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Agate Stones for Earth, Sky, Sun

agate picture bookAgate is the stone of Earth that anchors you back to the physical plane, but that's not all. Learn which Agates to use for sky, earth, and creative sun energy. 

Agate may be Mother Nature's favorite stone but it is not limited to the land. Agate harnesses the energy of sunbeams that bounce off the planet. It captures the essence of the sky. As you learn about the less-known spiritual properties of Agate, you discover that this crystal is the complete package.

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Agates of the Earth

Hello, from Planet Earth! Agate is here for you when...

Your head is floating in the clouds. Sometimes you feel spacey, dreamy, and out of touch with reality.

Your feet are sinking in quicksand. Sometimes you feel frantic, overwhelmed, and out of balance.

Agate is the most grounding Earth stone in the world. Okay, perhaps Jasper disagrees, but that's a debate for another time! Nonetheless, Agate is revered for its planetary healing energy and attractive natural looks. 

This natural healing crystal centers you at the Root chakra so you're not lost in Lalaland. When you think with a rational head, you get ahead in the game of life.  

When and why should you use Agate Earth stones?
There are millions of reasons to tap into the positive vibration of Agate. Here are 7 examples:

  • When your mind is cluttered, Tree Agate roots you to reality

  • When you need a dose of physical energy, Red Agate channels planetary power to your body

  • When you want to grow as an individual, Dendritic Agate encourages you to prosper like the Tree of Life

  • When you desire a good connection with others, Coffee Agate ignites your friendly bonding instincts.

  • When you wish to solve a problem, Turritella Agate shows you practical solutions

  • When you want your plants and animals to thrive, Moss Agate is here to revitalize

  • When you feel fearful or insecure, Black Agate protects you

Agate loves everyone. Agate is a stone for everyone. And you don't have to limit yourself to just one! Agate is abundant, plentiful, and found all around this great globe. It is the gift of Mother Earth, for all of her beautiful creations. 

Agates of the Sunbeam

Agate is one of the greatest earth-energy stones of all time. But did you know that it has other superpowers?

Agate captures the creative energy of sunbeams that bounce off the planet. They infuse visions and ideas into your artistic spirit. Thanks to the vast varieties, there are special Agates that inspire you to be the creator you were meant to be.

When and why should you use Agate sunbeam stones?
Here are 4 bright examples:

  • When you feel gloomy, Yellow Agate opens your Solar Plexus chakra to warm inspiration

  • When you feel restricted, Crazy Lace Agate unleashes the imagination of your wild inner child

  • When you feel bored, Botswana Agate awakens you to the beauty in your everyday world

  • When you feel lonely, Flower Agate attracts good people to your aura

Agates of the sunbeam understand the many moods of human nature. They strike joy and hope wherever they abound. Your brightness lasts for an eternity and beyond.

Agates of the Sky

Even the sky is a gorgeous part of Mother Earth. That is why she created Agates of the sky to help you fly.

Agate specializes in grounding properties but for those who are paying attention, spirituality is just a stone away. Agate sky stones are unique. You can use them for spiritual practices and gain worldly benefits simultaneously. Dive deep into the kingdom of Agate to discover divinity.

When and why should you use Agate sky stones?
Here are 3 heavenly examples:

  • When you want peace, Blue Agate calms your mind for better meditation and everyday concentration

  • When you want enlightenment, Purple Agate connects you to your Higher Self and Spirit Guides

  • When you want divine healing, White Agate delivers vibrations from the highest source 

Amethyst, Celestite, Angelite, and Lapis may be famous for their upper chakra qualities but don't limit yourself to the big-named beauties. Diversify your collection with Agate Sky stones. Working with these high-frequency Agates will take you to a place of harmony, bliss, and complete happiness.

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Agate is the stone for everyone. It comes in so many delightful colors and varieties, each boasting its own healing benefits. Which types of Agate are your favorites? 

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