaits you. This royal and refined Kyanite wand holds the divine energy of celestial beings. Open the gateway to sky and spirit when you use this stone for massage and crystal healing. 

#5 Kyanite Peacock Rainbow Titanium

This colorful Kyanite raw crystal is a peacock of positive energy. When you want to feel uplifted and strong, turn to the titanium wonder. Working with this rainbow gem activates all seven chakras. Put a smile on your face and a splash of color in your place with Titanium Kyanite.

#6 Kyanite Raw Crystal Blue Flutes

These Kyanite gemstones are reminiscent of blue Vishnu and his musical flute. Hear the melody of the universe through your Kyanite raw gemstone set. These little treasures are perfect for opening your Throat chakra to artistic expression and a greater understanding of your fellow beings.

#7 Ruby Kyanite Heart Red Green Love

Feel high in love with this Ruby Kyanite heart gemstone. When you hold onto the colorful crystal, you feel as though you're floating on Cloud 9. Do positive manifestations and affirmations with your Ruby Kyanite and you'll find a loving energy that is beyond dreamy.

#8 Kyanite Raw Crystal Green Stone in Case

Get your own piece of green goodness by taking ownership of this Kyanite gemstone crystal. When you're looking for real and rare treasures to add to your healer's toolkit, Green Kyanite is the perfect pick. Display your Kyanite raw gemstone in the secure case.

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