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12 Free Angelite Affirmations

hand wearing angelite bracelet and holding blue angelite wand

What does the whisper of an angel sound like? Find out by reciting Angelite affirmations that connect you to the celestial realm.

Angelite affirmations channel the energy of your guardian angels, heavenly angels, and archangels to assist you on your life path. Big or small, there's an angel to help you through it all.

When you want to feel calm and serene, turn to Angelite energy. It cools your mood and awakens your Throat chakra. Sing with the angels- expressive and free.

Do you desire heavenly blue Angelite to enhance your crystal healing collection? Check out the Angelite Collection to find your perfect pieces so that you can partake in these heavenly affirmations.

Do Angelite Affirmations benefit you?

If one or more of these statements relate to you, then the answer is: Yes! You benefit from Angelite Affirmations:

  • I love Angels

  • I want to connect to the celestial realm

  • I need divine help, support, and guidance 

  • I want to be a better communicator

  • I desire an open Throat chakra

  • I like doing holistic rituals that are fast, easy, and fun

  • I wish to have calm and peace in my life

Your 12 Angelite Affirmations

Here are 12 mantras to recite while you wear and hold Angelite Crystals and Jewelry. Chant them any time of the day or night, as often as you desire.

Angelite for Angel Channeling:

  • Through my Angelite crystals, I hear the heavenly whisper of my angels

  • Whenever I need support, I turn to my Angelite stone and ask my angels for assistance

  • I see and hear messages from the angels in everyday activities

  • I am a spiritual being, and my Angelite stone reminds me of my divine origin.

Angelite for an open Throat chakra:

  • My Angelite crystals open my Throat chakra for effective communication

  • My voice is the expression of my soul

  • I understand others and am understood by others 

  • When I place my Angelite near my Throat chakra, blockages are released and my words begin to flow

    Angelite for Calm Relaxation:

    • My calming Angelite gemstone makes me feel as though I'm floating on a cloud

    • Angelite cleanses my chi and I am renewed

    • When I feel myself having angry thoughts, I hold my Angelite stone to cool down
    • I live for the moment, unhindered by the pains of the past and the worries of the future

      Customize your Angelite Affirmations

      Do you want to personalize your positive affirmations to align with your specific goals? Check out this simple guide on How to Properly Write Affirmations.

      Your Turn to Affirm

      Do you have any questions, stories, or comments about affirmations? We are happy to hear from you anytime, comment on the blog below.  

      Ready for Angelite Gems?

      Shop for new astral treasures in the Angelite Collection or find your perfect piece instantly: 

      Disclaimer: The metaphysical information provided is for entertainment only. See full disclosure

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      Sheila Satin - April 29, 2021

      Hi Stephanie, thanks for writing in. First of all, don’t worry. Crystals don’t bring you negative energy.

      What it sounds like to me is that you are opening up your senses to a world you were closed off to before. This is scary to most people who are not actively trying to develop their psychic senses. If you look up “Kundalini rising” “Kundalini awakening” “third eye opening experiences” “psychic abilities”, etc, you can read about other people’s experiences and realize that you are not alone.

      If you are not ready for it, you may want to concentrate on protection stones for now and when the time is right you can move further into the metaphysical world of healing and opening the chakras.

      If you haven’t done so yet, I would also suggest cleansing your crystals to remove any past energy they may have in them and start anew. And if all else fails, gift them to someone who will have a better vibration with them. I once gifted my beloved Obsidian necklace to a friend who really wanted it, but she returned it back to me within a week because it was giving her headaches. It was more in tune with my vibrations than hers.

      You could also consider burying them with your plants or garden:

      I hope this helps and if not, feel free to write back!

      Stephanie - April 29, 2021

      Hi Satin, i have a few questions about the Crystals i bought (Hematite, Pyrite, Chalcopyrite) since recieving said crystals, ive had strange things happen to me. I dont want to seem crazy but ive been hearing and seeing things & its kind of freaking me out. A family member pointed out that its only been happening since i recieved them suggested i reached out

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