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Abundance Jewelry Showcase

woman wearing abundance crystal jewelryDo you want to be Abundant? Abundance jewelry attracts rich vibrations to your realm. These high-frequency pieces scream to the Universe "I am ready for prosperity!" Call luxury to your life by adorning yourself with the right gemstones.

Step 1: Look the Look!

Step 2: Play the Part!

Step 3: Believe & Receive!

We present you with 9 abundance jewelry collections. You are about to experience 27 Satin Crystal designs meant for those desiring financially forward fashion and lifestyles. 

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Next, we invite you to see the abundance jewelry showcase!

9 Abundance Jewelry Collections

Here are Abundance jewelry collections featuring 9 of the most prosperous stones. Abundance knows no limits. How happy do you want to be?

When you think and act poor, the Law of Attraction keeps your levels low. When you think and act rich, the Universe rewards you with real gemstone jewels. 

Check out these jewelry designs and decide for yourself which ones you deserve. 

#1 Iolite Financial Freedom Jewelry

Iolite is the financial advisor of the crystal kingdom. Does that sound boring? Well, it's not. Iolite jewelry is your gateway to financial freedom- one of the most exciting goals you can aspire to!

What would it feel like to eliminate debt and live comfortably within your means? What would it feel like to expand your income and gain everything you desire? Work with Iolite to see a vision and form a plan.

Gorgeous indigo Iolite jewelry available at Satin Crystals includes an adjustable Rich Life ring and a stunning Wealth Watcher pendant. Add a sterling silver chain to complete your collection. 

#2 Malachite Nobility Jewelry

Malachite is for the royal blooded. This intense green crystal is full of power and confidence. When you wear Malachite jewelry, these traits transfer to you.

Are you haunted by self-doubt and a poverty mindset? Does every little expenditure or bill stress you out? Malachite wants to set your thinking straight. Live the life you want to live with Malachite as your strong-willed stone of choice.

The Satin Crystals Malachite jewelry collection is bustling with a variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and more. Featured here are 3 of our royal picks. See the Royal Pharaoh necklace, Confidence earrings, and a Light bracelet.

#3 Citrine Cashflow Jewelry

You want the cash and you want to keep it coming. Citrine is your cash flow crystal. Wear Citrine jewelry to keep that energy cycling. Not only do you attract the money you want, but you can fearlessly spend it on the experiences and items you desire. After all, what good is money if you don't use it?

These Citrine jewelry pieces balance your financial karma. Glittering with golden richness, you can find all kinds of gemstones in the Satin Crystals Citrine shop.

Here we feature the Prosperity necklace, Wonderful World earrings, and Money Mindset bracelet.

#4 Green Aventurine Abundance Jewelry

Green Aventurine is an abundance machine! This thriving gemstone is the master of abundance, the ruler of the realm. Everyone knows when you want to summon abundance, you wear Green Aventurine jewelry.

You can find all kinds of Green Aventurine jewels at Satin Crystals. Featured here are the Abundance Style bracelet, Aim for Abundance necklace, and Go for Gold cufflinks.

#5 Red Aventurine Rich Jewelry

Abundance comes in all colors, and this collection is rich red! Red Aventurine enriches your material wealth and strengthens your worldly status. Feel your Root chakra rise from the ashes as you pursue life goals with the fiery passion of a phoenix.

Tired of feeling wimpy and small? Live large with Red Aventurine jewelry.

You can find unique Red Aventurine crystals and jewelry at Satin Crystals. Featured here are the Big Power ring, Turtle's Wealthy Way necklace, and the Bright Side bracelet.

#6 Jade Wise in Wealth Jewelry

Jade is the most famous prosperity crystal. It has a longstanding history of lucky greatness. Jade is in the history books.

Your ancestors adorned themselves in Jade jewelry to gain from this gemstone's good fortune energy. When you are ready to be wise in the way of wealth, you can wear Jade jewelry too.

At Satin Crystals, we offer an abundance of Jadeite and Nephrite jewels. Featured here are the Class & Character necklace, Wise Owl earrings, and Imperial Line ring.

#7 Garnet Lux-Life Jewelry

An important element of abundance is to be proud of your prosperity. Don't hide what you have.

Garnet teaches you to enjoy the lux life. Indulge your senses and play the part. There's no need to be gaudy but you should never hide what you've rightfully earned.

Wine and dine your way around town wearing Garnet gemstone jewelry. Below, you see the Secrets of Kashgar bracelet, Fly High earrings, and Chunky Abundance pendant. Want more? We have it in the Satin Crystals Garnet collection.

#8 Bloodstone Business Jewelry

You've earned your spot in this world and you mean business. When you want your work life to flourish, pick Bloodstone jewelry to be your fashion statement. This savvy stone helps you think smart and stay on top. It is a crystal of justice and integrity. Because you like abundance the right way.

See lots of stylish Bloodstone jewelry in the Satin Crystals collection. Find your perfect pieces for a business meeting or casual outing.

Here you view the Multi-faceted Abundance bracelet, Traveler's earrings, and Earth Power anklet.

#9 Pyrite Prosperity Jewelry

Dazzle and shine because you deserve it. Pyrite is a crystal that has no intention of hiding its richness. Wearing Pyrite jewelry is like calling out to the Universe with a megaphone, "Prosperity, Now!" This abundance stone has you sparkling with style and good vibes.

You can see lots of original Satin Crystals Pyrite jewelry pieces in our online shop. Enjoy the Angel of Hope necklace, Spark of Elegance earrings, and Gold Shine bracelet right now:

Abundance for You

When it comes to Abundance jewelry, even the sky is not the limit. You can choose from several wonderful stones and styles. Check out the Satin Crystals Abundance Collection here:

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for entertainment only. 

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Sheila Satin - June 14, 2021

Hi Jeana, it does not necessarily warn you of upcoming danger, but it could. It depends on your circumstances and interpretation. Check out our article:

Jeana - June 14, 2021

What does it mean if your Malachite breaks? I had a tough day at work and a good chunk broke. I’ve seen some say that its meant to warn you of upcoming danger?

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